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chaps1954 31st Dec 2019 08:11

Simple answer to that is money T5 LHR is about 5 times as expensive as T2 and a lot more room

zfw 31st Dec 2019 11:07

Well here we are sat in Barbados....comfortable trip on the BA777, what no BA International at Manchester?. Thats because we had to fly from LGW, not just us but 16 people in my immediate family and friends.
I see this as a continueing trend care of the lack of competition at MAN. with prices between 5k-7.5K to fly in economy on Virgin {Early Dec prices}. We and the 16 others elected to drive and fly from LGW, with an average price of between £1600- 2K for 2 in premium, whereas this is a huge hike on the old TCX cost{ 1100 for 2 in premium} it is way cheaper than being ripped off at MAN. So the point is if this is just my immediate friends/family how many others are doing the same and pushing down MAN numbers, its already £799 with TUI seat only at the end of Jan next year per person shoe boxed in to a 787. I can see more long trips dahn sarf this year.

Musket90 31st Dec 2019 19:02

zfw - Nice place to be this time of year. I think it very unlikely BA will consider MAN for operating long haul in the foreseeable future. LHR and LGW are their main bases with the B777. I recently experienced a long haul "holiday" B777 flight from LGW booked as a BA holiday package (included hotel). The cost was excellent when compared with other options and no complaints about the flight comfort/service etc. They had recently upgraded the aircraft cabin and IFE. I haven't flown Virgin or TUI for a very long time so can't compare. I trust the drive to/from LGW was smooth !

Cazza_fly 1st Jan 2020 11:34

Originally Posted by zfw (Post 10650839)
its already £799 with TUI seat only at the end of Jan next year per person shoe boxed in to a 787. I can see more long trips dahn sarf this year.

There is more space on a TUI Airways 787 than a BA 777 refurbished or not. Plus the service onboard is practically similar with complimentary drinks, meals and IFE.

That said, it is usually cheaper to book a package holiday with them than flight only as this is their target market being the airline for a tour operator.

eggc 1st Jan 2020 12:39

I go Barbados tomorrow. I'd never even look at any other price but MAN. Rather pay a premium for a 15 min trip to the airport than an awful slog to LGW and back. No thanks. Now where's me Speedo's...

Scottie Dog 1st Jan 2020 13:48

Manchester Statistics - November 2019


No new destinations were included in November.

Million passenger routes (Rolling annual figures)
Amsterdam - 1,062,610 passengers

The following domestic statistics are missing from the CAA report for November.
Glasgow whose total passengers, in 2018, totaled 4,176

Moving monthly and annual figures - based on MAG statistics
Manchester Airport's November statistics

Top 25 destinations - by passenger numbers

Top destinations with highest percentage increase.

Figures for the European and long-haul destinations that I consider to be the main points for our connecting traffic.
Istanbul figures are affected by the start of the Pegasus service to Sabiha Gokcen airport. The combined figures for both airports gives an increase of 50.5% over the same month last year.

Comparison of top 29 destinations - November 2009 versus November 2019

Major changes to Domestic traffic

Scottie Dog 1st Jan 2020 14:30

A very happy New Year and welcome to MANTP Update #122 courtesy, as always, of the MANTP Team.









eggc 4th Jan 2020 21:02

Shall we have a sweepstake on this..."



Alteagod 4th Jan 2020 21:20

It might have more gravitas if it was IAG plans flights from MAN, Level or Air Europa maybe or an EI 321XLR but BA, I'm not convinced

flyerguy 4th Jan 2020 21:29

So this is my view on it:

1) All the Thomas Cook Slots have been allocated to other operators.

2) MAN already struggle with stands, the amount of times we’ve seen long haul aircraft arrive and wait in taxiways in the early morning.

3) If BA do start Ops from MAN this effectively takes away business from their London Ops. - and taking pax from the Shuttle Services that connect ex LHR.

4) They already have so many different crew on so many contracts, to which they will already be trying to streamline, for example the World and Euro Fleets at LHR they’ll be wanting to streamline into Mixed Fleet in the future. Adding a so called ‘Manchester Fleet’ could add to the multitude of contracts they have. Although I suspect if it does happen, it would be a Mixed Fleet contract.
I believe crew used to operate LHR-JFK-MAN-JFK-LHR when BA had Ops out of MAN, and so this could be brought back to stop the need to add another ‘fleet’ should they start Ops. For longer range flights I suspect they could dead head crew from London.

5) LHR and LGW both have a multitude of airlines to codeshare with and both airports have BA shorthaul flights to connect onto. MAN just has a small handful to which customers could connect on to. Remember AA are OneWorld and their JFK and ORD isn’t operating now.

6) If this was to happen this would be direct competition for Virgin, so expect JFK/LAX and possibly LAS and maybe some Caribbean, but wouldn’t expect a massive route map ie. China and the Far East, to which BA only operate 1 daily frequency to some destinations, as Far East passengers prefer to travel with local based carriers.

Would be good to see though!

flyerguy 4th Jan 2020 21:30

Originally Posted by Alteagod (Post 10653977)
It might have more gravitas if it was IAG plans flights from MAN, Level or Air Europa maybe or an EI 321XLR but BA, I'm not convinced

I think LEVEL would be a better fit, a couple of A330 and a few A320/321 aircraft and you could have a nice fit, but not Many People know LEVEL.

CabinCrewe 4th Jan 2020 21:47

Originally Posted by flyerguy (Post 10653988)
but not Many People know LEVEL.

And there lies the issue. In the UK LEVEL is going nowhere.

Una Due Tfc 4th Jan 2020 23:17

Chances of them showing up with 10 abreast 777s being displaced from London by new B78Xs and A35Ks, chasing VS out, then canning the routes again?

eggc 4th Jan 2020 23:28


TCX had how many based at MAN ? I think they were 7 330's or more, not to mention 320/321's. They have not all been replaced yet by VS / LS etc and it shows at T1 aswell, so there’s room for a few Dreamliners doing one flight a day each.

I don’t disagree it would be (if anything even comes of this rumour) routes similar to TCX / VS, but more capacity is needed on such routes as MCO / BGI etc in the absence of TCX...you only need to check the prices to confirm !! This type of route wouldnt effect LHR shuttle / connections - as BA obviously fly such destinations ex LGW, where MAN folk find it a tad tricky to get to. I see any pax BA carried ex MAN IF this ever happens as being new pax to them, and not really stolen from LHR or LGW.

flyerguy 5th Jan 2020 09:58

In all honesty I think the original post was click bait .,. ‘Creditable source’ gave him info but then there really isn’t much info?

FFMAN 5th Jan 2020 11:03

:rolleyes: Really?
Here's my view on it - BA operate from T3. T3 is full - totally.
People who spend money on long-haul flights want an airport experience that T3 can never deliver. The BA lounge is good but the rest is Ryanair standard.
And 'Level' ? WTF is that? Another joke name like Vooling,,,may as well call it Nose-Dive

nguba 5th Jan 2020 11:14

Suspect there is a degree of embellishment in that blog post to get clicks. BA has talked about possibly returning to the regions with the A321LR. BA simply does not have the spare aircraft to run 787 flights out of MAN. BA has had a good run launching new TATL routes from LHR from the 787 so why get in a fight for yield at MAN?

eggc 5th Jan 2020 12:22

MAN prices are through the roof from the day TCX disappeared. Some routes are 2 or 3 times more than from London. Virgin must be loving it with very high loads and able to charge what they want. Somebody may want some of that pie, or want to stop VIR having 100% of it.

VickersVicount 5th Jan 2020 15:09

Originally Posted by eggc (Post 10654380)
3 times more than from London.

Really? Would be keen to see some examples. Who in their right mind would pay that to fill economy TCX equivalent seats

HKGBOY 5th Jan 2020 15:25

Is single runway OPS normal for Sunday afternoons? Colleague on MAN-DUS from T2 - 35 minutes from pushback T2 to take off- awful lot of fuel & time wasted queuing at what is a medium regional airport but with unused assets (?)

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