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Scottie Dog 14th Nov 2019 16:05

Part 2









Scottie Dog 14th Nov 2019 18:20

The following notice refers to forthcoming changes of Taxiway designation


OAN REF:‐ 123/2019 DATE OF ISSUE:‐ 13/11/19 EFFECTIVE DATE:‐ 04/12/19 EXPIRY DATE:‐ 07/12/19


1.1 As part of the MAN‐TP development there will be changes to the naming of some taxiways and associated intermediate and runway holding points. The changes will take place overnight on Wednesday 4th into the morning of Thursday 5th December. The changes are timed to be coincident and effective with the worldwide amendment of aeronautical charts (AIRAC 13/2019).


2.1 The changes will commence at 21:00L on the night of Wednesday 4th, and be completed by 05:30L on the morning of Thursday 5th December 2019.

2.2 In the event of adverse weather or other unforeseen circumstances preventing work being completed on the night of Wednesday 4th, work will take place during designated contingency nights of Thursday 5th and/or Friday 6th December.


3.1 The scope of work will involve the changing of airfield signage and some painted ground markings to reflect new taxiway and associated holding point designations.

3.2 The schedule of taxiway and holding point re‐designations is summarised in the tables overleaf and depicted on the map attached to this document.



4.1 With effect from Thursday 5th December 2019, the new taxiway and holding point designations will be in use on aeronautical charts and within textual data (AIRAC 13/2019) and also on local airfield maps issued by MAG.

4.1.1 From the effective date all relevant airfield signage and painted ground markings will have been changed and all communications from Air Traffic Control, flight crews, Airport Fire Service, Airfield Operations and other airfield drivers must use the new designations. 4.2 Aircraft Pushback Procedures

4.2.1 A new Manchester Airport Aircraft Pushback Procedures document will be issued in advance of the taxiway and holding point re‐designations and will be effective from Thursday 5th December 2019.


5.1 The work taking place on the night of Wednesday 4th December will have no impact on the airport’s ability to operate during periods of low visibility.


avicon13 18th Nov 2019 09:28

Originally Posted by LAX_LHR (Post 9898471)
This isn't a 'MAN apologist' view, but one in general, as most UK airports suffer 'long' border queues, even the mighty Heathrow.

I often see sensationalist headlines and quotes of 'many stuck in border queue' and so on.

'Ooh Barbara, there must be 150 in this queue, it's totally not on'.

Yes Geoff. Of course there is 150 in front of you, you were last ones off a plane that holds 189 people, not to mention the flight from Munich parked up alongside you that also holds about 150 people, so what the hell are you expecting exactly? Where is it people think that your fellow passengers go once you exit the aircraft! You all have to go through the same blooming door!

It's just a British thing, we love to moan about Weather, the darkness level of a cuppa and how long the queue is. A queue could be 1 person deep and the person still find it unacceptable. What is this obsession with a queue, I just don't get it!

Came through MAN T1 last night, border took 8 minutes and people still moaning 'this is bloody ridiculous'. What were they planning to do with that 8 minutes they 'lost'?

Just baffles me, it really does!

Would have to agree with you. People open their mouths and moan before taking the time to think about all the things going on around them. No doubt certain bits of infrastructure and processes could be improved to better handle the flow but do people really expect that an airport like Manchester can provide queue free journeys from kerb side to aircraft and vice versa? Nowhere but in the most extravagant parts of the world do people build airports that won't involve queues at most peak times during the day.

eggc 19th Nov 2019 18:56

Anyone for THAI 350's :ok:

VickersVicount 19th Nov 2019 20:21

Originally Posted by eggc (Post 10622088)
Anyone for THAI 350's :ok:

bold from a haphazard and financially precarious dysfunctional legacy carrier....

The96er 19th Nov 2019 20:23

Or could be ShangHAI !!

AndrewH52 19th Nov 2019 20:24

Originally Posted by eggc (Post 10622088)
Anyone for THAI 350's :ok:

The airport Twitter feed talks about ‘saying hai to an exciting new route’ which to me would suggest Japan not Thailand?

flyerguy 19th Nov 2019 20:25

I would hazard a guess at Shanghai with Hainan possibly?

although a lot of speculation if Japan.

Scottie Dog 19th Nov 2019 20:27

Originally Posted by flyerguy (Post 10622147)
I would hazard a guess at Shanghai with Hainan possibly?

Or maybe Juneyao?

flyerguy 19th Nov 2019 20:32

According to ACL who handle slots, LOT Polish meant to operate to MAN according to the allocations at WAW from S20

Scottie Dog 19th Nov 2019 20:40

Whatever is announced tomorrow, whether it be one new route by the Airport or more if the initial S20 report from ACL is released, it looks as if, after the sad loss of Thomas Cook, we might be receiving some good news.

Nostoodian 19th Nov 2019 21:07

Originally Posted by AndrewH52 (Post 10622144)

The airport Twitter feed talks about ‘saying hai to an exciting new route’ which to me would suggest Japan not Thailand?

If it's Japan, it's the biggest kept secret in aviation history for a new route out of Manchester Airport. I suspect it's Shang(hai) with Juneyao. They just announced a new thrice weekly Athens service last week. I'm guessing Manchester will be four weekly with a 787 ops.

I suspect the news of the Thai Bangkok route is not far behind.

flyerguy 19th Nov 2019 21:09

Hai (according to Google Translate) means is in Hindi so I suspect we could see anything to be honest

Nostoodian 19th Nov 2019 21:17

I'm putting my money on Shang(hai).

Juneyao recently upgraded Helsinki from 4 weekly to daily, and last week announced thrice weekly Athens. Believe me Manchester is next ✈️

Nostoodian 19th Nov 2019 21:33

Originally Posted by AndrewH52 (Post 10622144)

The airport Twitter feed talks about ‘saying hai to an exciting new route’ which to me would suggest Japan not Thailand?

Then again maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree? T(hai) Airways?

Flightrider 19th Nov 2019 21:47

Not likely to be Juneyao. Thai A350 to BKK, daily TG976/977. I doubt a daily Alitalia LIN would generate this run-up and hadn't heard Spicejet were ready to announce A330 services to the UK yet.

Flightrider 20th Nov 2019 05:54

I take it all back!

egcntristar 20th Nov 2019 06:21

Juneyao to Shanghai three times a week 789 according to Yorkshire Post.

Scottie Dog 20th Nov 2019 06:52

And Shanghai with Juneyao is confirmed by the airport.

Nostoodian 20th Nov 2019 07:53

Great news, but Juneyao really need to aim to go direct as soon as possible. I don't understand why they couldn't have started with thrice weekly direct flights instead of routing through Helsinki. Must say I'm quite disappointed. Can anyone explain their logic?

Why would you choose to fly with Juneyao (who aren't very well known) over other airlines flying via hubs to Shanghai? Lots of competition on the Shanghai route from Manchester. Anyone know how long the stopover is in Helsinki? How does the travel time to Shanghai going via Helsinki compare with other hub airlines?

I always think it's a bit of a cop out when airlines & airports market routes as being direct, when they're not.

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