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eggc 29th Sep 2019 20:00

Looks like VS is picking up MBJ

avicon13 30th Sep 2019 08:48

Originally Posted by Johnny [email protected] Pants (Post 10580139)

I doubt the runway is long enough to be able to fill the jet and make it to India, whereas Stansted is blessed with a nice long runway where such issues wonít be a factor.

I've checked LTN runway length not so long ago and you should be able to get a 788 to BOM ok.

azz767 30th Sep 2019 12:29

An interesting movement over the weekend as Ryanairs corporate jet EI-SEV operated the repatriation flight from JTR-MAN on Saturday night.

techair 30th Sep 2019 21:34

TCX going
Bills at MAN mustíve been paid, thereís an exodus of Airbuses going west this evening. Farewell Tommy Cook.

ETOPS 1st Oct 2019 12:20

Looks like VS is picking up MBJ
Any reference for that?

MDS 1st Oct 2019 12:50

Arrived into the new T2 pier extension on Friday from DUS.

Fresh and clean but certainly a long walk to passport control.

That being said, I was from the plane to the train station in about ~25 minutes. No complaints overall.

azz767 1st Oct 2019 13:29

Originally Posted by MDS (Post 10583930)
Arrived into the new T2 pier extension on Friday from DUS.

Fresh and clean but certainly a long walk to passport control.

That being said, I was from the plane to the train station in about ~25 minutes. No complaints overall.

I also arrived in July and agree it is a long walk, but this will be reduced when T2X opens next year so itís only a temporary thing

Scottie Dog 1st Oct 2019 15:16

Better late than never - here is MANTP Update 109 dated 20th September courtesy as always of the MANTP Team








Scottie Dog 1st Oct 2019 15:17

Part 2








The taxiway Juliet referred to below will be the taxiway between Piers 2 & 3

Scottie Dog 1st Oct 2019 15:56

MANTP Update #110 dated 27th September, courtesy of the MANTPTeam

Part 1








Scottie Dog 1st Oct 2019 15:57

Part 2









spacedog 3rd Oct 2019 10:35

New routes for Ryanair
PSA new 2 x weekly
PRG 9 x weekly summer only
MXP 5 x weekly summer only
KTW 3 x weekly summer only

zfw 3rd Oct 2019 11:29

Well after spending 2 days looking for next years hols, i can see Manchesters figures going down drasticlly the prices from Virgin and Jet 2 are eye wateringly staggering, these are dates that are not even in schooltime..

Was flying Barbados premium on TCX for the 2 of us £1100 in Premium. Virgin £3600 in economy and the plane is only half full, cannot see anyone falling for this one. Same with Jet 2 £500 each in June to Dalaman.

Looks like its Rhyl next year.

spacedog 3rd Oct 2019 11:44

Not being funny but that could have been one of the factors that put TCX in the position it has found itself in.
Too cheap not enough profit margin.

TURIN 3rd Oct 2019 12:08

Anyone know what is happening with the area between Sunbank Lane and Avro Way? IE Romper to 'Little' West Gate.
I've heard a rumour that the current bus parking area is to be flattened and turned into a car park for the VIP Terminal.
I was just wondering if access from west gate to the Romper/staff south car park will be lost.


FFMAN 3rd Oct 2019 12:17

That may be the case Spacedog but it doesn't get away from the point zfw is making - namely those people who went on Thomas Cook holidays and flights are not necessarily going to pay more for the trip with someone else. TC were very good at getting people to travel at a certain price point. Therefore passengers numbers at all TC airports are likely to suffer for some time. People used to paying say £200 for a flight to the Med are not suddenly going to be willing to pay £400. Jet2 and EasyJet used to be known as 'low-cost airlines' in reality they aren't - those days are gone. It's often cheaper to fly one stop through a European hub with a legacy carrier these days.

Also the prospects of getting to the Caribbean from somewhere not called Gatwick are pretty much screwed for the foreseeable future. The Manchester offering which was pretty good, has been decimated. The options going West through the US gateways don't work due to the fact most US carriers head to the Caribbean in the morning - before the inbound MAN flights arrive, meaning you have to overnight at the airport with all the hassle and expense involved. Certainly my holiday plans will not include the Caribbean for quite some time after this setback even though I like it out there.

zfw 3rd Oct 2019 12:41

Very true FFMAN my travel agaent i.e wife, is absolutely besides herself cannot believe how much Manchester carriers are jacking up the prices, i know there is supply and demand and then theres absolute greed. Two weeks ago on Skyscanner you could get £275 to NYC on United, priced the same dates up in late Feb 2 days ago and it was £774 each. Our travelling partners to BGI this New year are flying on the B.A Beach fleet now at christmas for £770 each, which is considerably less than VS offer from Man on the same dates, but its that hellish trek back from LGW when you have just survived a 9 hour flight.
On the morning of TCXs demise we shot out of bed to book for next years May Florida trip where we have already booked accomadation, managed to get Econ out and Prem back for £1500, still £400 over TCXs Prem both ways, but at least we are defo going now. Later in the day Econ only was £2660.
It may be a blip because of the immediate shortfall of flights, some more may come along, but at what price?.
Friends and family have already remarked that at these prices there will be no takers including themselves.

116d 3rd Oct 2019 13:03

The prices are what they are due to the algorithms concerning supply and demand, even though some of the claims about profiteering are valid.

Once things have settled down, I suspect what we'll see is prices stabilising and coming down, but overall average prices increasing. I suspect some markets had a surplus of capacity, so now there's been a big drop in available capacity the market will readjust itself and price accordingly. All that said, there will still be demand and I expect some of that lost capacity to be plugged by others, just like what we're seeing the likes of Jet2 and Virgin doing this month and for the rest of the year.

zfw mentioned Florida. We're going next September having booked a flight/accommodation package through Virgin Holidays early last month, however on our previous trips we've always booked flights and accommodation separately. I will do some price checking towards the end of the year when VS open for bookings through their website, however my gut feeling is that even before I consider USD currency fluctuations for the accommodation it will be more expensive to book separately had I left it. Either way, I'm glad we got our trip sorted when we did.

Nostoodian 3rd Oct 2019 13:32

How can you know if an aircraft is half full or not, months before flying? You cannot tell just by looking at the 'choose your seat' section'. The only way you could find out this information out is by asking an airline booking representative, and it's not certain that they would divulge this information in the first place. Many customers don't choose their seats until the 48 hour check in before the flight. A high proportion of customers don't use 48 hour check-in and are allocated their seats when checking in at the airport.

zfw 3rd Oct 2019 17:46

Well as there were no more Economy light bookings available and you are allowed to choose your seat for free at the time of booking i would guess this is pretty much an indication as to what is left, cannot see people not choosing their seats whilst booking.

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