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irishlad06 21st Oct 2018 05:46

Originally Posted by OltonPete (Post 10288173)
End of Scottish Half-term flights using English based aircraft to run extra's and then usually to return to the English base to operate the outbound extra English half-term flights.

LY-NVX was also used from Glasgow and then returned to BHX to operate an extra English half-term to Tenerife although Birmingham and Solihull schools break up next Friday but Coventry and some others are this week. October half-term in the Midlands has been spread over 3 weeks this year instead of 1 or 2 and this will help passenger figures no-end but I am not sure if it is the same for the North West


Also Jet2 positioned from GLA - LBA and 2 B738ís to STN as well as 1 from EDI to MAN. As said they are all to run extra flights for mid term - the opposite should happen next week positioning MAN - GLA as the aircraft will have operated GLA - XXX - MAN with pax then empty back to home base in GLA.

Malchester 21st Oct 2018 12:41

As a non-professional I have to say that I always value the contributions of LAX LHR (and others) on this forum. As an enthusiastic amateur interested in all things travel I appreciate the views of others. Yes, some have an axe to grind, others are clearly full throttle behind Manchester and the airport. But I think we are all adult enough to read, inwardly digest, review in our minds and objectively understand what is being said. So what if some are ardent supporters of Manchester and others are its strongest critics. I for one value all this. There is no need to be nasty towards any contributor who has a view to put forward

Suzeman 21st Oct 2018 13:04

Originally Posted by NRU74 (Post 10288053)
Just in case anyone doesn’t know, the new A555 link road Man Airport >Hazel Grove opened last Monday. Great if you live near the Hazel Grove area but for those of us in N Derbyshire/S Yorks it’s not much of a help because the 6 miles+ from the A555/A6 junction to the northern end of the Chapel bypass down the A6 is still a real pain. It’s c 6.2 miles but took me 22 mins last Wed evening

If you are coming from the N Derbyshire area etc to the Airport, what about the time saving from Hazel Grove to the Airport?. Around 13 -15 minutes journey time now compared to 30 - 45 minutes in the past depending on time of day and the route you took. There are some plans in discussion for a Disley by pass as I understand it.

DomyDom 21st Oct 2018 14:51

Originally Posted by eye2eye5 (Post 10288018)
For my two penn'orth, LAX-LHR lacks balance in his posts. He has inside knowledge which allows him to post details of new or additional services, but fails to balance that with details of reducing or ceasing services. I know he feels that is not his function, but he then comes across as a happy clappy cheerleader and not an informed contributor.

LAX_LHR contribution is excellent as are his many interesting and informative posts. His insights are highly valued by myself and others.

Suzeman 21st Oct 2018 16:42

His insights are were highly valued by myself and others.
Fixed that for you.

Shame that his /her useful information is lost to this forum due to lots of unnecessary personal comments from others. But then this is the interweb.

Can't blame LAX for losing interest - life is too short.

BHX5DME 21st Oct 2018 21:07

 JAL (Japan Airlines) met our network team to lay the foundations for a long-term plan to securea Tokyo service. We know that such a service is unlikely in the next two years, but it is importantto position ourselves correctly as the Airline look to grow international services. Forecasts showvery strong passenger demand for connectivity between Manchester and Tokyo, over the next fiveyears. We need to harness this growth and continue our discussions. JAL showed a considerablelevel of interest and underlined that they saw Manchester as an Airport for their mainline productrather than their newly launched Low-Cost Carrier.
ANA (All Nippon Airways) also met with the network team to discuss the Manchester opportunityand again, like JAL they showed a good level of interest. ANA believe that the additional capacity,which is being added to Narita and Haneda airports, brings with it opportunities for services toairports such as Manchester

Suzeman 21st Oct 2018 23:38

And BHX5DME, your source for this is?

BHX5DME 22nd Oct 2018 07:30

the source is the minutes of the Manchester Airport Consultative Committee meeting

Suzeman 22nd Oct 2018 09:06

Originally Posted by BHX5DME (Post 10289103)
the source is the minutes of the Manchester Airport Consultative Committee meeting

Thank you...

Here's a link

Lots of interesting stuff in here - recommended reading. Much has changed since I used to go to the Consultative Committee decades ago !

Betablockeruk 22nd Oct 2018 20:47

It also says EasyJet will announce new services for S19 in December

MANFOD 25th Oct 2018 08:55

I think it also says that the extent of the increase in capacity next summer is dependent on timely deliveries of their new A320neos.

Leading Airport Pairs - MEB3:

MAN - BKK in 2017 by those 3 carriers accounted for > 114,000 pax.Emirates with 52k is just over 5% of its total carryings on MAN-DXB.Not checked the annual figures for QR for MAN-DOH but with almost 34k pax on their flights for BKK, in percentage terms they could be affected most if there is finally a non-stop service to MAN.

The article goes on to say the market between MAN and BKK on indirect flights with 1 stop was just under 150,000 pax in 2017.

MAN was the only airport to feature in the top 20 for all 3 carriers.

MANFOD 27th Oct 2018 15:03

Virgin Atlantic
Just looking up MAN-BOSfor next summer and the 3 x weekly flights are showing no premium economy when I looked at dates flexible in September.

I thought the A332s they acquired were being refitted to VS standards and that P/E would be included. Is this not the case now?
Oh, putting in specific dates on the days the flights operate now shows P/E. available and price.
Interesting that the A332 wasn't showing on seat guru when I last checked

ManofMan 3rd Nov 2018 17:57

Spice Jet Deliveries
Hi all,

does anyone happen to know why Spicejet chose Manchester for its delivery fuel stops ??

its normally anywhere but Man so came as a shock.

any ideals ??

Curious Pax 3rd Nov 2018 23:59

Originally Posted by ManofMan (Post 10300609)
Hi all,

does anyone happen to know why Spicejet chose Manchester for its delivery fuel stops ??

its normally anywhere but Man so came as a shock.

any ideals ??

i think Iím right in saying that previous -800 and Max deliveries have stopped twice en route to Delhi, but these Maxís just made the one stop at MAN. Roughly halfway to Delhi, and 24 hour opening probably clinched it.

techair 4th Nov 2018 08:57

Several years ago, if I recall a large proportion of an African airlines (Kenyan?) 737 fleet was delivered via Manchester. As noted above MAN is a 24 hour highest category facility with unrestricted runways roughly half way on the great circle routing and with Boeing approved engineers always on site.
Many years ago, Boeing had their own operational engineering staff and liveried vehicles on site, this was at the start of TATL ETOPS and the introduction into service of the larger twin jets. They also had an office in the Cheadle Heath area, not sure if it's still there though.

chaps1954 4th Nov 2018 09:46

No the office and sims closed a few years back and the lovely lady who worked there arranged a trip on the B757 sim one afternoon which was meant to be
about 30 mins and ended at 1hour 30 mins with the trainer which was wonderful.

Scottie Dog 4th Nov 2018 19:27

Manchester Statistics - September 2018

Destinations that are either new (no passengers since my records started in January 2005), or have not been served for a number of years - if the latter then the month and year of the last service is shown.

No new destinations were served in September 2018

Million passenger routes (Rolling annual figures)
Amsterdam - 1,027,698 passengers
Dubai - 1,022,769 passengers

Three domestic statistics are currently missing from the CAA report for September.
Belfast City, Inverness, Jersey are yet to provide figures
Total passengers for these routes in 2017 were 34,247.

Moving monthly and annual figures - based on CAA statistics/MAG statistics
Monthly passengers - 2,838,130 -1.08%
Annual Total - 16,575,335 -0.02%
Moving Annual Total - 27,879,010 -0.81%
Monthly Movements - 19,119 -3.52%
Annual Movements - 112,760 -2.33%
Moving Annual Movements - 200,131 -1.91%

Top 25 destinations - by passenger numbers

Top 25 destinations with highest percentage increase.

Figures for the European and long haul destinations that I consider to be the main points for our connecting traffic.

Comparison of top 25 destinations - September 2008 versus September 2018

Major changes to Domestic traffic

Belfast City, Inverness, Jersey have not reported figures for September.

CAA statistics for September are provisional.

Scottie Dog 4th Nov 2018 19:56

Where does the time go? Well here is issue 66 of PlaneTalk to whom full credit is given. Please do not copy to any other forum or thread.
Part 1


Scottie Dog 4th Nov 2018 19:59

Part 2


Now a couple of video clips - please click on the link above each item.


Now a couple of video clips - please use the click in the link above each item.



roverman 4th Nov 2018 22:56

Jet Airways 130 is airborne and heading for MAN. Not the first-ever service to/from Mumbai but the first for a good few years, and this one stands a chance of success and endurance. Elsewhere MAN is reporting internally (presumably based on provisional October figures) that the airport has passed the rolling 28 Million passengers per annum for the first time in its history. Certainly now that the Monarch effect has dropped out the figures are looking very positive.

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