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Crusher1 21st Sep 2015 10:07

I see NPAS have awarded the contract for their fixed wing fleet and are now advertising for pilots. No specific mention of bases, are they still planning to use EMA?

NPAS award Fixed-Wing Aircraft Contract | NPAS

New Vacancy: Fixed Wing Pilots | NPAS

ETOPS 21st Sep 2015 17:00

No mention of age limits in the blurb - is this classed as aerial work?

PANews 22nd Sep 2015 11:16

As has happened with a number of planned ways forward the idea of going into East Midlands fell at the first post. I understand London to
Elstree is similar.

NPAS floated the idea of a unit at East Midlands before getting into talks with the operators and it soon became clear they did not want the police aircraft on site. The Derby based helicopter [EC135 at police HQ, formerly the North Midlands unit] was also going to move there too but neither is now.

The helicopter can go near enough anywhere but its clear that the IFR fixed wings have to go somewhere with all weather runways ILS etc already in place so that's 'an airport' ...... or a massive bill to upgrade somewhere else.

I know they are talking to alternative airports in the region but nothing has been finalised yet.

The helicopter problem has been temporarily shelved by shutting down the Derbyshire unit and sending the aircraft in for its [Bond] upgrade in January but I guess that something will need to be in place when it comes back around March. Whether that is say Sheffield heliport or the fixed wing site when agreed only time will tell.

FFHKG 22nd Sep 2015 18:30

According to my atlas, Hawarden is in Flintshire so one helicopter based in Wales (although it may have been the Cheshire copter before the creation of NPAS

the_flying_cop 22nd Sep 2015 18:55

A sorry state of affairs.

MAN777 22nd Sep 2015 19:04

I have a great idea, base one of the fixed wing at Manchester airport there is loads of hangar space for it and im sure office space could be found in the nearby cargo centre. It could be called India 66 and patrol the North West skies proactively catching criminals in the act and supporting specialist units in dire need of top cover !!

Oh hang on a minute this has been done before, got the chop along with a load of other departments.

Sorry I will leave quietly !!😄

MightyGem 22nd Sep 2015 19:33

although it may have been the Cheshire copter before the creation of NPAS
Yes, it was.

airfarceone 31st May 2016 21:51

Far too sensible.......

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