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Hell Man 17th Jul 2013 14:37

Saudi Arabian Discrimination
Saudi Arabian Airlines US offices continue to refuse passengers who are holders of Israeli passports despite the fact that:

US federal law requires that an airline that lands its jets in the U.S. “may not subject a person in air transportation to discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex or ancestry.”
Airline refuses service to Israelis in New York

davidjohnson6 17th Jul 2013 14:49

This can be resolved very easily - Saudi Arabia just changes the airport transit rules to state that Israeli passport holders (or those who are nationals of countries unrecognised by KSA) are not permitted to transit the country without some additional permit.

Saudi airlines will then refuse on the basis of immigration rules.

The only Israelis going to a Saudi airport are high level Govt officials who will likely be travelling on Govt aircraft or at the invitation of the KSA Govt or under some false ID to avoid public unwanted public attention

Heathrow Harry 17th Jul 2013 14:54

presumably they are refused as they don't have the right of entry into Saudi..... so no point in issuing a ticket

having suffered at the hands of Saudi Visa officials more than once I can tell you being Israeli is just one of ten thousand reasons they don't like you

Aksai Oiler 17th Jul 2013 14:55

KSA and many other Middle Eastern/North African flaunt the US Anti-boycott rules on a daily basis, and big business deals with it. Your average Israeli would not want to set foot on Saudia, as a matter of fact neither would I, don't see what the big deal is really.

Heathrow Harry 17th Jul 2013 14:59

looking for someone to sue............

Hell Man 17th Jul 2013 15:31

I, don't see what the big deal is really.
The "big deal" is that when you sanction, agree with or simply refuse to act on openly discriminatory policies in the public and commercial arena, you are indirectly inviting others to practice whatever forms of discrimination they may be partial to - or can't you see that or are you maybe one of those people who can't give a :mad: until it concerns something which affects you.

As an industry we should be above all this or, at the very least, try and address it.

Aksai Oiler 17th Jul 2013 19:25

There are many countries in the world whom flaunt the Anti Boycott rules, and we report them as and when we come across them, via the necessary legal channels available. However, does this change things? The long and short answer is no... We still deal with these countries and their associated State run organisations. Do I see the US or EU doing anything about it? Again the answer is no, particularly when it comes to Israel

Whilst I agree with you that we must do all that we can to be above this the reality is there is little we can do, and our governments will only do what suits them in the big game

Heathrow Harry 18th Jul 2013 10:06

especially when so many countries are dependent on their oil.............

The US also has a nasty habit of trying to export its laws to other countries in a way they wouldn't stand for if it was the other way round

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