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flybeboy 28th Mar 2013 17:54

:bored:anybody got any info on whats in flybe maintance hangars or due in, have not seen much outside lattley, seems very slow just the stored planes being checked.

Richard Taylor 30th Mar 2013 09:27

Are there still ex-BA Connect/Flybe 145s in there?

Air Hop 3rd Apr 2013 08:36

Most of what has been in recently can be seen here Flickr: Exeter International - EGTE along with some other classic shots. Don't think that any of the E45's are still inside.

WOWBOY 29th May 2013 20:06

BB are selling there 60% stake in the airport.

RHagrid 30th May 2013 09:47

As an employee of "Said" Airport I'd be interested if you could provide some evidence for making that statement. Thanks

WOWBOY 30th May 2013 10:25

I am only going on what I have read in the news.

Balfour Puts Exeter Airport Stake On Runway

Balfour Beatty to sell Exeter Airport - Telegraph

Balfour Beatty ?seeks bidders? for Exeter Airport stake | News | Construction News

Based on "reports" and the original post should ave read "reportedly selling there 60%....."

It's not like I just randomly made it up lol. Exeter airport will be fine anyways, if flybe weren't in such a finial position I could see them wanting to buy the stake.

RHagrid 30th May 2013 10:44

Cheers, as usual the Staff get to find out last.....

serko 26th Jun 2013 09:05

This has now been sold by Balfour Beatty.

wet wet wet 26th Jun 2013 10:26

Exeter joins Coventry!
Balfour Beatty has sold its majority interest in Exeter Airport to Rigby Group division Patriot Aerospace.

The sale of the 60 per cent stake is for an undisclosed sum and the proceeds of the deal are to be used to repay Balfour Beatty's funders. The company added that the carrying value of its investment had been written down to nil in 2012.

AirportsEd 26th Jun 2013 13:50

More Here...
Rigby Group Acquires Exeter International Airport | Airports International | The Airport Industry online, the latest airport industry news

jabird 26th Jun 2013 23:58

Exeter joins Coventry!
Only in name.

Two quite different airport scenarios, ours was bought because of the attractive development opportunities around it.

This thread seems quite quiet, but I have always understood BE yields from EXT to be quite reasonable, although I doubt there's the volume of catchment to bring in many other players.

So presumably it is business as usual at EXT, or is there some development land included with the deal? That's not my understanding of the airport site.

davidjohnson6 27th Jun 2013 05:08

Peter Rigby made his money as an IT reseller. Could someone explain to me the knowledge and expertise he brings that will turn Exeter (and Coventry) airports into thriving hubs ?

WOWBOY 27th Jun 2013 10:53

Peter rigby wants to buy plymouth city airport and turn it into a heliport now.

fairflyer 27th Jun 2013 10:57

Well he runs the largest fleet of helis in the UK, has his own little Citationjet and a couple of hotels in Devon and Somerset, so Exeter could be quite useful....will he move British International Helis from Newquay to Exeter...or Plymouth if he buys that too?

jabird 27th Jun 2013 14:05

will he move British International Helis from Newquay to Exeter...or Plymouth if he buys that too?
I can't see the logic in this. Surely the whole point of helis is they can get in and out of very small places. If there's a runway capable of taking fixed wings at both ends, the fixed wings win every time.

The cost per mile of running a heli must be several times more than even a twotter with all the dangly bits still hanging (sorry, not in a techie mood today).

So even PLH is more than twice the distance back from Penzance, and Exeter - well why?

Phileas Fogg 27th Jun 2013 14:24

Bodmin is a licensed aerodrome, Penzance demonstrates that those flying thingies with their dangly bits don't need a strip of tarmac to do whatever they do to get in to the air, so why a sought after piece of real estate such as Plymouth never mind EXT?

I guess they'd need Plymouth to tech stop for fuel en-route to/from EXT!

robin 27th Jun 2013 14:37

He'd be better off on Perranporth

Phileas Fogg 27th Jun 2013 14:40

Bodmin has an A30 and a railway!

robin 27th Jun 2013 14:59

... and sits in the clouds

Phileas Fogg 27th Jun 2013 15:19


Put it this way, and I remember it vividly being on duty that day, where did 20 fatalities perish due to [email protected] weather on 16 July 1983, arriving/departing the mainland or arriving/departing the islands?

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