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pabely 9th Aug 2013 12:58

Four runways again! What report, the same old one from months ago?

Alarming report says North Herts villages ?should be wiped? for Luton Airport expansion - News - The Comet

davidjohnson6 9th Aug 2013 13:05

Yawn - a bunch of architects who seem to focus on underground / metro stations sent in a submission to the Airports Commission, along with a bunch of other people with their own ideas.

Somebody else submitted an idea to the commission to say that Heathrow should have 7 runways, but don't see anyone taking that idea seriously either. The 4 runways at Luton makes a good headline for a local paper though !
BBC News - Four unusual blue-sky ideas to solve airport capacity

LGS6753 9th Aug 2013 13:06

It's a report dated last October by an independent firm of consultants. I think it shows the (lack of) calibre of the airport's local detractors that they've only just found out about it.
Or is it just another "silly season" story designed to sell newspapers?

For what it's worth, there is absolutely zero chance of this proposal being taken seriously, much less implemented.

pabely 10th Aug 2013 01:13

I just thought it was funny that the Comet thought it was news, once again, it is always by one reporter and is not actually news.

LTNman 10th Aug 2013 06:11

Some nice photos taken 75 years ago at Luton once you have got past the advert.VIDEO: Large crowd and VIPs as Luton Airport opens - Nostalgia - Luton Today

LTNman 11th Aug 2013 07:51

I had to use the short term car park last week and parked for 1 hour 20 minutes, the cost was 11. Not content with fleecing me for the price of a curry I then also picked up a 1.35 handling charge for using a credit card.:{

Once in the terminal I needed to go on-line at 5 for up to one hour. It seems that Luton has the joint highest terminal internet access in the UK.:sad:

Just glad I did not need a 2 trolly.:yuk:

ericlday 11th Aug 2013 08:07

Do they charge a pound for a pee or a euro for a urination ?

crewmeal 11th Aug 2013 08:44

LTN and other airports are determined to make your flying experience as unpleasent as possible as soon as you arrive in order to fleece you for ridiculous charges.

carousel 12th Aug 2013 15:27

High Internet costs
Stansted Wi-Fi FREE for the first hour

pabely 12th Aug 2013 16:23

I have never paid for Wi-Fi at Luton, just search for open networks and log-on :)
Can't remember which network it was as I use so many at different airports.

Powerjet1 13th Aug 2013 09:07

Routes Online reporting that TAROM will commence a twice weekly LTN-IAS on 27 Oct.

FRatSTN 13th Aug 2013 09:53

Yes and bookable on TAROM website.

Flights will operate on Tuesday and Saturday with a 737-300.

Brace yourself for the flight times:

dept. IAS @ 21:30
arr. LTN @ 22:55

dept. LTN @ 23:45
arr. IAS @ 05:05

davidjohnson6 13th Aug 2013 09:57

Did Tarom use 2 of their 14 weekly slot pairs at Heathrow as a short term experiment to see how Iasi would fare with the intention of eventually moving it to Luton anyway, or did Tarom originally believe that it might be worth running a full Heathrow-Iasi service ?

Separately, does Tarom have the cost base to profitably serve a LTN-IAS route where the passenger base is largely price-focussed, especially when Bacau with Blue Air is relatively nearby ?

FRatSTN - Tarom to Iasi may have antisocial flight times... but then it's the same with Blue Air to Bacau. Until Baneasa closed, Wizz also had some grim timings to Bucharest

FRatSTN 13th Aug 2013 10:36

Blue Air to Bacau through the winter is decent timings. 3 of the 4 flights per week are around 16:00, the other leaves around 09:00.

Even now, only 3 of the 5 flights per week have the antisocial times leaving at 01:05. There's still 2 flights a week that leave at 10:40.

I don't expect it really to reduce TAROM's performance of the route though, I was just saying that the times are not great.

Bacau is still 2 hours from Iasi by road. There's little competition with no alternative choice for direct flights to Iasi from the UK, so people will just have to like it or lump it I suppose.

gilesdavies 13th Aug 2013 13:14

Three further destination to add to the party!
Great to hear about TAROM and Iasi!

But just to add to the party, Luton have announced on their website a further three East European destinations with Wizz Air, starting this winter:
Donetsk, Ukraine
Kosice, Slovakia
Craiova, Romania

Luton must be becoming, one of the most well connected airports in Western Europe with Eastern Europe!

Fly to the ?City of a Million Roses? from London Luton Airport - London Luton Airport

sxflyer 13th Aug 2013 13:41

Was it Iasi that was inviting bids to serve Luton, or was that another Romanian airport?

Nyerp 13th Aug 2013 14:14

Sibiu were looking for airlines to fly specifically luton-sibiu, not heard anything since July

LTNman 13th Aug 2013 18:06

More lost jobs as the never ending supply of Eastern Europeans move to the UK to take low paid work, pay next to no tax due to their poor wages and swamp the maternity wards with their new babies that we will have to educate.

runway08 13th Aug 2013 18:56

Ridiculous post to be honest mate. :rolleyes:

LTNman 13th Aug 2013 21:13

Maybe so but if you catch the airport staff bus you will be lucky to hear English. Uncontrolled immigration is causing real problems in many parts of the UK but that has nothing to do with this thread so I will end it there.:mad: :oh::oh:

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