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boeing_eng 16th Nov 2012 10:19

I'd be very surprised to see Air Asia back in the UK.....

They couldn't make it work at LGW after vacating STN for the simple reason the fares had crept up to close to the full service carriers and passengers voted with their feet (even if it meant a stop in the Middle East)

Air Asia withdrew from Europe (and India) completely in late March.....

ImPlaneCrazy 16th Nov 2012 10:41


If I am right in saying it's the 772 that El Al operate then I think it's actually a couple of feet bigger than the A333! So shouldn't be a problem size wise (I have no idea on runway lengths however and distances...)

pabely 16th Nov 2012 16:04

I agree, if this rumour is correct, it will be LTN runway length which is the big factor, but perhaps if true, it might not be a non-stop service to Malaysia, they have routes to Turkey, but I'm just speculating?

Dannyboy39 16th Nov 2012 16:33

Boeing 777-200 Specifications

Span - 60.9m (Max span some sections of LTN 52m)
Length - 63.7m
Takeoff Distance at MTOW MSL - 2,530m (Tel Aviv does not require full fuel tank; LTN at approx 550ft amsl)

Airbus A330-300 Specifications

Span - 60.3m
Length - 63.7m
Takeoff Distance at MTOW MSL - 2,500m

Fair enough - didn't realise the A333 is almost identical in its specs. The image on Wikipedia is deceiving!

How much fuel (and ie. runway) would an A333 require to get to Malaysia, or would a stop over in Istanbul be required?

Re: The LTN-SFB positioning flight - bloody hell that's a long one as positioning flights go!!

LGS6753 16th Nov 2012 18:45

Forget Air Asia X and start thinking MNG 330Fs....

My sources tell me sooner rather than later.

Falcon666 16th Nov 2012 20:38

Begs the question with Signatures new hangar using up half the Cargo area , it's only going to take one MNG 330 and it's full unless they start using the south stands!
Believe next week is the first date that the planning application can be submitted for the expansion( I read it in one of the Hertfordshire papers so it must be true!!)
Shall watch the LBC site with interest.

ImPlaneCrazy 17th Nov 2012 10:44

But MNG have already put their 330F into LTN?

ericlday 17th Nov 2012 11:28

TC-MCZ departed LTN on 21/9.
There is a video on the tube ''mng cargo a330 blt2012 dep ltn 21-09-2012''

LTNman 17th Nov 2012 13:46

LGS6753 17th Nov 2012 17:29

Yes, more of those.

I did notice that the MNG A330 had a bulge above the nose gear - not noticed that on other 330s - looks a bit like a Soviet-era Tupolev. :eek:

ericlday 17th Nov 2012 17:49

Only applicable on Freighter versions......something to do with getting a level floor for loading...no doubt techies will give a proper explanation.
More info-
To overcome the standard A330's nose-down body angle on the ground, the A330F uses a revised nose undercarriage layout to provide a level deck during cargo loading. The normal A330-200 undercarriage is used, but its attachment points are lower in the fuselage, thus requiring a distinctive blister fairing on the nose to accommodate the retracted nose gear.

Buster the Bear 18th Nov 2012 16:44

I have just had a White Elephant move in next door!


LGS6753 18th Nov 2012 18:35

Thank you Eric.

That's interesting.

nt639 18th Nov 2012 21:28

Buster Is this thread not supposed to be about Luton Airport, not Juvenile spotterish posts to further your own agenda.

Aero Mad 18th Nov 2012 22:20

Buster Is this thread not supposed to be about Luton Airport, not Juvenile spotterish posts to further your own agenda.
What's life without laughs for heaven's sake?! Grow a sense of humour or you'll expire far too prematurely. IMHO Buster the Bear has every right to post relevant pictures of his furry counterparts :ok:

pamann 18th Nov 2012 22:59

Buster The Bear
Buster it might just be worth taking note of what has been said in the SEN thread. Time to get over your dislike of Stansted and 'grow up' as your posts are getting tired, pointless and childish not to mention far from funny. :rolleyes:


boeing_eng 18th Nov 2012 23:09

Blimey.....You STN fanboys need to lighten up!

pamann 18th Nov 2012 23:25

Pot, paint & kettle :ok:

FR- 19th Nov 2012 05:20

Boy and girls, can we just keep it to airlines, LTN and routes. At this rate we will get the standard telling off from the mods, and have the thread closed.


Falcon666 20th Nov 2012 00:28

Wizz S13
Summer timetable now loaded.
Prague now down to daily from twice daily this year.
Split returns 3x weekly but 0800 am dep for peak.
Lublin goes twice weekly plus third flt for peak on Thursday.
Ljubljana carries on through the summer 3x wkly

Looks like no overnight a/c next summer and the late night Bucharest moves to a more convenient 2030 dep
Wonder if any new destinations will be announced or has the expansion finally come to a end?

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