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Jordiejet 18th Aug 2012 20:30

Titan Airways
Mate of mine just rang and said he thinks it has.

Can't get on to their website either!

Pretty sure it can't be true!!!

Narrow Runway 18th Aug 2012 20:37

Who is your "mate" and why would he think that they've gone bust?

My wife is on the way home from her shift for them today.

Should I ask her? She may know a bit more than your "mate". Like were they impounded on arrival.

They may have lost a contract on a big aircraft this week, but that is ACMI life.

Last I heard was they were asking for crew to volunteer for organising the 25th Birthday party lash up. And that was only last week.

I'm looking forward to the 25th birthday party in all honesty. Always a rare old night out at the Titan parties.

Jordiejet 18th Aug 2012 20:40

Well fingers crossed he's wrong!

His Facebook status says - another one bites the dust and I will miss all my friends at Titan!!

Anyone got any info??

Narrow Runway 18th Aug 2012 20:46

Has he resigned from Titan perhaps?

You can never trust Facebook can you really???

Let us hope everything is ok.

Anyhow, Mrs NR has just come in the door and doesn't look bothered.;)

But, then again, that could just be her.

Jordiejet 18th Aug 2012 21:51

Titan bust???
Has Titan gone bust??

sam dilly 18th Aug 2012 21:57

Very much doubt it.
Why say such a thing ?

Jordiejet 18th Aug 2012 22:00

I have heard that they have today!
That's why I said such a thing!!!

It's a question????

fa2fi 18th Aug 2012 22:02

Website not working. Is that what you're basing this on?

ericlday 18th Aug 2012 22:09

Titan bust??? nah Piston Broke !!!!

LH-OAB 18th Aug 2012 22:26

I doubt it very much and I saw them flying today.

Gene Genie 18th Aug 2012 22:34

It may be that they've lost the South Atlantic MoD contract. I was talking to some of their crew in Apr and they seemed to think that was the case.

dc9-32 19th Aug 2012 08:37

19 flights listed on CFMU for today so doubt they have gone bust somehow !

Charley B 19th Aug 2012 08:40

G-ZAPX 757 just arrived at LGW to operate a flight for Monarch so methinks that was definately a nasty rumour-so glad..... love to see the Titan aircraft here:)

AirLCY 19th Aug 2012 08:41

They've had 2 and sometimes 3 aircraft with BA in the last few months, that kind of ACMI will be earning them a fortune, so would be surprise if they went bust. It's more likely another contract bites the dust which is standard.

sam dilly 19th Aug 2012 08:55

You might find if you look carefully that Titan have closed their own ski operation, and gone back to just operating ski flights on behalf of other operators, probably a very good idea, provide the seats and let professional tour operators get on with what they do, filling other people's air seats.
South Atlantic flights for the MOD will come and go. If HM government wish to give our taxes to a " cheap "foreign airline, to help protect " our " dependencies so be it, I am sure that the military type passengers on those long flights south will make their views known soon enough. Titan are probably well out of that contract for a few months, there is plenty of ACMI work out there for a quality operator with a spare 767 300ER.

Tight Seat 19th Aug 2012 09:48

Sam, you may find that the South Atlantic is on its way to a very British airline that has been around for 40+ years ( that's the rumour in the crewroom of this ' spotty' airline).

cornishsimon 19th Aug 2012 10:14

spotty airline ?

Heathrow Harry 19th Aug 2012 10:17

IIRC the Air Bridge contract runs from September to September - they took over from Air Seychelles first or second week of September last year and there was only a week or so's public notice

Heathrow Harry 19th Aug 2012 10:18

Might be Iberia ;);)

No love lost these days between the Argies and our Spanish friends!!!

adfly 19th Aug 2012 10:33


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