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TimmyW 15th Jun 2012 00:17

I see work on the link road which will provide a better transport route to the motorway starts in August. Doubt this will have any bearing on new airlines coming in.

Chitty 15th Jun 2012 11:26

does any one know why there is a manx2 flight arriving from the isle of man tomorow at 8:50 am for

johnnychips 22nd Jun 2012 22:58

Timmy W posted on the Leeds thread, and I'm sorry I don't know how to link:

Backs up the information I heard today that Thomson will pull out of DSA and introduce more services from LBA
If so, that would be rather unfortunate to say the least. Have Thomson published a Summer 2013 programme yet?

onyxcrowle 22nd Jun 2012 23:03

Yes all flights are bookable right up to the end of October 2013 I just check availability and did a dummy booking for sharm on 28th October 2013 they have the same destinations as this year and maybe one more in turkey . So let's try be positive for DSA ;)

ryansf 23rd Jun 2012 06:29

As I sarcastically implied on the other thread, Timmy (or whatever moniker he's chosen today) is hardly the most reliable source of information, so take what he says with a bucket of salt.....

onyxcrowle 23rd Jun 2012 09:45

I missed the sarcasm there lolcc

TimmyW 24th Jun 2012 09:47

The rumor of Thomson pulling out of DSA has been going round for a long time, and this adds more fuel to the fire. They have been steadily scaling back their DSA operation.

DSA won't be operation in a few years as a passenger airport. 4 outbound flights today in the summer season. Airlines just are not interested. There is only one way it will go.

ericlday 24th Jun 2012 10:19

From Flightstats - 7 flights departing between 6.00 am and 9.25pm.

TimmyW 24th Jun 2012 10:33

Is 7 enough to keep a commercial airport sustainable in the long term? Most of the catering and shopping outlets in the terminal have closed because there simply isnt enough footfall to keep them open.

Something has to change soon for DSA.

AP1995 24th Jun 2012 12:26

surely with so few flights, DSA can not be profitable?

TimmyW 24th Jun 2012 13:06

It isn't. It loses an obscene amount of money.

JSCL 24th Jun 2012 14:37

Airports losing airlines and money seems to be Peels expertise right now at LPL! MME and now DSA. I was speaking to a chap at Peel who was suggesting they may dump their airport portfolio at some point in the next 3 years if things continue. To them, infrastructure and finances blue assets are important. Their airports can be borrowed against and fund large scale developments elsewhere, that's where the financial advantage is. But the benefits are no more.

TimmyW 24th Jun 2012 16:15

DSA won't be operational as a passenger airport in 5 years time. And i'll have a wager with anyone who thinks it will be.

If Peel do decide to offload them, you could see someone taking over LPL but not DSA.

JSCL 24th Jun 2012 16:34

TimmyW, I'll have a wager with you.

Peels estimates are that in order to break even or their operations at MME, DSA and LPL based on current operational footprint - each needs to be handling:

MME - 550,000 PPA
DSA - 750,000 PPA
LPL - 3m PPA

TimmyW 24th Jun 2012 16:36

It was reported not long ago in the Doncaster Free Press that DSA was losing 1 million every month. Give it a few years and DSA won't be handling anywhere near 700k pax.

JSCL 24th Jun 2012 16:53

The issue comes not to the pax numbers but who is paying what. DSA sees more than 750k PPA but makes a loss... It's a figure based on airlines paying the fee schedule, which we all know doesn't happen.

I hear that Queenie Airlines are looking at the various Peel Airports - MME, DSA and LPL.

ryansf 24th Jun 2012 16:54

Five years? I remember someone saying that when it first opened, and here we are, seven years later.

I do wonder if the management at DSA did something to offend Timmy in the past: that amount of hate for something as trivial as an airport surely can't be good for ones health!

dwlpl 24th Jun 2012 16:59

DSA won't be operational as a passenger airport in 5 years time. And i'll have a wager with anyone who thinks it will be.

If Peel do decide to offload them, you could see someone taking over LPL but not DSA.
Peel have already sold 67% of its to business to a company that is 50% owned by the Citigroup.

dwlpl 24th Jun 2012 17:00

Who are Queenie Airlines?

Northbound A1 24th Jun 2012 17:12

Peels other fields.
I dont think Timmy has anything against the airport. Its Peel who everyone is looking at. The situation is even worse at MME (dtv).

It was only a few months ago that they informed the public in the north east that airports didnt fit in with their greater plans!

The public outcry and a look at what they had been doing at MME (splitting the airport in half) made them do a swift U turn.

Peel got MME for 500k! Hundreds of acres of prime building land for only 500,000 with a false promise of spending millions... sound familiar?

A bit of History into Peels tactics and spin.
Airport (From The Northern Echo)

Anger after Durham Tees Valley Airport's owners snub meeting (From The Northern Echo)

Council chiefs accuse airport owners of broken promises (From The Northern Echo)

Fate of Durham Tees Valley Airport to be revealed after talks (From The Northern Echo)

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