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Non Emmett 25th Jan 2012 09:12

The local press today report that a director at Newquay Airport has had his pay increased from 69K to 125 p.a. The airport was described by one County Councillor thus - "the Council is picking up the same level of salary as a corporate director when they are running a facility that carries as many passengers as the bus service in Truro every day."

The salary increase equates to roughly 50p per passenger using the airport.

Cornwall is the least affluent County in the country, the Council seem to forget this from time to time.........

Also reported today is that military personnel above the rank of Sergeant in London will lose their London allowances - it's a funny old world isn't it.

JSCL 25th Jan 2012 09:20

To be fair, the council is right. Expecting to pay an MD 69k/year for something like NQY is stupid. Minimum salary for MD of any airport should be hovering the 95k mark. 125k for one of NQY's size seems about right. It's not an equal world, but to be fair to the gent who serves as MD, he's been underpaid for quite some time.

Aero Mad 25th Jan 2012 09:21

Old thread is here http://www.pprune.org/airlines-airpo...ewquay-34.html

trafficnotsighted 25th Jan 2012 21:06

Why be fair to the MD , from what i have heard they have not been fair to the ATCO's on the pay front. A couple left last year and management were surprised that potential replacements turned them down when offered salaries 10,000+ below the market rate. It is not all fun in the sun.

JSCL 25th Jan 2012 21:09

Because ultimately, it's the MD that has the duties of making sure that business is running smoothly/efficiently. I have no doubt if the MD is seeing a pay increase, they will be scope for ATCO pay increases in the near future.

NQY is expanding, slowly admittedly, but it's expanding. This means more workload, this means demands for higher pay. The scale should trend in the ATCO's favour in the near future. Also remembering that pay levels in the Cornwall area are naturally lower.

Cloud1 25th Jan 2012 21:39

Saturdays are looking busy this summer, not bad considering WOW has gone.

3 x LGW Q400
1 x MAN Q400
1 x NWI Q400
1 x GLA D38
1 x NCL Q400
1 x BHD Q400
1 x EDI Q400

Plus the IOS of course

Aero Mad 25th Jan 2012 21:54

Plus bmibaby and the German flights.

trafficnotsighted 25th Jan 2012 22:09

Well the business will not run smoothly/efficiently if they do not have enough ATCO's to cover the airfield opening hours. The reason some ATCO's left was because they were told that there would not be any salary improvements in the next couple of years. Regional pay levels do not come into play when it comes to ATCO' salaries from what i hear.

cornishsimon 25th Jan 2012 23:47

Saturdays are looking busy this summer, not bad considering WOW has gone.

3 x LGW Q400
1 x MAN Q400
1 x NWI Q400
1 x GLA D38
1 x NCL Q400
1 x BHD Q400
1 x EDI Q400

Plus the IOS of course

Plus bmibaby and the German flights.
The LH flights are to be operated by a 735 on saturdays and a CRJ900 on wednesdays

I personally think that NQY will see more scheduled flights and possibly some cargo.

We also need to keep in mind that NQY doesnt just rely on scheduled flights, we now have training flights via AW, MX by BIH and also NQY still sees some MOD movements

Phileas Fogg 26th Jan 2012 00:45

Yes, but there are only X number of people living in NQY's catchment area and there are only X number of hotels, guest houses and/or static caravan parks within NQY's catchment area also.

So ..... whilst airport traffic may slowly increase, and unless Cornwall becomes, literally, wall to wall hotels, guest houses and/or caravan parks, the airport traffic shall NEVER attain a level to justify the size of the airfield real estate and/or the paying of market salaries.

The airport is always likely to remain subsidised by taxpayers thus the higher the salaries then the more monies taken from the local economy!

jabird 26th Jan 2012 01:00


I think NQY is a long way from saturation - has it not been more like 500k pax pa? Didn't plans call for 1m+?

With PLH having slowly withered away, NQY's catchment will have spread east - especially for people coming down from Scotland.

My understanding is that most UK hotels struggle to reach 60% occupancy.

Rather than fussing about one man's salary, I'd be asking how much pax are put off by the extra airport fee, not to mention two doses of APD for domestic pax.

If the man in charge had a performance bonus - say 10k pa for each additional 50k pax, that would be better still.

Phileas Fogg 26th Jan 2012 07:04


There is something of an animosity between the Cornish and the Devonians ... and vice versa.

When Brymon, they did it first, combined the PLH & NQY services on to Y50 aircraft there was uproar, in this scenario, to the effect "why the hell are we going backwards via Cornwall when we want to travel from Devon to London or wherever?".

I think you'll find that the PLH punters will be using EXT, BRS, BHX, LHR, the train and/or the A38/M5 etc. rather than flocking to NQY!

NQY might just attract those, that previously used PLH, from east Cornwall but I think that'll be as far as it goes.

P.S. My local airport has an APD (terminal fee) equivalent to 15p :)

Non Emmett 26th Jan 2012 10:52

I note today from the local press that BIH are going to permanently relocate the S-61 service from Penzance to Newquay from October. They will continue to operate out of their Pz base until then and had been looking around for a new site in West Cornwall.

Routes to St. Mary's and Tresco will presumably cost rather more than the present 190 return in view of the additional mileage but my assumption would be that they will save on the significant infrastructure costs associated with a new base in West Cornwall where some might say the nimbies have been out in force just recently.

I imagine Scillonians will not be best pleased with this development.

pennineuk 26th Jan 2012 12:15

A disaster for Penzance town and much more inconvenient for Scillonians and visitors.

BIH had previously said fares wouldn't change when operating from NQY; however that was when they were hopeful for a move back to West Cornwall. The additional mileage must in time lead to higher fares, which won't help tourism to Scilly.

PlymouthPixie 26th Jan 2012 17:55

BIH won't survive very long at Newquay.

Non Emmett 26th Jan 2012 18:17

Interesting but worrying comment plymouth pixie - the Scillies seem to me to rely heavily on the S-61 and Tresco in particular with direct flights. Not too many seem ready to brave the Scillonian passage these days. Not sure how much utilisation the Twin Otters get.

PlymouthPixie 26th Jan 2012 19:28

Mark my words, they'll sell the heliport, cut their losses & run. The Dauphins will be sold off privately (To the Navy no doubt) and the S-61's sent to Carson Helicopters in Canada.

Bigt 26th Jan 2012 20:02

The heliport was sold some time ago..

Cloud1 26th Jan 2012 20:25

Plus bmibaby and the German flights.
From the schedule it doesnt appear that bmi will fly in on a Sat

cornishsimon 26th Jan 2012 22:51

You need to remember that for BIH to operate ex Penzance they need high overheads, large site, staff, fire cover etc. This results in the fairly high prices of S61 flights.

The fuel cost for operating flights ex NQY will be higher, however the other costs would be much lower as BIH will dump the staff and outsource the entire operation to NQY as the handling agent

I still think that BIH could benefit from some sort of interline agreement with BE to allow connections onto the IOS


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