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psevaluator 27th Oct 2011 10:34

Dubrovnik Airlines
Does anybody have an information on the actual operational situation of DBK?:confused:

Keyvon 27th Oct 2011 12:45

DBK went bust and ceased all flight ops. a couple of days ago.

mizake the mizzen 28th Oct 2011 10:36

Hi, What is the source of this infromation that Dubrovnik Airlines went bust a couple of days ago ?

Chidken Sangwich 28th Oct 2011 10:45

There's a report here: Balkans.com Business News : Dubrovnik Airline out of business?

Yak97 28th Oct 2011 10:48

From FlightGlobal

Local newspaper “Dubrovački vjesnik” has reported that the charter company Dubrovnik Airline has been permanently grounded and put out of business. The debt stricken airline operated its final service on Sunday and is expected to declare bankruptcy soon. However, it is important to note the airline’s Managing Director, Zeno Singer, is still to officially confirm the news. Dubrovnik Airline has had major financial problems since the start of the global financial crisis which hit the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia in 2009. Dubrovnik Airline was left with a single aircraft this year during the peak summer season. Adding to Dubrovnik Airline’s financial problems was the decision made earlier this year by the shipping company Atlantska plovidba, who set up the airline, to pull out of its ownership structure. After the decision was made, many employees at Dubrovnik Airline lost their jobs bringing the number of down to just 78.

Fly4Fun 28th Oct 2011 11:53

Another one bits the dust. Game over at Dubrovnik :( All the best for employees!

captplaystation 30th Oct 2011 15:03

An ad just appeared for 737 crew for SkyBosnia, given address was in Tuzla (website under construction ! ) on the 28th, when just a few days ago flightinternational reported they are using an A320, albeit a wetlease operating a sub-charter for. . etc etc . . . .

Anyone heard anything about this potential (?) start-up ?

zmsudu 2nd Nov 2011 15:47

to Fly4Fun.


Ex employee... :ok:

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