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SCANDIC 10th Sep 2014 04:23

Plus monarch's are in great condition for they're age, keep em flying for as long as possible, best Boeing ever made.

VC10man 10th Sep 2014 08:33

I agree with you Scandic, the 757 is a brilliant plane second only to the mighty VC10!

The only thing that bothers me is that the Monarch 757s are 27 years old and have done nearly 100,000 hours. I know Monarch have cherished them since new, but how much longer can they last?

Surely if Jet2 wanted some more 757s they could find some a bit newer.

LNIDA 10th Sep 2014 09:19

Never mind the quality/age feel the price

I'm told the 73-300" will stay until at least 2022 Insha'Allah

GLAinsider 10th Sep 2014 13:48

The Monarch B752s are in 229Y configuration whereas Jet2 use 235Y. Monarch have one less row in the forward cabin (compared to the configuration used in most of the Jet2 fleet). Not much tweaking required then apart from a colourful "Jet2holidays" paint job then.

EK77WNCL 10th Sep 2014 15:13

Got me hoping now maybe a few TCX/TOM 757's might make their way to LS in 2-4 years? Even for replacement of Jet2's 3 Chinese 757's and maybe one or two more, but I'd rather for expansion. So LS will be getting MONJ or MONK (why not both eh?!) but I htink I might know why they're going for MON's even if they are older, they have ETOPS... Which may make them slightly more attractive. I'd love to see DAJB stay on with LS but I think it'll either go for coke cans or Fedex. Why don't I push the boat out and say special price from MON to LS for 3, as new, ETOPS rated, much loved 757's...?

Charlie98 10th Sep 2014 16:36

And the 757 lovers come out in force! Lest we remember that its not a case or replacing 757s with 757s anymore as they are becoming less viable.

Thomas Cook will be releasing 7 757s this winter so I was surprised that they have chosen the older Monarch models over the younger G-JMCE G-JMCD etc that are 15 years old however they are likely to be allot more expensive as well as not being owned by Thomas Cook therefore meaning more work would be required to obtain them and the leasers have probably got the FedEx stickers ready to be put on all 7 of them.

Thomson have the youngest 757 fleet and I believe the next one out is in 2018 and the rest are going sometime around 2020.

Its a big surprise and Jet2 must have got a good deal, but it kind of strikes me as a short term solution to extra capacity, as I doubt AG and the likes will be in LS colours in 3-5 years time, they are (and it hurts me to say this) too old and too uneconomical to fly nowadays.

lagerlout 10th Sep 2014 18:04

I am pretty sure no deal has been done with MON or anyone else at this stage for 757,s to Jet2.

The Jet2 S15 program has been on sale for some time and has no requirment for them as far as I can see!

Charlie98 10th Sep 2014 18:06

Although I agree with you, Lest we remember the PS 757 thats been here all summer? ;) That could mean the same capacity but all Jet2 757

purplehelmet 10th Sep 2014 18:45

(re mon 757 to ls) can anyone actually confirm this?? or is it just another one of scandic's 757 wet dreams?

JB007 10th Sep 2014 19:05

Scandics wet dream! Just like the A330 going to Jet2 as well! Nothing to see...move along...

Johnny [email protected] Pants 10th Sep 2014 19:48

Just like the A330 going to Jet2 as well! Nothing to see
Don't speak too soon JB.............

EK77WNCL 10th Sep 2014 20:41

Is that a sly hint there sir? If you are in the know more information would be greatly appreciated...

SCANDIC 10th Sep 2014 21:32

Watch this space.

LA757 11th Sep 2014 02:23

LS582 RHO-NCL, has a delay of at least 15 and a half hours, the flight from NCL-RHO landed on time, what problems cause a flight to be delayed for that amount of time? :confused:

Edit-: it now has a 20 hour delay.

yeo valley 11th Sep 2014 06:09

jet 2
with a delay like that, i would say plane went tech, then crew ran out of hours. that would be my guess

take-off 11th Sep 2014 10:06

Getting the 2 330's off monarch , be interesting way for jet2 to enter long haul, what with the toe dipping Xmas flights to New York , would also give them extra capacity on med flights , much like monarch use them for and Tom/TCX use their 767's but I guess we need to seem them in the battleship grey/ or the holiday colours in metal , before anything happens , guessing really the next logical expansion for the holiday arm, would be Florida... Never say never guys , if they do good luck to them:ok:

BFS Dude 1st Oct 2014 15:42

May be a bit early but does anyone know when W15/16 flights could go on sale? Cheers!

Charlie98 1st Oct 2014 18:46

Jet2's market is bucket and spade, the long haul is a fallacy that is a long way off, forever talking about it won't make it happen :ugh:

Jet2 know the best market for them, people may not like their lack of vision or whatnot, but it works, it makes money unlike Monarch. Running two A330s from the likes of LBA,NCL and EMA is a seasonal work, going against Thomson would be a killer for them as Thomson have the better aircraft and other benefits such as all drinks free onboard (excluding champagne) Its simply not Jet2s business model and it would ultimately lead to a decline in the market at EMA and NCL where they would drive themselves and Thomson out of the place due to lack of profit..

Also, just 2 A330s isn't cheap maintenance wise and the type rating ;)

take-off 2nd Oct 2014 08:28

With things up in the air so to speak at BLK, should it close , do people think they would look at LPL as an alternative ? Seeing as Ryanair are expected to expand as MAN , or would Cardiff be somewhere they may look at , possibly having a couple of spare aircraft ? On BLK thread it was also said that there would have been possible expansion there for next year , had the situation been the way it is

paully 2nd Oct 2014 09:59

In the short term I don`t think they will do anything.Measured expansion at Blackpool was one thing but setting up a new base, anywhere, is unlikely without a full cost benefit analysis..If they went to LPL Ryanair and Easy would kill them on price. Jet2 fares are not cheap. The two 733`s are owned outright and can easily be absorbed into the existing fleet. Longer term? who knows

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