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Brigantee 12th Apr 2016 09:13

One things for sure those crap facilities at LBA have well and truly passed their sell by date

snowman 1 12th Apr 2016 09:40

what have the facilities at LBA got to do with jet2 allegedly buying something at man.

HeartyMeatballs 12th Apr 2016 10:52

I have to agree. IMHO after Luton (takes the award every time), LBA is the grimmest most depressing major airport in the UK.

snowman 1 12th Apr 2016 11:18

i prefer LBA to man any time,in my opinion and i use LBA a lot from touch down through security and baggage re claim 30mins then 40mins to home and i dont find the terminal depressing at all.

TSR2 12th Apr 2016 11:27

from touch down through security and baggage re claim 30mins
Surely this depends on the time of day.

snowman 1 12th Apr 2016 12:13

high TSR2
my flights back into LBA are usually between 3pm and 6pm all with jet2 who are self handling and are spot on with the cases.

bjones4 12th Apr 2016 12:15

I would suspect who you're flying with has an impact too.

The last time we arrived into LBA late in the evening with Jet2 last summer, we were dumped on a remote stand and waited on-board for well over an hour whilst Swissports' only serviceable bus that day offloaded another two flights.

Conversely we've arrived on BA, disembarked via an airbridge, cleared security and been on the bus to the Train Station in under 20 minutes.

barry lloyd 12th Apr 2016 12:39

hopefully it's a hangar...
Whenever I see someone misspell hangar on an aviation forum, it makes me wonder just how much they know about the business. Hangers are for coats, hangars are for aircraft, as my old instructor used to say.

Brigantee 12th Apr 2016 12:39

Snowman, Given your from Leeds i suppose its fair to say your somewhat more hardened than many to the effects on the soul of places like LBA.....

snowman 1 12th Apr 2016 13:38

Originally Posted by Brigantee (Post 9341645)
Snowman, Given your from Leeds i suppose its fair to say your somewhat more hardened than many to the effects on the soul of places like LBA.....

when did you last fly out of leeds??sm1

Jet2_738 12th Apr 2016 16:16

My closest is the "delight" of NCL. However, prices and all, it was just last week I returned through LBA with Jet2. The Wednesday morning flight down to ALC and back the following week. Other than a Go Around with the weather on return (to which I must say the crew handled perfectly), as soon as the plane was on the blocks the stairs were there, straight in and up the escalator, and through the border in no more than 5mins. Reclaim certainly less than 10. It really must depend on the handlers - in my case I must say the same, self-handling was spot on.

Leeds' facilities really aren't that bad - compact yes, but grim not at all. The terminal was clean, plenty of windows on the way through and down to the gates. Must have been some time since you were last through :ok:

rpmac 12th Apr 2016 16:58

I have to agree with Jet2 738 - I use EDI or GLA mostly but LBA from time to time and always find it quite agreeable, clean and the facilities okay, certainly not the grimmest airport I have used, that must be some European airport. UK airports on the whole are fine, including LBA.

JB007 12th Apr 2016 19:11

Other than a Go Around with the weather on return (to which I must say the crew handled perfectly)
Phew! Jet2_738 said it was perfect!

HH6702 13th Apr 2016 11:27

Summer 2017 on sale anything new

RVF750 13th Apr 2016 11:29

Quite a few of the 737-800s will be Brand new and much nicer to fly in, that's for sure.

Brigantee 13th Apr 2016 14:08

TBH Anythings got to better to fly in than some of the old sheds currently in service .

garry8g 14th Apr 2016 10:48

I see that GJZHF is in service today flying on LS251/LS252 from Leeds to Faro, it's first commercial flight for Jet2. Anyone know which livery this aircraft carries?

Any updates on when the other 3 new B737-800's will be in service?

LEEDS APPROACH 14th Apr 2016 11:08

HF - holidays livery. Did I mention A330?

garry8g 14th Apr 2016 12:53

Leeds Approach - A330??

Jet2_738 14th Apr 2016 16:36

Jet2.com and Jet2holidays Go BIG in Belfast

As expected, Jet2 and Jet2holidays have announced their 'Biggest ever flights and holidays programme' for Summer 2017.

Belfast routes are set to increase by a 10% growth year on year, with a new destination, Girona. The new flights will operate twice weekly - a total of 82 weekly flights between the two cities. Increases are also on LPA and REU, with a total 280,000 seats available.

The announcement comes alongside the extensions of the flying programme for 2017, meaning routes to FAO, PMI and IBZ with be flown earlier than previous years. (Maybe something to do with filling up the new a/c and sending them out to earn their keep)

At this time, only BFS S17 has been released for both Jet2 and Jet2holidays, with the rest of the UK to follow shortly :ok:

AirGuru 15th Apr 2016 16:17

G-IFIT spotted at CWL this morning. Any significance ? Also seem to use St Athan for maintenance a lot more these days.

SWBKCB 15th Apr 2016 16:30

Probably the same as when G-IFIT was spotted at Southend a couple of months ago

LEEDS APPROACH 17th Apr 2016 17:05

I'll go with Stansted base maybe PMI base. A330 keeps getting mentioned as well.

canberra97 17th Apr 2016 17:34

A Stansted base what to go head to head with Ryanair, I don't think so as we all know who will win!

And you know as well as everyone else that the rumour of an A330 was quashed a few months ago when Jet2 made an announcement which mentioned that they will not be receiving one, as plans to charter an AirAsia 330 was scrapped.

beardy 18th Apr 2016 12:19

So no AirTanker A330 for Jet2 either, are you sure? They wouldn't suffer the regulatory problems AirAsia did.

AirGuru 19th Apr 2016 17:26

When is the remainder of Jet2's Summer 2017 schedule to be released. I remain quite intrigued with these CWL rumours amongst others regarding the airline moving further south ...

pug 19th Apr 2016 18:08

Where have the CWL rumours come from?

AirGuru 19th Apr 2016 18:16

Originally Posted by pug (Post 9349495)
Where have the CWL rumours come from?

To be honest, I personally have no idea.

It was something that was rumoured elsewhere, where an article to Jet2 crew recruitment for 3 new airports including BHX was posted. I can't find the link now, and I know that PPRuNe doesn't like external links anyway ...

pug 19th Apr 2016 18:26

I find it hard to believe that they would commence recruitment prior to any announcement. And a new base would be quite a big announcement.

AirGuru 19th Apr 2016 21:08

Originally Posted by pug (Post 9349509)
I find it hard to believe that they would commence recruitment prior to any announcement. And a new base would be quite a big announcement.

That's my issue exactly, hence the reason i'd like to know where it came from in the first place. Putting two and two together it may actually make some sort of sense ...

Chesty Morgan 19th Apr 2016 22:09

Recruitment is now year round anyway.

pamann 19th Apr 2016 22:14

A Stansted base isn't such a crazy idea. Jet2 will need to expand into the SE one day. Surely.

Other airports cope quite well having two or more carriers on similar routes. There's no reason why the UK's fourth busiest airport can't diversify and attract some competition from carriers. Don't Jet2 compete directly on routes from EMA, MAN, EDI and probably other airports with FR? Jet2 also offer package holidays and are now quite big on this. I'd see their main competition as Thomas Cook or Thomson at STN to be honest.

I actually think a Gatwick base would be a worse decision than a STN one if they want to set up shop in the SE. I'm sure the time will come, sooner than later?

4Screwaircrew 20th Apr 2016 06:47

A Stansted base would be a return, there used to be a Royal Mail and charter operation before they swapped round routes with Titan, it is possible they may do that again.

yeo valley 20th Apr 2016 07:06

the jet 2 roumer started when jet 2 were doing pilot training from st athan and also aircraft air tests.ppl seen this and took this as a new base.jet 2 been getting maintence done in st athan and also pilot training got to be done some where ,so picking aircraft up from st athan they did pilot training at the same time.more than likely see a lot more of same thing from st athan.

Council Van 20th Apr 2016 12:57

Mention is made of Stanstead and competing against Ryan Air. Jet2 is more of an airline for Jet2 holidays than a loco seat operation now days. Most of the growth has come from the holiday sales and a move to the South would be as an all inclusive opp rather than seat only. If our Southern friends would be happy to fly with the Norths favourite airline is open to debate.

For A330 read B767 from the latest rumour. Pilots and engineers ready qualified and the opportunity to go to florida for winter sun whilst providing plenty of capacity to Palma, etc on a Summer Saturday.

tws123 20th Apr 2016 21:26

Airports that had a strong interest in a Jet2 base in recent years were Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Liverpool and London-Southend.

flyby1 21st Apr 2016 06:33

Ema and ncl on sale. Ema to go to 7 aircraft next summer. Also 3 new destinations naples, split and girona. And a reintroduction of cdg.

garry8g 21st Apr 2016 16:21

Another B738 joins the fleet today for the summer, leased from Primera Air (OYPSA) based at Manchester.

Is there still a B738 to come from Air Europa to be based in Glasgow?

BAladdy 22nd Apr 2016 12:56

Does anyone know when LS are planning to release there S17 schedule for EDI and GLA?

flyby1 22nd Apr 2016 14:06

Week beginning 25th. Not sure of the exact date.

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