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GLAinsider 24th Jul 2017 11:24

Originally Posted by irishlad06 (Post 9840139)
Certain, the DRT x range are second hand 800's.

Well all the G-JZHx range are not new prior to HJ.

yeo valley 24th Jul 2017 15:24

page 201 I'm getting. sorry didn't look to see what was on there.

garry8g 24th Jul 2017 15:30

Originally Posted by yeo valley (Post 9840597)
page 201 I'm getting. sorry didn't look to see what was on there.

Thanks, got it fixed.....went back to the original post (page 1) and saved link....seems to be working okay now!

Jet2_738 24th Jul 2017 15:43

Originally Posted by LGS6753 (Post 9840331)
Owned by Dart Group = owned and on the balance sheet.
Owned by Dart Leasing & Finance = off the balance sheet (probably)
Chartered = owned by a third party and definitely off the balance sheet.

Thanks very much :ok:

GLAinsider 24th Jul 2017 16:20

New registrations will start with G-JZBx. They are already configured in the ops system.

castleford tiger 25th Jul 2017 16:07

total chaos today with so many flights yesterday diverting to canaries as FUNCHAL was closed and nearest island was full.
Lisbon took BA but the one question guys please is
#A 737 ( not sure which type) left BCN to go to FNC.

It stayed in the area for ever before diverting to Gran Canaria and landed 7.08 hours after t/o.
Is that a record? I always felt 5 ish was the limit.

Today loads of Aircraft in the wrong spots so much disruption.



Brigantee 25th Jul 2017 20:56

"Frames" ...what all that about ? engines removed were they??

milhouse999 28th Jul 2017 16:06

Another in flight depressurisation

Just picked this up via the wonders of Facebook (a friend of a friend is onboard) - G-CELI from NCL to PRG has diverted to FRA due to a depressurisation. Two in as many weeks for the ageing Jet2 fleet...

EDIT: This is the same aircraft as the one last week.


Mooncrest 28th Jul 2017 17:34

Oh boy. I expect the Jet2 Board will be more than a little dischuffed to see this picture.

Artie Fufkin 28th Jul 2017 21:23

I like the chap in the top lefthand corner of the picture who doesn't appear to see the need for using the oxygen.

mr_moose 29th Jul 2017 17:11

Not exactly great PR - Fourth biggest story on BBC News right now

Second emergency landing for Jet2 plane in two weeks - BBC News

gilesdavies 29th Jul 2017 17:17

G-CELI - First registered to Lufthansa in 1986, wow never knew Jet2's aircraft are of this vintage!

A 31 year old aircraft operating for a low cost airline, and which will no doubt have a very high daily utilisation at this time of year, are two combinations that don't go well together... Got to give it to Jet2 they really do know how flog dead horse!

Mulholland 29th Jul 2017 17:22

Jet 2
Old planes requiring heavy maintenence, which fails qa checks, repeated failures, management failures and poor management.

What on earth are the CAA playing at - revoke the licence before its too late.

QUOTE=mr_moose;9846100]Not exactly great PR - Fourth biggest story on BBC News right now

Second emergency landing for Jet2 plane in two weeks - BBC News[/QUOTE]

inOban 29th Jul 2017 17:30

It will be used intensively for about 4 months each year, less so for another 3 and hardly at all for the winter, when they will only use the newer ones.

mr_moose 29th Jul 2017 20:38

Here is G-CELI back in 1989! Certainly looks vintage in that livery. Bought in 2004 they certainly have had their money out of this old bird!


eggc 29th Jul 2017 21:12

I flew on LSAJ last week, at the grand old age of 29.5 years...but I guarantee 99% of pax would never have known ! It looked good inside and was a perfect flight. I knew it's seen younger days and is heavily used (certainly in summers), but didn't worry one bit about getting on it. Not sure what all the fuss is about TBH. These things are very well looked after.

Council Van 29th Jul 2017 21:33

Originally Posted by gilesdavies (Post 9846105)
no doubt have a very high daily utilisation at this time of year,

No, not really. Only 4 sectors a day.

Rich3 31st Jul 2017 12:16

Key summer 2018 programme information:

London Stansted

33 destinations including 8 new summer hotspots: Bodrum, Costa de Almeria, Halkidiki, Kefalonia and Verona (already announced) and Malta, Naples and Nice (announced today).
280 weekly flights and more than 1.4 million seats available, a 60% growth on Summer 17
Addition of three aircraft meaning ten aircraft operating from London Stansted Airport

Phantom Phixer 31st Jul 2017 17:59

Does anyone know why G-LSAI operating LS743 was so late out of MAN yesterday (30072017)?

VickersVicount 31st Jul 2017 18:20

Whats going on at STN, that seems a phenomenal increase in routes and based aircraft. Who is it up against in terms of competition (or do they know something we dont?) abd do they have the staff to cope?

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