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Life of Riley 14th Oct 2011 08:08

Scilly Isles Route
Are there any truths in the rumours that a new operator may be starting a new fixed wing operation from Newquay to the Isles of Scilly? Maybe BIH are looking at going fixed wing??????

Aero Mad 14th Oct 2011 12:57

If Skybus have the yields which they currently have on the NQY route (operating other routes via there to keep the numbers up), I don't see why another operator would want to compete. Perhaps a little bit of summer only cherry-picking, but that would rule out BIH as they wouldn't go into fixed-wing just for that.

Phileas Fogg 14th Oct 2011 16:04

If BIH were going fixed wing then why on earth would they only be building a new heliport and not a new airport?

Aero Mad 14th Oct 2011 16:22

There's plenty of room for a Twotter at St Erth :)

Life of Riley 14th Oct 2011 18:53

New Heliport
Are they building a new heliport and if so surely its two years in the planning???
Correct me if Im wrong but they need to sell the land their current heliport is on to have the funds to build this new site and their current buyer, Sainsburys, dont have planning permission for their proposed supermarket yet do they??

GROUNDHOG 15th Oct 2011 00:37

Yes its true when I get back (if) from Canada I am bringing one of these Harbour Air beaver thingies with me and starting a fixed wing flight from Falmouth to the ISLES OF SCILLY.

Wycombe 16th Oct 2011 21:52

A bit off-topic but is the heliport at PNZ really being sold to Sainsbury's?There's already a Tesco's and a Morrisons within a couple of hundred metres to the east and west.

cornishsimon 17th Oct 2011 08:14

As far as im aware the PZE site has already been sold and planning permission is granted for the supermarket on the site

Life of Riley 18th Oct 2011 08:48

Just found this on Cornwall County Coucil planning:

PA10/08714 | .Redevelopment of site incorporating new retail store, petrol filling station, car parking, park and ride, business units and associated works. | Heliport Eastern Green Penzance Cornwall TR18 3AP

So begs the question with all these delays in planning how long can BIH wait???????

cornishsimon 18th Oct 2011 13:43

BBC News - Cornwall heliport 'noise pollution' challenged

Union Jack 18th Oct 2011 13:52

A bit off-topic but is the heliport at PNZ really being sold to Sainsbury's?There's already a Tesco's and a Morrisons within a couple of hundred metres to the east and west.

Perhaps they're all expecting a big run on Brazil nuts for Christmas!::)


pennineuk 20th Oct 2011 21:49

Reported today (20.10.2011):

"Cornwall Council have approved Sainsbury’s planning application at the current heliport site [PZE], subject to conditions on the proportion of food and non-food items they’ll stock."

This is just the first step in the heliport's move from Penzance to St.Erth.

BIH have also submitted a planning application for the St.Erth site which is awaiting an outcome.

Wycombe 20th Oct 2011 22:28

Why St. Erth?

Yes, it's still on the railway (1 stop east from Penzance), but is further from the islands than the current heliport is?

Unless of course, BIH need the money from the sale of the current site....?

pennineuk 21st Oct 2011 06:37

BIH are selling the PZE site to raise capital to buy new machines to support their North Sea oil operations (without which they claim they can't support the wider business). I presume St.Erth will be leased hence creates the necessary capital.

BIH tried to relocate to Lands End, but the owners rejected their advances. Frankly Lands End would have been a disaster because of the greater levels of fog.

I think Newquay was considered, but imagine a prime consideration was to minimise the extra travel time. BIH claims the journey will be about 2-3 minutes longer. They've not said anything about fares going up yet, but watch this space.

PlymouthPixie 21st Oct 2011 07:49

Although 2-3 minutes isn't alot, with BIH every minute in the air costs money.

I do know from an undisclosed source that they aren't making money on the route from PZE anymore, so perhaps a "little" further up the country might make a difference.

I worked out they make £2400 (ish) per flight from Penzance, each trip costs £1000 to run the chopper. Be nice to see some S-92's, or perhaps something smaller like the AW139? :ok:

Life of Riley 23rd Oct 2011 10:14

Taking all of the above into account, the hassle of obtaining planning permission for a new heliport, aside from the time to build such a site, the extra cost of the extended route and the fact they are losing money on the route already, going back to my original question, with an already established and loyal customer base would it not make sense for BIH to go FIXED WING?????

cornishsimon 23rd Oct 2011 10:48

with an already established and loyal customer base would it not make sense for BIH to go FIXED WING?????
from where?
my understanding was that the reason for not moving to St Just was:
A) noise
B) the existing fixed wing operator not wanting them to operate there


Phileas Fogg 23rd Oct 2011 16:16

IOS Skybus own/operate Lands End Grassport, they're hardly likely to allow a competitor to use it.

And, if they went fixed wing, who would operate the Tresco route?

PlymouthPixie 23rd Oct 2011 17:12

Sad to see a group of people are protesting the new heliport, why is there always someone to dampen the fire?! :mad:

Life of Riley 23rd Oct 2011 17:54

Newquay? Couple of new Dornier 228NGs from Newquay faster then Skybus's Twotters could bring customers down from Midlands/Gatwick direct to Scillies.
Just a thought!!

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