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ManofMan 2nd Oct 2008 08:37

Like i said might have been mentioned before......but a question, does that mean that carriers operating charters and scheduled will have to operate from different terminals ???

If so i can see trouble ahead !!!

Betablockeruk 2nd Oct 2008 09:13

Ryanair, Europe’s leading low fares airline, today (1st October) announced that due to strike action at Boeing it has had to postpone the operation of 11 new routes from Dusseldorf (Weeze). As a direct result of this strike, which has delayed the delivery of new aircraft, Ryanair has had to cancel 20 return services to/from Dusseldorf (Weeze) which were due to operate on the 27th, 28th and 29th October (please see below for routes affected).

Passengers who were due to travel on these cancelled services will receive a full refund from Ryanair.

That includes Manchester.

Vuelo 2nd Oct 2008 20:06

What's the big announcement at MAN due tomorrow all about?

Mr A Tis 2nd Oct 2008 20:59

Probably the grand switching on of a travelator or the repair of a lift in T2 multi storey that has ben u/s for 9 months..................but I could be wrong ! :-)

dollydaydream 2nd Oct 2008 21:16

Hopefully an announcement that there will be no more big announcements!

Betablockeruk 3rd Oct 2008 07:18

BIG announcement....well, remember that big announcement MAPlc made, er, there's a small problem......

Airport plan threatens 400-year-old cottage - News - Manchester Evening News

Classic journalism. Love the socialist comment :}

GLENO 3rd Oct 2008 10:56

What time is the BIG announcement then? ......anybody in the know?

Vuelo 3rd Oct 2008 11:07

It has happened. It was a lot of fuss over a new shade of blusher in the duty free shop at T1.

j4ckos mate 3rd Oct 2008 13:37

I cant imagine whats going to be put in those warehouses,

alot of the offices on the cargo centre are empty, and the warehouses arent much better.

loobysue 3rd Oct 2008 14:28

It has happened. It was a lot of fuss over a new shade of blusher in the duty free shop at T1.

hope it dont clash with nail varnish in T2

mantug01 3rd Oct 2008 16:43

The new SPAR opened in T2 arrivals today !!

They had free donuts !

Maybe that is as exciting as it gets.

yeoman 4th Oct 2008 16:16

All charters in one terminal? Terrific: Packed out during the 3 "waves" outbound and like the grave the rest of the time. Pretty dumb idea but then we're talking MAN.

Anyway, saw that airport cat the other day, the big ginger thing that is front page news on the airport rag. Seems he has had his house moved somewhere quieter and is still being fed on demand. On the basis he was washing his bal#s at the time and he seems to have some kind of mangled ear thing going on, it wasn't too flattering an image but would now be the time to offer him a place on the airport planning committee?

MAN777 4th Oct 2008 16:51

Its amazing the amount of interest that mangy cat generated.

What seems to have missed the media attention is the huge population of black rabbits we have all over the place, in the cargo centre and surrounding green spaces. I believe a domestic rabbit bred with the local wild population creating a unique colony. They would make lovely fur coats !!;)

Higher Archie 4th Oct 2008 18:51

Having some bowls of some rotting cat-food and a stagnant water dish for the local stray cat in front of the corporate HQ of a major airport operator is not really the best image for Manchester Airport.

Either install a cat-flap, a door-bell and a wind-chime and accept that the Airport has gone to the dogs, or get on with things that matter to passengers.

Re-home the cat in a happier and safer place via the RSPCA and get on with the real business of running airports.

Suzeman 4th Oct 2008 19:09

and accept that the Airport has gone to the dogs,
If the airport has gone to the dogs, I'm surprised that the cat is still around :}

Or perhaps it says something about the calibre of the dogs :eek:


chiglet 4th Oct 2008 20:30

Or the wabbits.......
"What's up Doc?"

Lord Toofouright 5th Oct 2008 19:14

Gloomier and Doomier !
I see that more services are lost.

The Aeroflot cargo B737 has moved ops to Stan-shed (not on pole!), however this may not be a loss to the MAG group if they bid for and get the place?

PIA have / are cutting back services and reducing capacity to A.310's on some flights.

Those great visionary planners at Bmibaby (You know my favourite shiteline) have put off starting Amsterdam, probably til never.

The only bit of good news involves someone called Air Sylhet who plan to operate into Man ( and Birmingham and London ) from Dubai. Apparently there are a couple of promotional visits due on Nov 23rd and 27th with an A.320.

Apart from that - aaaarrrrggghhhh! The only excitement these days is the prat who keeps setting off the fire alarms in the tower block. Basil Fawlty Ffffire fffffiirre FFFFIIIRRRRE. just wished it'd last a bit longer really!

L. 24R:E

HOODED 5th Oct 2008 19:31

I suspect the downgrading of the PIA to an A310 is probably due to the new LBA/ISB which seems to be doing well.

chiglet 5th Oct 2008 19:47

I suspect the downgrading of the PIA to an A310 is probably due to the new LBA/ISB which seems to be doing well.
Funny how they seem to cancel it at the drop of a hat, tho'...
Also, Air Blue are filling their a/c out of MAN

MUFC_fan 5th Oct 2008 20:02

Wasnt Air Blue supposed to get A330s to fly the MAN route?

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