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airchina787 5th Sep 2009 02:36

by by BD
bmi today announced cancellations of 4 routes:

East Midland - Cologne eff 18SEP09
Manchester - Glasgow eff 19SEP09
London Heathrow - Palma Mallorca eff 04NOV09
London Heathrow - Venice eff 16NOV09

EastMids 5th Sep 2009 11:05

Stressful times over in airport HQ right now I would think. To lose one (easy) is unfortunate but to lose two (bmi CGN) is a little careless. How long before BD decide the E135 is underused and they drop BRU too? Jet2 with a relaxed
one aircraft mid-haul schedule hardly compensates for easy's three aircarft short haul schedule. Oh how we laugh now at the airport recently trumpeting being the only UK airport with four major low-fare airlines. Having lost easy and with baby's future far from determined under it's new German masterS despite all the "we're here to stay" rhetoric), I bet airport management are not looking forward to O'Leary knocking on their door asking for even better terms! If I were MAG, I'd be asking the ex-Asda MD (brought the pile 'em high sell 'em cheap philosophy to EMA) what strategy they have when O'Leary does come a calling.

Beavis and Butthead 5th Sep 2009 15:18


The base is closing. In the airline industry you do not open 90 day consultaions or announce you 'plan' to close bases unless you are going to. In the words of CEO Andy Harrison "In regard to East Midlands we cannot see a growing long term future and we have decided to move our assets to markets with better long term potential."

I have no idea why the flights remain on sale, but easyjet will not have a base at EMA next year.

This was always going to happen. EMA cannot sustain such capacity as it has right now, especially in the current economic climate. Fact is that three low cost airlines, as well as Thomson and Thomas Cook, is still good for an airport the size of EMA.

OltonPete 5th Sep 2009 18:41

If things go to plan with the 6th baby aircraft as well as Jet2, then
pax wise easyjet will not be missed as the capacity will be taken up.

Okay at the moment one more 757 & 733 does not add up to 3 x 319's
but easy in winter at times only operated six flights a day.

Where East Mids has lost out is losing a good airline/crew etc although their IT needs sorting if they are leaving by 10/01/10 as all flights remain
bookable and that is not on.

I know they might be trying to arrange away based aircraft for some
flights but can anyone see that happening other than Geneva?

Assuming nothing desparate happens to baby then East Mids will be
fine but again a lot depends on these rumoured new flights and


airhumberside 5th Sep 2009 18:48

It wouldnt suprise me if bmi get rid of BRU as well, and place that onto WW as a daily flight with a B735?
Wasn't BRU tried on baby and very quickly transferred back to regional? IMO once daily on a B735 wouldn't work since it would not offer a day return facility

Minxy1 5th Sep 2009 21:22

Gutted about EZY... on a brighter note... rumour has it that the Red Arrows may be visiting en route from a display at some point tomorrow afternoon, let's hope the weather's good.

compton3bravo 6th Sep 2009 09:33

East Midlands Airport At Peterborough!
Just noticed a wonderful piece of ījournalismī in the comic - sorry The Sun on 4 September stating in the easyJet article that East Midlands Airport is in Peterborough, where do they get these people from?

HeliCraig 6th Sep 2009 09:41

I thought you were having me on - but no...


Mr @ Spotty M 6th Sep 2009 11:00

The article is not by any old hack, its by the Business Editor.:=
I have always stated that l do not believe anything written in that comic and that includes the date on the front cover as well.

compton3bravo 6th Sep 2009 11:12

Sun Article
Well said Mr Spotty, I used to work for a number of aviation magazines before retiring and it was drummed into all of us check your facts again and again. Also as an aside never believe anything as gospel in newspapers, I know I worked on them!

North Stand Tier3 6th Sep 2009 12:02

Red Sparrows just done their lunchtime flyby....minute early...rubbish

You ain't seen me, right...........

jubilee 6th Sep 2009 12:30

Peterborough- East Midlands Airport. The guy must have worked for Ryan Air, before joining the Sun.

CJ1234 7th Sep 2009 09:37

Haha! Reminds me of Frankie Boyle when he says "Ryanair have opened a new route to New York, but it actually stops just outside of New York. In Dublin".


OliWW 7th Sep 2009 14:52

Been more like 86 hours, not 48, any news on baby?

Mike16 7th Sep 2009 15:44

Hi Oliww

I was just thinking the same actually, where is the announcement ?

Watch this space i was told by EMA on Friday as there was go to be an annoucement from an Airline, that may cover EZY routes ?

So i reckon there will be no GVA and VCE, as to be fair the other routes are all covered by Fr and Ww.

I think it is time EMA got a biggie in and linked us to a hub, like EY do at BHX, i am sorry to hear about Easyjet at EMA, i worked there myself as cabin crew and left just over 4 years ago, when i was there at the time, the base was busy, all good load factors, we had the Highest spend per head etc.... but EZY just did not expnad on it, i really thought when Fr came on board it would have picked up, but no EY just sat there and did nothing, what ashame, some good crew there.

Jet2 will be interesting, seems to be doing really well, and there new routes look great, lets just hope the East midlands backs them now.


Balair 7th Sep 2009 17:07

Baby expansion
Mike 16

Just a quick scan of the Baby Summer 2010 flight schedule suggests some expansion at EMA has already been introduced, with the 6th aircraft now required.
I would imagine any "announcement" would be for new routes, should any be forthcoming?

OliWW 7th Sep 2009 18:11

When I last looked at around 2pm, the only "extra" flights I saw were of Malaga, which requires a 6th Aircraft on a Monday and Wednesday. Departing at 15:45 and Arriving back at 22:15.

I have a feeling it might be announced tomorrow, thats when they usually end sales or introduce sales, so I'm thinking then...

Mr Angry from Purley 7th Sep 2009 19:24

DHL AIR 767-300ERF G-DHLE should be arriving Wed am about 0100LT.
At 0900LT Wed and Thur circuits and bumps at EMA
Looks great with wing tips :\

NJTCF 7th Sep 2009 21:41

Baby Winter New Routes
Heard a Whisper they are Venice and Cork:)

Mike16 7th Sep 2009 22:25

Wow whoopy de. lol

hardly exciting news, be nice to have something Brand new for one !

aidoair 7th Sep 2009 22:29

At least its something, but to be honest, would have actually thought they'd have been announced as summer routes now...?

Still rumoured on the baby front is Valencia, weather or not it would be from EMA though i don't know.

NJTCF 7th Sep 2009 23:45

Baby Summer New Routes.
Heard Valencia is a MAN New Route.

What about Malta:ok: for next summer. Now that is quite exciting:)

aidoair 8th Sep 2009 10:27

Now that would be exciting, be great if its announced! :p
If its baby operating the route lets hope you know who doesn't come try and push them off it as usual...

Facelookbovvered 8th Sep 2009 13:20

I agree its a long 48 hours, i was saying this to the loadies on Cargo East late last night and one of them was saying he heard that there was to be major exspansion by bmi (baby?) he said bmi ? at EMA that would make bmi the biggest based opertor by far, he was talking 10+ units not sure i can see that, still think they'll end up with Jet2 unless the Germans think they can get rid of their old classic to bmi? who knows with bmi, either way good luck to all

OliWW 8th Sep 2009 15:54

It was on the 3rd September when they announced the 48 hour expantion plan, however, its now the 8th. I doubt it now, Valencia isnt on the website as of yet from MAN, and Cork and Venice aren't yet available from EMA, so who knows! Maybe thats a mistake and were meaning to say 48 days or maybe even 48 months!

OliWW 8th Sep 2009 18:35

New Routes
bmibaby have announced new routes to

Basing an extra 3 aircraft at EMA, flights start between December and May bringing their total aircraft number to 8 by May 2010, flights on sale on Wednesday 9th September

As well as extra flights to popular destinations such as

All bookable by tomorrow, so will know exactly how many extra flights then

NJTCF 8th Sep 2009 22:00

EMA DHL New 767.
Mr Angry From Purley was spot on.:)

DHL New 767 G-DHLE Due EMA From JFK at 0115am Wed.:ok:

jpthomas72 9th Sep 2009 16:20

About the bmibaby expansion,
also spotted that the Geneva flight is becoming year-round, now in the timetable until Oct 2010, on Mon/Fri/Sat/Sun plus Tue in the summer schedule. I believe it was winter-only from EMA recently.

stuart-travel 16th Sep 2009 09:14

bmibaby ema
Have checked the 2010 flights and if i am correct it shows 8 aircraft fri/sat/sun/mon and 6 aircraft tue/wed/thur, is the flights on the timetable up to date for 2010 or are we to see more new flights and increase in flights quoted.

Nice to see my quote for jet2 to arrive in 2010 has now confirmed.


Boeing Junkie 16th Sep 2009 10:09

DHL 767
Mr Angry from Purley was indeed correct :ok:

The bird was doing circuits right over the top of my house and it was a great sight. Made a change from EZY and FR

Mr Angry from Purley 17th Sep 2009 17:43


And I predict Aerologic B777F will be here Tue-Wed-Thu from LEJ in at 2000 LT out 2245LT starting 29th Sept till late Oct and maybe Winter up to March 10. :\

Boeing Junkie 18th Sep 2009 23:28

Mr Angry
Cheers :ok: will go up and have a look. Anyone know when AN124's are next in as my 2yr old really wants to see one take off :}

andy mach 1 19th Sep 2009 06:23

I believe there is one in at the moment. Don't know when due out. There is also a Singapore Cargo 747 due later today taking the last of the Formula 1 cars to Asia


Snow_Owl 19th Sep 2009 10:39

Any idea what time that 747 is due in ?


OliWW 19th Sep 2009 10:54

There was one land in yesterday lunch time, it was about 12:15 ish, so if there is another scheduled for today, would have thought a similar time?

OliWW 19th Sep 2009 18:04

WW reducing Almeria from 3x Weekly to once weekly now for Summer 2010

Zippy Monster 22nd Sep 2009 12:13

Germanwings at EMA?!
Flying GVA-EMA on easyJet a couple of days ago, I was sitting in the front row and having a chat with the cabin crew up front, asking them about the impending base closure etc... and the senior said she had heard a very strong rumour that Germanwings are considering putting 3 A319s into EMA.

Sounds a little far-fetched to me with established competition already there in Ryanair and bmibaby, but has anyone heard anything else on the subject?

aidoair 22nd Sep 2009 12:38

Well i doubt it would be true in the fact that germanwings would set up base their, however there could be some truth within the rumour.

Germanwings are owned or have large shares by Lufthansa. It could be the three extra aircraft bmibaby will be needing for the new routes from the base next year. Obviously the bmi group also being part of lufthansa now.

CheekyVisual 22nd Sep 2009 13:23

German wings and Baby are both wholly owned by Lufthansa. Baby have asked LH for extra aircraft for EMA. In the ratings system I think this rumour comes under "possible".

virginblue 22nd Sep 2009 16:35

Why would it be cheaper for Lufthansa to base three Germanwings aircraft at EMA rather than throwing in three knackered 737-300 from the 2nd hand market? It is not that Germanwings is struggling to find work for its fleet. Germanwings has been leasing in third-party aircraft every summer in the past couple of years. Would it be an indicator that Germanwings has much lower production costs than bmibaby?

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