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Stanstedeye 24th Oct 2008 17:45

Thomas Cook today
Extra flights today

194 from Glasgow at 14.58pm for ?
100 from Humberside at 19.29 for 19.55 to TFS
392 (STN based scheduled) 22-00 for Dalaman

belfastmark 24th Oct 2008 19:52

if i arrive on a flight from belfast and park up at gate 80 something which i have done everytime i have flown this route, and have a connection... when i walk towards the exit and instead of turning right to actually exsit can i turn right and just go back into the depatures area instead of having to queue up at security again as i will already be screened to the standards within the UK or something simlar to that!!!!!? Its just i have a VERY tight connection or a 7 hour wait so im trying to make the ealier flight and if i dont make it i still have the later one booked! anyone able to help me!!!??

thanks! :)

airhumberside 24th Oct 2008 21:03

100 from Humberside at 19.29 for 19.55 to TFS
Ended up coming direct from TFS I believe. TCX were doing LTE's HUY-TFS today (and before that Futura's) - the outbound was delayed and it looks like they rerouted pax coming back home through other airports to get the plane back to STN on time for tonights flight

Skipness One Echo 25th Oct 2008 13:20

I asked this question before too and there is no definitive answer. There is a BAA plod at a desk at the end of the bridge into the main terminal to prevent people reclaiming baggage and then wandering back up to the lounge. They seem to be very inconsistent about the procedures in place. Phone the Info Desk and ask to have it sent out in writing because I suspect you will be challenged by a very bored jobsworth looking for a reason to say no. Sorry if that sounds negative but that's been my experience.

belfastmark 25th Oct 2008 18:28

thanks for your reply!!!! ill ring them its a good idea! trust me i know what you mean about the negtaive thing!!!!!!!!!! :L meet sooo many jobs worth people in airports!!!

thanks for your reply!!! :D:D:D:D

FEROMAN 27th Oct 2008 20:44

Here's a definitive answer (for now at least) on transfering after a Domestic flight
There is currently no way you can officially access the Terminal Departure lounge after arriving on a Domestic flight without first returning landside in the terminal and then coming back through security unless you have hand luggage only and a valid (not Internet check-in) boarding card for your onward flight. And you won't have one of those unless you've first cleared the domestic reclaim and then been to check-in.

This is because although you have the correct security clearance as you have said, the security officer at the end of the lounge tunnel cannot verify your boarding card for your "return" to the lounge and therefore have no process for doing so. They do not have a bar code reader for the Internet check-in printouts otherwise that could be acceptable, but still with a risk of the bar code not working and you having to return to check-in anyway. If the demand was there I guess BAA might put in a bar code reader on that desk, but that's unlikely given the current downturn in traffic.

You'd never be able to plan this, but if you somehow knew your onward flight was actually departing from a Domestic lounge gate then you could always stay in there if you had an Internet Boarding Card to get on your next flight.

tommy212 1st Nov 2008 16:44

Air Sylhet???
Has anyone heard any news on this airline starting services into Stansted? Accroding to their website their first flight from STN is to DXB on 1st dec?????

Air Sylhet | Welcome to Air Sylhet

daz211 1st Nov 2008 19:16

This is the first I have heard of this route, So I would be shocked
If the paying pax know about it.

Its not on the BAA website from what I can see.

There has been no local news reports on the route.

However looks real enough :ok:.

Air Sylhet - {Travel Daily ******

General_Kirby 2nd Nov 2008 16:44

Well I've heard nothing and if this is true they haven't exactly done a great job of advertising. Website seems a bit dodgy. Hope it starts, would be an excellent route to add.

Stanstedeye 4th Nov 2008 19:32

Charter schedules for Summer 09
Good news is that TOM (FCA) will base two airframes at STN for all of next summer. So the TOM cutback did not last very long.

Stanstedeye 4th Nov 2008 19:35

There were three TCX aircraft at STN yesterday, the based one plus one from Bristol & the other from Manchester.

nt639 5th Nov 2008 08:48

Air Berlin adds 4th daily service to Dussledorf
Air Berlin adds 4th daily service to Dussledorf

Air Berlin, ..... launches a fourth daily service from Stansted to Dusseldorf. The new flight is already bookable and complements Air Berlin’s existing three daily services between London and the German metropolis on the river Rhine. The new service is scheduled for 2nd February 2008 and will be available Monday through Friday. Another new route for winter 2008/09 is a twice daily connecting flight from Stansted via Dusseldorf to the German city of Dresden from 1st December 2008.

TUGNBAR 5th Nov 2008 19:56

Anyone else heard the rumour circulating the airport about a step ladder being found on the runway the other night..............Any truth or a load of :mad:

Hawker Demon 6th Nov 2008 15:18

Step ladder was found on the runway wed night. Don't yet know how it got there or who owns it.

nivsy 7th Nov 2008 11:45

Was there not a direct service from Stansted to Munich?

Looks like its been dropped for SO 09?


Stanstedeye 7th Nov 2008 18:12

There are two based airframes at STN this week, any idea for how long?

Richard Taylor 7th Nov 2008 19:27

Re the stepladder...would that not make it a RUNGway...?


TUGNBAR 7th Nov 2008 19:44

Joking aside.......

Answers on a postcard please

davidjohnson6 7th Nov 2008 21:13

Ladder on Runway
It's obvious, isn't it ?

Passing aliens had a technical problem with their spacecraft. Needed to land somewhere so that one of them could get out and have a look at it properly. Alien in question was not that tall, so needed a step-ladder to climb up and have a look. Fixed the problem, forgpt to load the step-ladder into the spacecraft, and then took off back into space.

Since aliens put the ladder on the runway, all earthlings will be justified in saying it wasn't them

General_Kirby 8th Nov 2008 12:13

some cargo aircraft apparently have nooks crannys and crevices in the gear bays that possibly could have something like this stored in there, left by accident you would hope. Thank god it was found!

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