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cessna l plate 27th Aug 2006 15:12

I said that MAN needs more decent LH routes. Having looked at the posts since, I am mindful that there is a good reason for MAN not getting them, and it is two fold.

First once is demographic. Sadly Manchester cannot compete, certainly on the bus & 1st market, as the City of Manchester is not regarded as one of the worlds great financial hubs. To the sort of people that fly from LHR in business / First Class, time is literaly money, and as they are based in "the square mile" they aren't going to travel 200 miles North to catch a plane. This just cannot be helped really, unless MAN make further cuts to landing fees that the airlines pass onto the PAX, not very likely though on both counts!

However, there is a long haul market there, it just needs finding. Sadly, whenever you look at a TV about LH flying it always ex LHR, even the "airport" programme is based there. Perhaps MAN should be doing a little more active marketing, certainly more than letting the beeb film a travel show there, total exposure for MAN, 7 minutes per 30 min show, not enough! As I said earlier, within MAN all you hear is how good the place is, and what it can offer. I never hear it away from MAN though. Go 20 mile south and no-one knows the destinations served. Manchester need to make a more public face of themselves, that will then make customers realise that there is a choice north of Watford. We all work in a customer led market, if the customer wants to fly to Sydney direct from MAN, and enough of them say so, then some airline will put the route on. The same goes for anywhere in the world really.

What we have here is a great regional airport, that has suffered from under investment for a number of years, but that is now being put right slowly, and eventually will become good. If they attracted more business, then they would have more money for infrastructure, and so the cycle continues. Manchester never, ever will be a major threat to LHR, but it can carve out it's own niche and become the airport of choice for all, away from LHR, even beating LGW, now that would work!

Momentary Lapse 27th Aug 2006 19:09

MAN may have a good route network, and good ground access (M56, train, bus and maybe Metrolink one day if common sense prevails) but the airport process bit itself is very hard to use (getting the right terminal, finding your car park and a space in it, navigating the endless level changes, corners, confusing signage/retail messages, broken travelators, lengthy baggage waits, over-obvious Immigration and Customs, congested arrivals, broken/dirty toilets, expensive coffee served at dirty tables etc etc).

Other airports e.g. LPL, EMA, Finningley etc. have rapidly increasing networks and are a joy to use, being simple, level and easy.

Airports today are like the car industry in the 70s and 80s: MAN is the British Leyland of airports, whereas LPL, EMA etc are the Japanese/Malaysian manufacturers. Complacency/complication/unreliability/fat cattery versus efficiency/simplicity/customer focus etc.

Perhaps EMA should have bought MAN and not the other way around. Oh how I feel sorry for the EMA staff who got lumbered with the dead hand of Manchester Airport Group.

TURIN 27th Aug 2006 22:51

Originally Posted by Mr A Tis (Post 2801764)
Nobody flies direct MAN-HKG. The AFR fare is via CDG & the HKG via FRA.
Well done at completely missing the point of the post !!!!!:ugh: :ugh: :ugh: :ugh:

Perhaps if you had made it clear that your fare was MAN-CDG-AFR or MAN-FRA-HKG ..........:rolleyes:

Comparing MAN LH flights with LHR LH flights is one thing but not when you pick a route that has no comparison.

How does LHR-CDG-AFR compare?

Try MAN-BOS or MAN-ORD compared to LHR-BOS or LHR-ORD.:bored: :bored: :bored: :bored: :bored: :bored:

bar none 27th Aug 2006 23:24

where is afr

MichaelDoyle 28th Aug 2006 11:37

Air France via Charles de Gaulle

agent x 28th Aug 2006 14:35

AFR = Afore, a place in Papua New Guinea in the South West Pacific


IB4138 30th Aug 2006 09:08

Back to "emergency" arrivals and departures spread sheet with limited info again on the web site this morning! That is, if you try direct access for all flight info.:rolleyes: If you faff about and put a flight number in, get that info, then you can access the full info.

What a way to run a railway!

GOLF-INDIA BRAVO 30th Aug 2006 09:21

OK at 09.20, just a little slow to load


FlyZB 30th Aug 2006 20:38

Arrivals/Departures Page
Really don't see what diffference it makes. This web page is there mainly for people who are meeting relatives etc to check the arrival time of in coming flights. This format is just a little less attractive on the eye. It still updates every 5 minutes or so and still gives exactly the same info as the real time version does. In fact in many ways it's easier, especially for people that don't use the site much and therefore aren't aware of which airline uses which terminal. The flight numbers are displayed clearly by destination in alphabetical order. Idiot proof! Sure, it's not as high tech as the normal version but who cares! Does the job doesn't it!

AUTOGLIDE 31st Aug 2006 07:46

NO. that sheet is second rate, mickey mouse rubbish. It's symptomatic of the whole airport and it's culture.Time MAN raised it's game, in may areas. I never thought I'd say this a few years back, but, LHR wipes it bottom all over MAN now as a place to fly from in respect of organisation, facilities etc. Sad really.

Mr A Tis 4th Sep 2006 19:34

More Air Berlin cut-backs
From the end of October the 6 x week direct Hamburg is chopped to 3, including the very popular well supported Fri / Mon stag week-end flights.
Decent connections via STN to other destinations also cut back.
AB just don't seem committed to Manchester, at least HLX offer a more consistant timetable year round.

GOLF-INDIA BRAVO 4th Sep 2006 21:30

Bit chilly in Hamburg in the winter


Charlie Roy 6th Sep 2006 11:46

New VLM route from the 30th of October Antwerp - Manchester twice daily :ok:

spannersatcx 6th Sep 2006 15:49

Virgin going from 10 back to 7 flights a week wef now.:eek:

initial 6th Sep 2006 19:24

The Arrivals / Departure board problems may only be a mnor inconvenience but there are so many minor problems at Manchester that could easily be put right. These can be the difference between people thinking 'great airport' or thinking 'never again'.

The following small things could make a difference to passengers ratings of the airport.

-24 hour information desks - during the summer flights land 24 hours a day so why do the information desks close at 23.00?? Nightime is when passengers face the most difficulties with onward travel.

-A complete review of signage for both car drivers and pedestrians. Remove unnecessary signs. There is still a sign on Outwood La saying 'New roundabout ahead' for the roundabout by Olympic House, that has been their at least 20 years. Replacing the Purple/pink colour scheme is a must!

-Sort out T1 arrivals, are the refurbishments finished?? werent they supposed to be tarting up the arrivals hall, or have they run out of money? Are the tacky fruit machines that used to be in the arcade now a permanent fixture? Are the temporary railings outside to stop trolleys running into the windows now permanent? Its a mess! Do the management not see this?

On a more positive note Jet2 have increased Ibiza to daily next summer

Momentary Lapse 6th Sep 2006 20:23

To be fair to the people on the ground (Customer Service Director downwards) they recognise all the problems you list and would probably agree with most of them.

The problem is the usual ivory tower one. The blue sky thinkers at the top won't release the money or people to make it happen.

StoneyBridge Radar 7th Sep 2006 15:16

Originally Posted by Mr A Tis (Post 2824791)
From the end of October the 6 x week direct Hamburg is chopped to 3, including the very popular well supported Fri / Mon stag week-end flights.
Decent connections via STN to other destinations also cut back.
AB just don't seem committed to Manchester, at least HLX offer a more consistant timetable year round.

Your comment seems to directly against what they have proudly announced today:
From e-tid, fair use excerpt:
"Air Berlin said its August passenger numbers grew by 12.9% year-on-year to 1,607,834, but load factor declined from 86% to 84.5%. In Germany, the airports seeing the strongest growth were Frankfurt (+35.7%) and Nuremberg (+25.4%), while its best international performers were Stansted (+90.9%), Zurich (+53.1%) and Manchester (+47.7%)."

Mr A Tis 7th Sep 2006 22:47

Well, I think that makes my point very well Stoneybridge.
Despite Manchester being one of their best international performers, they intend to CUT direct flights (again) from MAN & reduce the number of available STN connection flights. Does that make sense?:ugh:

StoneyBridge Radar 8th Sep 2006 13:12

Yes, it makes perfect sense.

They have declared MAN as one of their most profitable international points, and intend to consolidate their position by ditching what must be, from their perspective, services where there isn't the revenue.

This doesn't close the door on future expansion.

Seems like sound business ethics to me !

MANFlyer 11th Sep 2006 17:17

How ironic that in the lead up to the cessation their 744's appearing at MAN, SQ have sent one in a few additional times in the last couple of weeks as a 772ER is in for maintenance.

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