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GBALU53 20th Feb 2006 09:13

Aurigny Air Services
With the Saab G-GNTC being converted to a freighter and going for a respray will it return in the new Aurigny colours????:ok: :ok:

Is it going to replace the Shorts on the mail contract??:O :O

Will it be going to another carrier???:ok: :ok:

Ops Bangle 20th Feb 2006 09:25

Finished lease to AUR.

Going to another operator (Scandinavian) for cargo flights.

PS GBALU53 Don't think this is a go at you, but can you just post in one place, this is under JERSEY as well which seems a bit odd as AUR are GCI based and the aircraft is in GCI. What's the relevance to JER?

Capt. J. Upgrade 20th Feb 2006 12:13

Relevance between GCI & JER (They're only 20 Miles apart!!)

Originally Posted by Ops Bangle
Finished lease to AUR.
can you just post in one place, this is under JERSEY as well which seems a bit odd as AUR are GCI based and the aircraft is in GCI. What's the relevance to JER?

My good man, if you aren't aware of it, the relevants of this is that the shorts operates out of Jersey on a mail contract and there has been talk of trislanders operating it for a period of time, so there could well have been a connect between the shorts and the saab. THATS the relevance!! :ok:

GBALU53 27th Oct 2006 14:42

Puffin the Shed G-BPFN
The Shorts 360 G-BPFN is it here for the winter?

In an earlier post it stated as finishing at the end of the summer.

With the white tail ATR42s comming on line shortly to be based at Southend will they fill in on the odd occasion on Channel Island routes???

Will the ATR42 cover for major maintainen as one will be doing shortly.

The ATR42 would be a good step for replacing the Short on some of the Summer sectors it does.

We understand that G-PCAM the trislander has had major surgery and will be on line shortly.

So with another trislander in the fleet do they need an ATR to replace for the winter period.

Ayline 27th Oct 2006 23:39

G-GNTC departed Guernsey on the 15th June 2006 bound for Croatia (not Scandinavia) as S5-BAM. It has not returned since. It has since been repainted in Adria Cargo colours. G-PCAM is far from flying condition and is stored in the Anglo Normandy car park at Guernsey Airport and is unlikely to ever fly again. G-RBCI is inside the Anglo Normandy Hangar undergoing a rebuild. G-BPFN is flying again after a week inside Anglos. G-CDFF and G-SSEA of Air Wales remain in Guernsey with G-CDFF currently being worked on ready for service. Both remain in full Air Wales livery.

Jerbourg 30th Oct 2006 14:56

ATR42 G-CDFF noted operating Aurigny flights today in full Air Wales colours with "operated by Aurigny" stickers

matspart3 30th Oct 2006 16:09

Is the Shed around next Summer for the Aeroscope Charters?

GBALU53 30th Oct 2006 20:30

Will the Aerscope charters be with an ATR42?

The ATR72 is unable at the moment able to operate in and out of Gloucester so i understand?

Will the even be doing them at all i understand there was poor load on the Cambridge this year??

fudpucker 31st Oct 2006 09:48

The Shed is dead as of midnight 31/12/06

Manston Airport 31st Oct 2006 13:30

Originally Posted by fudpucker (Post 2938403)
The Shed is dead as of midnight 31/12/06

:{ I like the the Shed be sad to see it go.Where is it off to afterwards?


GBALU53 31st Oct 2006 14:39

Puffin the Shed G-BPFN
From what we understand it is for sale but yes this is the big but.

The aircraft does not have TCAS fitted at the moment so it is restricted in what it can operate.

I do not know how much it would cost to install but this may be the problem on who may purchase the aircraft as I understand it is possible a five figure sum so unless a buyer has it fitted it could not operate within Europe

I do not know how many landings it has done but it did belong to Loganair before coming to sunnier climes.

From what i understand it had done beach landing while operating for them doing the Highland and Island flying.

uncle dickie 1st Nov 2006 11:15

If G-BPFN did landings on the beach at Barra, it would have been well over 10 years ago.

matspart3 1st Nov 2006 21:16


The ATR72 would be a Fire Cat (and probably performance) problem at GLO, but I believe the 42's would be OK. TODA's of 1319m in both directions, LDA of 1153 on 09, but 997m on 27 (with 110m of useable, but not declarable tarmac)....perhaps someone can confirm?

The GLO route has had an 80-90% load factor for best part of 30 years in everything from Daks, Viscounts, 748's, Dash 7's and the Shed...be a damn shame to see it finish...

Jerbourg 3rd Nov 2006 05:51

A "new" Trislander" will be joining the fleet soon as a replacement for the Shorts on the inter island routes. It will not be any of the aircraft that have been stored at Anglo's for some time.

GBALU53 3rd Nov 2006 14:29

Ex Blueislands
With Blueislands expanding the Jetstream fleet by one, we have heard they are getting rid of the Islanders, could they be giving Aurigny G-RHOP as this Trislander is not in the company house colours??

If it is not an ex Aurigny stored aircraft is it one of the fuselages they have had stored for many years, by using bits and pieces from other old Aurigny Trislanders the likes of G-BBYO/G-BAXD/G-PCAM/G-RBCI to name just a few and if it is new how about G-HART unfortunitly that was registerd to A Cessna 152 well we will wait and see.

Jerbourg 3rd Nov 2006 15:47

I believe all the Blue Islands Tri's will be re furbished over the winter months with the first one entering the hangar soon.

The Aurigny Tri is completely new to the airline I have been told, watch & wait.

MAJAX 4th Nov 2006 10:51

Blueislands would never pass the Trislander flagship G-RHOP to Aurigny. I'm sure she'll be repainted when maintenance allows over winter.

Perhaps Aurigny have brought one of Lydd's G-OJAV or G-BDOT now they have been phased out with Chieftans.

Good luck if they have, they will need it! ;) & 6 months in Anglo-Normandies hanger being rebuilt.

Matt Vinyl 4th Nov 2006 14:53

The Shed and TCAS
G BPFN certainly used to have a TCAS fitted..................
I think you'll find that it is the lack of Enhanced GPWS that will ground the Shed in Europe, as from January 2007, but I guess it may end up flying around Africa for its final fling.:{

fudpucker 6th Nov 2006 15:53

I think you'll find that 'CI' is being refurbished/rebuilt and will be returned to service soon. In reference to another topic, Guernsey cannot 'sort out' their runway length so the EMB 190's will not be going to GCI.
Mind you I did hear that Aurigny were going to 'take on' a brace of FLYBE's 146's and so keep a jet service going to LGW.. I did hear it in the bar:cool: but then this is a rumour site:}

GBALU53 6th Nov 2006 16:50

That is interesting to hear although only from a bar talking point about BAE146s.

The CAA dont like small companies having to many types on the AOC but if the shed goes that would only replace it.

Titan has been called in a number of times today being one of them and it is not a bad aircraft for the longer route Aurigny operate LGW MAN and STN
keep the Trislanders inter island and Alderney Southampton and the ATR fleet can go out and get some new routes there must be a nuber up for grabs.

This could be the nest big expansion in the Aurigny Calender.

Especially if Flybe Connect are unable to get the Emb 195 operating in and out of Guernsey it would be a blow for them but could well be good for Aurigny if the Bae146 rumour is true.:ok: :ok:

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