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SCOT747 13th Jan 2006 08:18

Good news for PIK over past couple weeks as Amsterdam and now Gdansk and Warsaw all annouced in past couple weeks.
This is taken from Wizzair Website:
Wizz Air opens new routes to Glasgow Prestwick from Warsaw and Gdansk
Wizz Air, the largest low cost – low fare airline in Central and Eastern Europe announced at press conferences in Glasgow and Gdansk today that it would start new flights between Poland and the UK. Wizz Air will strengthen its positions in Warsaw and Gdansk by introducing flights to Glasgow Prestwick from 28 March 2006.
Wizz Air remains the undisputed market leader in Central and Eastern Europe with close to 1.9 million passengers in 2005, 1.3 million of whom traveled on the airline's Polish routes. In 2005 Wizz Air was one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe with growth rate of 233% over 2004.
The airline has recently made a series of announcements on new destinations across its network including Wroclaw-Dortmund, Gdansk-Liverpool and Gdansk-Lübeck. These flights will commence at the beginning of March. Glasgow Prestwick will be Wizz Air’s first Scottish and third UK city after London Luton and Liverpool served from Poland.
The first flights will take off on 28 March 2006, both of them 3 times a week initially.
Regular one way fares start from as low as GBP 30 including taxes and charges. As an introductory offer a limited number of seats are available at a promotional fare of GBP 20 (including taxes and charges) till 31 January 2006.
József Váradi, Chief Executive Officer of Wizz Air said: "Poland has been rewarding Wizz Air for its continuous commitment and market expansion by flying with us in ever increasing numbers. Today we are offering Glasgow as a brand new UK destination for the Polish people, who can now choose to fly to 3 cities in Great Britain. We are also bringing Poland closer to the citizens of Scotland who will now be able to choose to fly easy and at low fares on our new Airbus A320 aircraft 3 times per week. We are delighted to work with Glasgow Prestwick airport, not only because of their mindset and understanding of the low cost model and particularly Wizz Air’s needs but also, because of their perfect location within Scotland."
Glasgow Prestwick is part of the Infratil Airports Europe group. Infratil Airports Europe Chief Executive Steve Fitzgerald said: "It's "pure dead brilliant" that Wizz has chosen Glasgow Prestwick as the airport to launch into the Scottish market. A low-cost airline needs a fast, friendly and efficient airport, with transport links serving all of Scotland. We are able to offer Wizz exactly that - plus twelve years' experience serving the low-cost sector. It's a real pleasure to welcome Wizz, Central and Eastern Europe's largest low cost airline, and I am confident we will grow together profitably. The fact that we both have bright pink and purple branding is perhaps a good omen for future success! Scotland is a destination that is going to be increasingly popular with people from Central and Eastern Europe and I am confident that Scots will jump at the opportunity to get quickly and inexpensively to great destinations like Warsaw and Gdansk."
Passengers travelling on the new routes are entitled to free rail travel to and from anywhere in Scotland for the first 6 months of operation and half price thereafter. Passengers simply present their official flight confirmation at the airport information desk or any staffed railway station to take advantage of this special offer.

allanmack 13th Jan 2006 09:11

Re: Wizzair launch PIK routes
Katowice planned from PIK from late July apparently. Katowice a bit close to Krakow for MOL & FR no doubt!

Skipness One Echo 13th Jan 2006 15:35

Re: Wizzair launch PIK routes
Let's face it these are not flights for holidaymakers. They are to make sure that my plumber can't speak English!!!! Yaaay globalisation rocks.:)

andyafc 13th Jan 2006 20:55

Re: Wizzair launch PIK routes
Looks like Glasgow is going down the same road as Luton, get ready for the massive influx of polish people into bonnie scotland

smith 14th Jan 2006 09:00

Re: Wizzair launch PIK routes
There are many Polish and Eastern Europeans living and worlking in the big cities here in Scotland already.

gorayer 24th Sep 2006 10:18

Wizzair b
What is going on in Wizzair after the new political situation in Hungary? Anyone knows the situation in the company.

toledoashley 6th Oct 2006 11:33

New Routes on the Dropdown Menu -

Sofia to:


No official news though, yet!

Charlie Roy 6th Oct 2006 12:16

Sofia routes

Possibly those Sofia flights will just be via Budapest... I can't imagine them introducing Sofia to Malmö direct...

(I wonder will Ryanair ever wish to takeover Wizzair...)

toledoashley 6th Oct 2006 12:23

They are not currently bookable and are not in the timetable - just on the bropdown menu for searching flights.

jabird 6th Oct 2006 12:30

"I wonder will Ryanair ever wish to takeover Wizzair"

Think there has been speculation on this before - they have very similar business models (lowest cost wins), but different fleets, so would FR really want to buy them out? Presumably, as they generally stick to the cheaper secondary airports, what other value would Wizz offer to FR in terms of slots etc?

Looking at gaps in their route network, I think MME has been speculated on, but there is also plenty of untapped demand for routes here in the Midlands. FR have EMA-Poland fairly well covered, and I can't see Wizz using BHX, so how likely would they be to look at CVT? Would there be any technical probs with an A320 on CVT-GDN/WAW?

OLNEY 1 BRAVO 6th Oct 2006 16:01

But a take-over by easyJet (or perhaps some sort of marketing agreement between the two airlines a la Air Berlin / Fly Niki) would make lots of sense, particularly as it is pretty much agreed that easyJet have missed the boat with Eastern Europe.

HH6702 6th Oct 2006 19:18

Heard they are looking into the north east airports also.

Heard NCL may be getting a warsaw route in spring?

VanBosh 9th Oct 2006 20:22

Does anyone think they will ever come to dublin...Ryanair have been unable to reach a deal with Katowice, so does anyone think they could take advantage of that?

jmc757 9th Oct 2006 21:13

Originally Posted by jabird (Post 2892487)
FR have EMA-Poland fairly well covered, and I can't see Wizz using BHX, so how likely would they be to look at CVT?

Very it would seem!

Wizzair have today announced Coventry to Katowice from July 2007.

Coventry Telegraph Story

Ametyst 10th Oct 2006 09:16

Wizz Air was set up with the help of an American guy called Bonderman who was one time chairman at Ryanair.

Interesting that Wizz Air operate into a lot of the Ryanair bases/airports such as Liverpool, Luton, Prestwick, Brussels Charleroi, Eindhoven, Gerona, Frankfurt Hahn, Hamburg Lubeck, Paris Beauvais, Malmo, Gothenburg City, Stockholm Skavsta, Oslo Torp, Milan Bergamo and Rome Ciampino.

Charlie Roy 10th Oct 2006 09:22

Surprisingly though they seem to be moving more towards Barcelona El Prat, and away from Girona...

en2r 10th Oct 2006 19:10

Katowice to Dublin

Originally Posted by VanBosh (Post 2898986)
Does anyone think they will ever come to dublin...Ryanair have been unable to reach a deal with Katowice, so does anyone think they could take advantage of that?

Central Wings already operate this route.
It is true that the majority of airports that Wizzair operate to are also Ryanair airports. They seem to be one of the few LCCs who aren't afraid of Ryanair. Ryanair surprisingly don't seem that bothered about them operating to Ryanair airports. I thought their starting of flights to Cork this year from Gdansk and Katowice would provoke some response from Ryanair but Ryanair didn't seem to care.

shamrock7seal 10th Oct 2006 19:58

Wizzair have also announced Bournemouth 3 times per week (for Southampton/Portsmouth/Exeter/Bristol region) But this is just the start. They also want to fly BOH-WAW and Gdansk.

phil_2405 10th Oct 2006 20:14

Good news. I presume they will wait to see how the 1st route works before launching others?

larshakan 20th Oct 2006 15:44

Any1 know why EGS (Egilstadir) is to find under timetables at the wizz page?

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