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PPRuNe Pop 16th Jan 2005 08:18

It seems that some people are under the impression that posting airline services is acceptable. Sorry, but it isn't. It is advertising, and PPRuNe does not allow it. References are acceptable but not something taken from, or linked to, a website.

PPRuNe relies heavily on its revenue from advertising to keep it healthy and if any airline or organisation wishes to place a paid for advertisement on PPRuNe they are more than welcome to apply. The details for doing that are on the site's main page of PPRuNe.

Moderators will apply PPRuNe rules regarding advertising, which includes removing and editing posts - even banning peristent offenders.

Hawk 22nd Mar 2005 10:27

Ok..we have been more than tolerant. (See PPRuNe Pop post)
However, for those STILL not reading the above and posting a link to an AIRLINE, we will treat your link as advertising and edit/delete.

Do not risk your membership privileges by ignoring this reminder.


PPRuNe Pop 3rd Oct 2005 08:17

...................for starters 'happenings' is a banned word - or anything sounding like it. You will see that we have removed the word from Airports. So now we have just the airport name. That is how it will be henceforth. We plan to bring back a professional approach to this forum no ifs no buts.

Shortly we will be closing all the airport threads. This will enable you to start a new thread afresh. If there is something you think is of real importance you can copy it over.

But to get one thing clear first. We are not out to spoil your interest or your fun, but we are going to step on childish, abusive and stupid posts immediately. That will mean that all your hard work in making a 'professional' attempt at a post you like but nobody else does will be deleted instantly. It will be our decision and we will not give reasons for our actions.

We suggest you read Danny's post again because we will be applying his rules. That is what we mods do. Our 'job' is unpaid but each of us has a wide experience in aviation, including flying and running airlines. All 60 moderaters (did you know that?) mod for fun, and we certainly do not like the job to be tedious so we hope you will help us.

So there you are. Please recognise that when spotters come on this forum they will be shunted to the Spotters forum. If you are abusive to us, or to other posters you will be held to account. We have a dungeon where we can take certain unpalatable actions so be warned.

Just enjoy PPRuNe, that is what it is here for.

You can see the names of the mods for this forum on the right hand side when you open PPRuNe. We are all available if you need to contact us.

ONE final thing. Advertising is NOT allowed on PPRuNe unless it is paid for - that includes links to airline services. If we see it it will go. If the same people do it often so will they. :p


Us mods.

PPRuNe Pop 4th Oct 2005 08:38

Please Read
As I said in my post which is now a sticky at the head of the forum, we are effecting a closeoff of all Airport related threads. You will still be able to read them but no longer add to them. This is a fresh start to ensure we do not have again the problems of spotter questions and schoolboy inputs. It will be entirely professional as of now.

So you may start a new thread relative to Airports with just their name - CAPITAL LETTERS. As I have done before closing the 'old' ones.

We will, as we have said, delete any posts that are not airport related. NO airline websites or booking facilities are allowed to be posted. No advertising of any kind too.

We want you to enjoy the forum and the site and nothing will give us greater pleasure than to see that. It will ease our workload as well. ;)

Please read my other post too. This one will disappear after a while.

Don't forget! If there is something of real importance in a previous thread you can copy and paste into the new thread.

Us mods.

Andy_S 26th Oct 2005 09:23

The Airlines, Airports and Routes forum was previously more interesting and useful when pieces of news were displayed as individual forums (fora ?)
The trouble is that this often resulted in proliferation of threads, particularly in the case of those airports with dedicated enthusiasts. I recall checking the Airlines, Airports and Routes page one morning to find that 5 of the 6 most recent threads were related to matters concerning or routes flown from just one particular airport. And when this happens, the various threads generally go off topic after a while and become undifferentiated chat anyway, so they start to overlap with eachother. That being the case, it's probably just as well to keep everything under one roof. It certainly keeps the forum tidier, and is surely easier for the moderators to manage (something far too many people overlook IMO).

Trislander 26th Oct 2005 15:58


I am also with bean counter, individual topics makes the news/rumour events clearer and saves time trawling thru the AIRPORT threads, as you can look at relevant info only, as it happens.

How can you be a professional spotter anyway? :}

PPRuNe Pop 26th Oct 2005 22:49

OK. If you think about it what we have are three seperate forum within one if you like. What was happening was people just piling anything in the general Airport threads. Routes should be kept for routes and airline news also seperate. Essentially nothing has changed except that the tidying up will stop some of the idiotic posts we used to get. We hope that after everyone gets used to it they will get more pleasure from it. It won't change back tho - that's for sure.

Change always gets some adverse comments anyway, but we suggest you influence each other by sticking to the fewer rules and make the forum more interesting.

Trislander 27th Oct 2005 22:08

Thanks pops,

Your last post made the process clearer and I see where you're coming from now.


PPRuNe Pop 13th Nov 2005 13:18

Once again people are trying to blatantly advertise routes, new operations - the list goes on.

As has already been stated the mods on this forum WILL move or destroy these posts, and those responsible may lose their rights to use PPRuNe. Please do not do it. You use PPRuNe for free but Danny puts a massive amount of money into the site to keep it going, relying only on the income of genuine advertisers. Who, in turn, are entitled to see that no-one gets any free advertising. Hope that is clear now.


Riverboat 20th Nov 2005 22:25

I too have to agree withg Thunderball, and Bean counter, too. PPRuNe Pop, you probably do a very good job, but you are beginning to come across rather like Tony Blair!

This forum has been very interesting and useful. There is more to it than just "advertising routes" etc. I am interested in what is happening with new routes, and with airports and with everything else connected with them. I too am an aviation professional of many years, and nowhere near a "spotter". Yet I find spotters admirable in a number of ways, and they have often got something interesting to say.

Sorry Pop, I don't mean to be offensive, but I think you've got it wrong.

PPRuNe Towers 27th Nov 2005 12:46

Riverboat and the others with recent logical, lucid and respectful comments.

You're going to have to put up with how it is. The forum eats up valuable resources - including mods time, each of whom I view as having far more important functions elsewhere on the site for our core audience.

The brutal but honest truth is that we subsidise this site to a vast extent with our time and money. A huge proportion of the content on this forum doesn't interest us in the slightest and is simply outside the bounds of what we see the site as being for.

If this appears patronising and dismissive - it is. This forum is inane and numbingly parochial much of the time. This is PPRuNe and you are hanging on the coat tails of of a site firmly targetted at working professionals in international aviation. Professionals past, present and future who work with licences and validiations. Pilots, ATC, Airside Ops and engineers. That's it. That's who we do it for. That's where we chose to put our time, effort and money.

If you find the foregoing offensive consider this. We have never advertised. We have never issued a press release. We have never contacted you. Nothing in the ten years of our existence has been done to bring you to the site - you found us and not the other way around.

For good or for bad it is our site. We thrive or fail by our efforts and vision for the site. You will have to live with our loathing of the willy waving, internecine tosh propagated here. This forum and a couple of others gives a voice to those who are not within our core audience. To depersonalise things: JetBlast is the prime example - the majority of posters attracted here for some reason but not actually aviation professionals. However, they're fascinated by the site and drift to areas where they feel they can 'contribute.'

If you wish to offer thoughts, experience and opinion that's fine. The mods will delete puff pieces, press releases and pathetic regional rivalries. They will bar those simply cutting and pasting as well as those permanently acting as a voluntary PR flack for farting little UK airports or airlines.

This forum was set up soley to get the excited landsiders 'news' off R+N and ( at the time) Aircrew Notices. It was done on a whim in ten minutes one night and in exasperation to preserve a decent signal to noise ratio on our most important forums. That is the complete, unvarnished truth of it.

This is the second time I've written on this subject. It's our way or set up your own site. The mods such as Pop have done the patient, diplomatic thing time after time and it's over. His counsel and experience (He's managed three airlines - that's postholder, MD level not VP Bread Rolls Europe) hasn't cut it with you guys so now you are simply being told by me.

Please don't waste your time with counter arguments whether patient and thoughtful or simply angry. The forum is viewed as parochial and immature by our worldwide readership. We either up the level of contributions and debate so as to attract more international discussion or the forum goes.

Rob Lloyd

Evileyes 9th May 2006 22:51

9 May 06 Update
In an effort to clean up the threads and make them more user friendly we are archiving the larger ones by locking them and starting new ones labeled "X Airport 2". The originals will still be available via the PPRuNe search function.

Since we have a fresh start on these threads, PLEASE let’s not fill them with "Attention Deficit Quoting", hereafter known as ADQ. We all know what the poster immediately before you said. There is no need to waste PPRuNe bandwidth by saying it again as a quote. Further, it causes the Mods time and effort to clean them out. It boils down to a matter of risking deletion or making your point without automatically quoting the post before yours.

If the post you are replying to is a few posts back fair enough, just don't quote the whole thing please. Replying to the username is normally just as effective.

Hawk 6th Oct 2006 01:34

A reminder to members of this forum. Some recent posts have been difficult to comprehend because of the lack of capitalisation and grammar. Your contribution is important and you have a responsibility to ensure your post is legible and intelligible, so please take a little time to review, alternatively, run your post through grammar check.

Thank you.
AA&R Mods.

PPRuNe Pop 15th Feb 2007 09:38

Just recently, actually for a few months now, the quality of posts and their content has gone downhill. By that we mean that some threads are being used for chats and questions suited only for the Spotters forum. There has also been a general level of daft and sometimes plainly stupid questions and observations.

We mods often filter out posts which are ridiculous and pointless, but somehow those responsible for them do not seem to grasp the logic of this forum's title and continue making crass posts. Lately, the number of posts being moderated, deleted or removed has risen to silly levels. This has got to stop.

A number of people have been banned in recent weeks for abuse and all manner of rule breaking and this will continue. For the latter go read what the rules are it will make interesting reading for many of you who seem to think that you are above them - you are not.

This forum is for posting interesting events at Airports including the development of and therein. It's also for relating that which is of interest in regard to Airlines at airports - the scope is wide but it should not be overstated. And lastly, it is for posting information of interest in regard to routes but NOT for advertising routes or procedures.

Finally, it is intended that it be ever professional. PPRuNe has a wealth of talent which is freely available from the Flight Deck and Cabin, thru operations and airline infrastructure. It is this that is of interest to the airline fraternity and those with a genuine interest in how it all works.

So, if you fit the above you are welcome. If, however, you fit into the category of a Walter Mitty or someone who thinks they know how to run an airline or airport better than those who can and do, you have our permission to go away to find another site where you fit right in. You will no longer be welcome here.

This moderating we do is for fun and we do have a wealth of experience between us, one is currently a Captain with a UK airline for example, but fun is not fun if we have to deal with idiotic posts or those people who have no idea how to debate a subject or those who can only emphasize their point by SHOUTING or giving abuse, naming people and slagging them off. It is off limits and always will be.

Its up to you now. We will show little tolerance so don't bother to contact us if your post has been removed.

Remember too, that there are far too many spotters question on this forum. You MUST address such questions to that forum. If you don't they will be removed.

It might also surprise you that we are also here to help if we can.

The mods

PPRuNe Pop 16th Apr 2009 11:39

I have received a pm recently, actually two, in a tone I do not approve of, to tell me that I should not merge a post with the main thread.

FYI you do NOT tell us, nor will we listen, to such demands and in any case I have deleted the post at its source in our holding 'pool' prior to releasing them.

Please note for future reference that moderators moderate and will do so as they see fit.

AA&R mods.

Evileyes 30th Jul 2009 12:38

Folks, PPRuNe is not a Customer Service point of contact for your trip. If you have questions regarding aircraft type, movies, seating, meals etc. CALL THEM.

Further, PPRuNe isn't a flight tracking site. If your flight hasn't left and/or arrived on time..... ASK THEM.

Better to get the information from someone responsible and accountable for providing it to you rather than an anonymous website.

You paid for the ticket, may as well get the service.

The Mods

Evileyes 1st Mar 2010 00:28

A quick note on deleted threads. If a thread 'disappears' it means one of three things:

- The original poster deleted his post, which will take the thread with it


- The thread was merged with an already existing thread where it should have been posted.


- The moderators have removed the thread for our own reasons.

As the moderators can see poster deleted threads and take steps to keep appropriate ones alive it is best to assume that if a thread disappears the moderators want it that way. If we don't want a topic discussed here it is also probable that we don't want to publicly explain why, often for the same reasons.

On the other hand we don't delete threads without good reason so you are going to have to trust us on that.

Therefore, an excellent way to earn a ban is to ignore us and start the thread again. So please don't.

The Mods

Evileyes 17th Jun 2010 02:27

Greetings PPRuNers,

Due to of another spate of misdirected posts needing deletion we regrettably must again remind you that the 'Airlines, Airports and Routes' forum isn't the spotters forum. If you ever find yourself tempted to type in a registration number or discuss aircraft livery it is extremely likely that you are making or responding to a spotter post.

Neither is this forum interested in aircraft seating configuration, in flight entertainment, or which aircraft type is flying a particular route except as a component of a discussion of the business of the airline. The Passenger Forum might be.

Last but certainly not least, PPRuNe is NOT your airline/ticket agent customer service! If you have a question about the ticket you paid for ASK THEM. These include but are not limited to questions regarding the aircraft type, seating, inflight goodies, and luggage.

What possible sense does it make to ask those questions in an annonymous web forum instead of asking the people who you paid to be responsible for providing you that information?

And if they can't or won't provide you that information.... why did you buy the ticket?

The Mods

P.S. We are aware that it is normally 'newbees' that ask these questions but it is generally experienced PPRuNers who answer them. Please don't encourage them.

Evileyes 29th Nov 2010 18:52

A word on post legibility/readability.

When making a contribution to a public forum it is incumbent upon each of us to do so in as clear a manner as possible. Failure to do so is indicative of a lazy disregard for ones fellow PPRuNers and is both rude and inconsiderate.

Some specific examples of poor post construction are:
- Sentence fragments
- Failure to utilize Commas and Full Stops (Periods)
- Omitting the use of the Shift key to capitalize where appropriate
- Poor (to the point of being unreadable) sentence construction.
- Run-on sentences
- Horrific spelling
- Use of text-speak

The Mods have no intention or desire to be the grammar or spelling police. However, a downward trend in post quality and complaints about such have inspired this request to all PPRuNers to take a little more time and care in crafting your posts.

Lets keep it professional.

The Mods

PPRuNe Pop 23rd Jan 2013 15:53

Time for a VALUABLE reminder.
When you signed up with PPRuNe you automatically agreed to abide by the rules that PPRuNe has. You can go back and check it all out.

However, here is your reminder. It is against the rules to name names and to permit yourself to state facts that are NOT facts. Most of these 'facts' can be very misleading, that can lead to employment problems if the millions of people who wander in this forum and others take things the wrong way.

Just don't do it. It is better for you and better for us mods who have clean up after you. You will see a goodly number of deletions, particularly in the Belfast threads, and there will be more if you do not heed.

Enjoy the site but do NOT abuse it.

AA&R mods

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