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ALLMCC 20th Jul 2004 09:25

Easyjet service standards
Yet another resounding letter of support for Easyjet? - the third letter to the same publication in as many weeks all in a similar vein - looks as though N Ireland passengers in particular receiving a raw deal! No doubt this will be brushed aside with the excuse that "these things happen sometimes"!


Ben Evans 20th Jul 2004 10:15

Belfast Airport does not close at midnight so it is easier for Easyjet to keep its mainland UK customers happy by redirecting, generally on time in-bound Belfast aircraft to other UK destinations - never mind the poor Northern Ireland traveller.

I hope the author has the operational facts to back up this assertion..? Where are these 'on time in-bound Belfast aircraft' being redirected to? Do they have the fuel to get there? How will the crews manage an unplanned nightstop? Where are these critical network night curfew airfields that easyJet operate to? What a load of twaddle.

I am guessing the good people of Northern Ireland would rather keep easyJet than revert to BA only as they seem to like direct scheduled low cost service to:


How many seats a day is that? 10,000+ ? One company has come along and put more airline seats in and out of N Ireland than all other carriers ever have combined.

Methinks he doth protest too much.

Avro Arrow 20th Jul 2004 10:48

There is no doubt since 1998 and the arrival of easy to the Province there has been greater choice for passnegers in NI.

BA decided to pull out of NI after losing a shed load of money for years - reported at 8m per annum for at least 5 years. A tad careless if you ask me. BMI at the same time supposedly made a profit (pre 911) on the route. BA pulled off because of accounting practices, BM pulled out because they want to get back at TBI for allowing easy into NI. BCA wanted BM and guaranteed a new build terminal for them and a low cost landing and passenger charges.

Notwithstanding easyJet performance on the Stansted route, my sources tell me that eJ are pleased with the BFS business. If they weren't they wouldn't be building international routes. The one thing eJ aren't is altruistic.

The people of NI have an awful lot to be grateful for - they still have a LHR service, a reinvented Fly Be, easyJet, Jet 2 and a healthy charter business. They've even got FR out of CODA. But some one can always find one flight they can complain about.

So as the correspondent says "come back BA"... at 300 return to LHR ... yeah right!


ALLMCC 20th Jul 2004 10:49

Suspect this letter is only the tip of the iceberg! - indications are that N Ireland travellers are at long last wakening up to the fact that other carriers like Bmi/Bmibaby, Flybe and even Jet2 provide better service & punctuality. N Ireland people are pretty astute when it comes to vfm and if they perceive they're being short changed, they take their business elsewhere.

Easyjet's (claimed) dominance of the N Ireland market will be short lived unless they get their act together soon!

LBA 20th Jul 2004 13:55

What rubbish!

As I have been reading this forum for a good long while, I suspect the only reason you say this is because they have such a good base at BFS as opposed to BHD. Easy are a very good airline, who have done wonders for Northern Ireland. They are there to stay.

And what does even Jet2 mean? They have just won an award for their service!

with alacrity 20th Jul 2004 14:03

I am surprised that a professional person would write a potentially libellous assertion without giving a source or providing proof of this alleged practice.
Having provided an ATC service to Easyjet from the day they started operations out of BFS, I cannot recall any occasion where on time Belfast bound aircraft were used in the way that the author implies. However I do stand to be corrected on that as I am not at work twenty-four hours every day. It just feels like that sometimes.;)

If the author feels this way and judging from the address given why not use the evening Ryanair flight from Stansted to the City of Londonderry airport.
It is usually a good time keeper and the airport is closer to the author's residence.

Seems to be fashionable to bash Easyjet at the moment.
Perhaps people who should know better opened their eyes and minds and give credit to the airline that has given so much to the travelling public of Northern Ireland.

witchdoctor 20th Jul 2004 14:32

Poor lamb. Fancy being forced to go to Belfast City instead. Why, it must be a whole 10 miles or more of inconvenience for him. Disgusting I say - hang the lot of them.:rolleyes:

ALLMCC 20th Jul 2004 16:27

Whilst I (albeit reluctantly) accept that Easyjet have benefitted travellers to/from N Ireland since their entry into the market in 1998, it seems that they have adopted an attitude of complacency in recent times. Surely in the current market conditions, this is a luxury no airline can afford. Such is the level of competition that passengers show little loyalty and will go where they get the best service if not the cheapest fare.

Any slippage of service standards is surely an issue which should be addressed by any service provider. It seems that this is what the correspondent is trying to put across.

Tower Ranger 20th Jul 2004 16:53

Be realistic, the guy from Coleraine freely admits to writing the article whilst delayed in Stansted, which obviously didn`t come up on the spell checker, on his laptop. Nobody likes to be delayed a couple of hours but to try and say that Ej standards are slipping based on this and a few other unsubstantiated accusations is ridiculous.
Easy in N.I. has been exactly what the place needed not only did it increase the frequency and choice but reduced the prices of all flights and gave the established carriers a wake up call which was long overdue. Would Bhd be as successful as it is today if Ej hadn`t come ??

tallseabird 20th Jul 2004 16:55

Here we go again - same old bandwagon

If it was easyjet operating from BHD they would be wonderful, and the rest of the world wouldn't know what they were talking about.

lo-costs are lo-costs, corners are cut wherever they can, NI isn't unique we get the same thin end of the wedge that everybody gets.

Uncle Monty 20th Jul 2004 17:10

easyjet has not become complacent in recent times - far from it.

ontime performance, which was pretty poor in 2003, has improved dramatically since the turn of the year.

According to www.flightontime.info it has cut five mins off the average delay. It's down to just over 14 mins in Jan to Mar 2004 from over 18 mins for the year ended December 2003.

It actually ranks above bmi for UK scheduled departures for the Jan to Mar period.

tallseabird 20th Jul 2004 17:37

Just heard on the radio, Flybe 17:55 flight from LGW delayed until 21:00 - how can they be so insensitive to the NI travelling public - it's an outrage!!!

eastern wiseguy 20th Jul 2004 18:32

Tower Ranger...this is becoming a habit.....once again I agree entirely with you :ok: . Does that buffoon(allegedly) Allmcc seriously believe what he writes?. The arrival of LoCos' of ANY description are to be welcomed with open arms by the travelling public of NI.


other carriers like Bmi/Bmibaby, Flybe and even Jet2 provide better service & punctuality

Where are your statistics to back up your claims?Where do they compete with easy? Flybe ..to GLA/EDI/LGW,and you MUST ask if there was NO competition would Flybe offer the travelling public anything other than "normal" fares?

In a previous life a long time ago I worked as a travel agent...I remember with amazement that a single fare from BFS(BHD still called Sydenham..or even royal naval air yard or some such)to LHR had climbed to the dizzy heights of 50....now here we are some 27 years later and on certain occasions even FlyBe are charging less than half of that to LGW...


N Ireland people are pretty astute when it comes to vfm and if they perceive they're being short changed, they take their business elsewhere.
I am certain that people by and large (when faced with a shorthaul journey that they are paying for themselves) will go for the cheapest.

I asked you ages ago what would you say if Ezy were to up sticks and move to City? ...like my question to you on runways you remain SILENT .

I am afraid you are wasting way too much of my time here and I am sure you will need to have your anorak pressed for the morning .....but for heavens sake CHANGE THE RECORD!!

LBA 20th Jul 2004 19:40

I'm glad you guys agree with me, his thinking has absolutely no proof or facts. Just a VERY biased opinion which is totally wrong.

Of course Easyjet are the only airline that have delays obviously, and FlyBe are always absolutely perfectly on time.

Tallseabird - LMAO :)

TwinAisle 20th Jul 2004 20:05

OK. Some horrifying facts for you.

XXXXXX (insert name of ANY airline on the planet) sometimes:

(a) has technical delays
(b) gets beaten by the weather
(c) has sick crews
(d) has ground crews that park kit in the hull
(e) lose bags
(f) have late crews
(g) upset passengers
(h) do all sorts of [email protected] things

easy is no different. Having seen easy from the inside (moons ago, admittedly) they are no worse, and a hell of a lot better than most. Give them a break.

As for letters written by unhappy punters in the departure lounge far from home, these are usual pretty terse, and if said pax has links with the press and an axe to grind, the tend to do their worst. easy, baby, Jet2, Ryanair etc etc etc - even good old 6G - do their level best to get where they are going on time, and IF any of them are getting a little worse, you can bet that the likes of Webster, Davis, O'Leary etc will jump up and down and sort it pronto.

Forget the "they all hate my bit of the world" nonsense. They don't. They are organisations doing their best to satisfy their customers.

Rant off!


keepitlit 20th Jul 2004 22:25

bmi (Midland) didnt leave BFS because of easy,it was due to the price structure or different prices TBI had with other airlines.
The terminal was not built for bmi it was already there, as they had to extend it for them.
As for on-time stuff,I dont think any of the other London airports come any where close to volume that LHR's amazing controllers handle so the stats are slightly unfair oh and before anyone goes on about "thats why we go to the other airports" you wanna try and get the gatwick express to LHR,I think youd have a hell of a lot more time going direct even with a small(if any) delay.

Rgds K.I.L.:cool:

controller friendly 20th Jul 2004 23:12


You can forget those left turns if you don't start talkin bout the superb controllin from bfs......!lol

As for my little orange friends(who are most annoyed that i was cheating on them last saturday with bmi....!)wot can i say but slots...! Certainly some of the new routes are getting hammered by them...and how is that easy's fault....? But they do make fantastic keyrings......!:D :) :D

aviaraptor 21st Jul 2004 08:19


BMI did leave BFS because of their relationship with TBI, the pricing structure and the growing presence of eJ. At the time BM were offered the same terms as eJ but turned down the offer. BM had agreed with BCA the terms of the deal with Bombardier. Now if you look at the BCA plans put forward to the NI Planning people there was an area marked for a new airline. Let me think who that might have been. It wasn't going to be go-fly, or Ryanair or easy - perhaps BA? No the real reason that BCA went ahead with the new terminal is that they had an appalling facility which BM refused to use - "So build us a new one and we'll be there" was the word from our Nige.

I think you'll find it was all down to egos, politics and brinkmanship.

But as Maggie T said - "you can't buck the market" and look what's happened. The gloom and doom surrounding BFS has gone - 4m pax, new facilities and new carriers coming in - short and long haul. Easy have proven that you can build a sensible business in the province and the people have benefitted. I just wish more people would come in and visit.

I personally do not like flying into the Harbour, to me size matters and I prefer more concrete.

Tower Ranger 21st Jul 2004 23:35

Aviaraptor, the only concrete you`ll use nowadays is on the stands. It`s a lovely grippy groved blacktop rwy now and A321`s can make "A1" landing 04 on a good day. Everything else can make "A1" landing 22.You never know some day you might be glad of it!!

Eastern - i`m a bit worried now thats twice in one week we1ve agreed surely some sort of record, you haven`t applied for one of our positions have you??

keepitlit 22nd Jul 2004 07:42

FC, you know you guys set the standard that everyone has to follow.
As regards to the building at city,as I said it was already built regardless if bmi went or not it was just good future planning that paid off.

I want the charters back!

Rgds K.I.L.

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