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Old 17th Jan 2003, 13:48
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GEENY - so did you do a good job then ?

Dont diss yourself - leave that for others.
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Old 17th Jan 2003, 14:14
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Is the website up and running again?-It said it was only supposed to be down "overnight"-but it is looking like being considerably longer that that.
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Old 17th Jan 2003, 20:29
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As previously mentioned it seems that Electra has two 757s under its wing. I presume both of those will be earmarked for Air Scotland ops? Electra are saying that they are looking for 757 flight deck crew for a Brussels based operation flying to Africa. I could not get any info on pay and conditions. I presume more 757s are on the way to Electra. If not then in this case two plus two is certainly not making four! The whole thing smells very fishy!!!!
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Old 17th Jan 2003, 20:37
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I'm not in the airline business, but I can count and it seems to me that 2 aircraft aren't required for the weekly flights that they have proposed to operate.


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Old 21st Jan 2003, 13:58
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The plot thickens


Passenger cash fears trigger CAA inquiry into no-frills airline
SCOTLAND'S newest low-cost airline is being investigated by the Civil Aviation Authority amid concern that passengers could lose their money if it goes bust.

Air-Scotland.com, which launched last week, has been asked to show that it has the appropriate licences to carry an estimated 115,000 passengers this year. Passengers booking flights have been advised to make sure they get a ticket or that they are protected under the Air Travel Organisers Licence (Atol) scheme before paying.

The CAA could rule that Air-Scotland.com does not qualify to be called an airline and is instead a tour operator or travel agent.

Dhia Al-Ani, the Glasgow businessman behind Air-Scotland.com, said he expected to find out today what the CAA wanted him to do. Mr Al-Ani flew to London yesterday to meet officials from the CAA's consumer protection group.

A CAA spokesman confirmed the meeting had taken place, but refused to be drawn on its specific concerns or a timescale for a decision.

He said: "We are in contact with Mr Al-Ani to ensure that the sale of air tickets is made in accordance with the requirements of the Atol scheme.

"Discussions will be continuing and in the meantime all that I can say is to give the usual advice to either get a ticket or ensure that the contract is covered by Atol when you make any payment."

It is expected that the CAA will make its findings public.

Mr Al-Ani insisted he would do whatever was necessary to satisfy the CAA and that Air-Scotland.com would launch in March as planned. He said: "I will be flying come what may."

The main thrust of the CAA's investigation is to find out which company will have a contract with passengers and what protection customers will have. Air-Scotland.com is a brand name and has not applied for an air operator's certificate, like British Airways or easyJet, to fly in the UK.

Instead the business will be operated through a company called Electra Airlines Scotland, a joint venture between Mr Al-Ani and Electra Airlines, a Greek charter airline set up in 2000 by a Belgian businessman. It will provide the pilots and Boeing 757 planes to carry Air-Scotland.com customers.

It has a Greek air operator's certificate that means it can fly anywhere in the European Union, including the UK. However, it is not clear if passengers would get their money back if their contract was with Electra, and Air-Scotland.com failed.

The CAA's website warns passengers that there is no automatic guarantee of a refund even from a failed UK airline with an operator's licence, although there is usually protection for credit card bookings. If the CAA decided that Electra Airlines Scotland, not the Greek carrier, was responsible for passengers it would need an Atol.

Companies pay a bond to ensure that their customers are given a refund or flights home if the company collapses. Membership of Atol would mean Air-Scotland.com would have to drop its billing as a low-cost scheduled airline.

Mr Al-Ani said: "They (the CAA) want to find out whether Electra Airlines Scotland is required to have an Atol. If it is not going to be classed as an airline then it has to have its own Atol. You cannot just charter a plane and sell tickets without consumer protection."

-Jan 21st

They really don't seem to organised!
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Old 7th Apr 2003, 00:39
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I heard they where grounded on the first few days of start up due no life jackets on board? Any info?
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Old 7th Apr 2003, 06:12
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I was browsing the website today and it all seems really strange!! Website titles say "Air Scotland.com operated by Electra Airlines S.A" or something like that. Then if you click 'About Electra' in the bottom left it all gets really wooly about Electra Airlines Scotland, whos parent company is Electra Airlines Greece, and Air Scotland.com are nominated ticket supplier.
So basically Air Scotland.com are a ticket agent for Electra Airlines Scotland! Seems very strange, more like a disclaimer (probable, after nef's information).
FlyGlobespan do not have "operated by Channex/Jet2" on their site, Excel airways do not have "some flight operated by AirAtlanta" etc etc
I wish them all the luck in the world, but yes, it seems a bit 'fishy' (to quote Geezer!). I wouldnt buy a ticket until i've seen a few god months of ops.
No life jackets! hmmmm sounds great!

just my two-cents
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Old 7th Apr 2003, 07:47
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Ah yes, aircraft registered in Greece. Obviously no overwater sectors or approaches/climbouts over the sea anywhere near there. And it must be so convenient for the Greek CAA-equivalent to drop in on Glasgow to ensure the MEL is being complied with ....
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Old 7th Apr 2003, 18:26
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Nope, they wern't grounded. UK CAA Flight Ops inspector was on the first flight. Also no problem with the Greek register as everything is conducted under JAR.
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Old 8th Apr 2003, 18:10
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Fly Globespan.com and Excel do not need to show that some flights are operated by other carriers as they are CAA ATOL holders - the only reason that Air Scotland has to have this comment on their website is that they do not have an ATOL and are not airlines, they offer a service as a ticket agent for Electra.

Loophole springs to mind.

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Old 8th Apr 2003, 18:32
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I saw an Air Scotland aircraft last night at EDI... over by the freight side. RHS as you land on rwy30
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Old 8th Apr 2003, 23:18
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And that seems to be where it is taking root; much to the annoyance of DHL, whos Eurotrans 757 has been relegated to the North Cargo for the last couple of nights.
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Old 10th Apr 2003, 22:25
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This outfit surely cannot last long. Aircraft have indeed been grounded for the strangest of reasons. Saturday night, aircraft was grounded in GLA due to having no head rest covers and safety cards! Flight ended up back at EDI 6 hours late.
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