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Fit like min?
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ABZ & the city it serves have long swung on the price of a barrel - booming in the good times, famine in the bad. This one though on the back of COVID & the lack of enthusiasm for fossil fuels will be especially grim. Europe's oil capital will not be Europe's renewables capital or anywhere near it, that is for sure.
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It's not like everywhere else is booming...
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The new harbour works would suggest that there is life in the old dog yet.
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I hear that all this, on top of the recession from 2014-2018 in oil is really crucifying local companies
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TUI gone for rest of summer
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News report of a Typhoon making an emergency landing at Aberdeen this afternoon. Low fuel perhaps? There was a Voyager KC2 operating E and SE of Aberdeen this morning but it started heading back to BZZ just after midday.
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EZY ABZ-LGW back for S21
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And due to "lack of demand" May flights are filling up fast, been on this morning and got 3rd choice !
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Covid: Job fears as Tui reduces summer flights from Aberdeen
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Oil price is crawling up a bit which should help as well
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Aberdeen to London - when?

Hi folks, when did domestic service start from ABZ? It must have been soley to LHR to begin with and must have been very expensive? Which carriers?
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There were services to Orkney and Shetland by Aberdeen Airways and Highland Airways from around 1935.
BEA arrived from Northolt in 1947.
Also a Scottish Airways/Railway Air Services flight to Glasgow and Northolt from late 1946.

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Aberdeen Domestic Schedules

Highland Airways were the first; they began summer-only schedules to Wick/Orkney in May 1934, using a landing ground at Seaton, and subsequently at Kintore. Dyce was developed by competitor Aberdeen (later Allied) Airways, whose first attempt at scheduled service was to Glasgow in Sept 1934 (for a fare of £3.25), but this was not sustained. Aberdeen launched their own Thurso/Orkney schedule in May 1935, and both airlines extended to Sumburgh from June 1936.

It was first briefly possible to fly between Aberdeen & London for a few weeks in June/July 1935, when Aberdeen Airways ran a schedule to Edinburgh, timed to connect with a North Eastern Airways service onwards to Heston, via Newcastle & Leeds. The combined fare would have been the equivalent of £7.62.

The first through-plane Aberdeen to London schedule was operated by North Eastern between Apr & Oct 1937, once-daily (except Sundays) from Dyce to Croydon, via Perth*, Newcastle* & Doncaster (*on demand only), at a fare of £6.50, using Airspeed Envoy aircraft. If no request calls were made, the end-to-end air journey time could be as little as 3½ hours. Aberdeen service was then suspended because the airline was unhappy with the lack of local radio aids, but a similar schedule later resumed for a few months in the summer of 1939.

Allied Airways continued service from Aberdeen to Orkney & Shetland throughout WW2.

Post-war, Railway Air Services (in conjunction with Scottish Airways) began a daily Dyce to Northolt schedule in Nov 1946, flown by Dakota via Glasgow (fare now £8.50), with the airline taken over by BEA from Feb 1947. From May 1947, flights switched to operate via Edinburgh, and many were through flights from (at first) Shetland or (later) Orkney. After Oct 1948, through London service was suspended for the next 3½ years, other than a short re-appearance in summer 1950. It returned for five years between 1952 to 1957, switching from Northolt to Heathrow in Nov 1954, still by Dakota and always via intermediate stops.

Nationalised carrier BEA was from 1947 to 1969 the only airline flying domestic schedules from Aberdeen, having also taken over the former Allied routes to Wick/Orkney/Shetland, as well as (for a short while) a service Scottish Airways had begun in Oct 1946 from Dyce to Inverness & Stornoway. At various times, BEA operated schedules to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester & Birmingham, mostly as en-route calls on the London service or as extensions of Northern Isles routes. For a few summers in the late 1950s, they also flew a Jersey seasonal Dakota schedule, operated via Edinburgh.

BEA re-started Aberdeen to London service in Nov 1963, with a nonstop Viscount schedule to Heathrow, at first just once a day; jets (One-Eleven) first appeared from 1973, from which year the service was re-branded under British Airways titles. Birmingham & Manchester services were re-introduced by BA in 1974, and also the first Gatwick schedule in 1977.

Other airlines were gradually licenced to fly domestic schedules ex ABZ from the late 60s onwards, the first being Channel Airways, whose 1969 ‘Scottish Flyer’ East Coast Viscount route to Southend with 6 or 7 en-route stops lasted just ten months. Air Anglia provided sustained services from late 1970 onwards, initially to Norwich by Dakota (later F27), and then other East Coast points. Loganair flew an Islander to Inverness between mid-1972 & early 1975, and a BOAC-liveried Viscount operated by Cambrian provided a schedule to Prestwick for connecting international pax from Dec 1972 onwards. Dan-Air (already a major Dyce presence on oil charters) began a weekly summer seasonal Isle of Man HS748 schedule from 1975. Air Ecosse took over the Wick route from BA in 1979, using a Bandeirante.

These were just the first of many, with nearly forty other airline names having since provided domestic services out of Dyce, from where in total more than fifty airfields have received schedules over the years.
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Brilliant - thanks very much.
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Noticed past couple of days Sun-Air doing a daily BLL - ABZ - BLL Contract work ?
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Two new EZY routes

Looks to be two domestics both launching 9th July from ABZ

BRS - 4x weekly (1x3x5x7)
MAN - 4x weekly (1x3x5x7)

Both on sale currently until end of S21 - A320 equipment

I remember there were rumours of a daily MAN route last year that never came to anything too.
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That’s going to hurt Loganair a bit.
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EZY will gather the scraps, LM will suffer short term. EZY will move back to the Benidorms and LM will reestablish. Suspect neither will make money on this. 180 seats on an A320 ?! going to be some cheap fares.
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If easyJet can generate more income from operating such routes than it would with the aircraft parked, then it's the right thing to do. Clearly when international flying recovers to the extent that the fleet has gainful work, they will try lots of routes that ordinarily before they wouldn't have considered.
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In the wake of Stobart Air's demise, Loganair are going to be offering ABZ-DUB flights x4-weekly on Mon, Thu, Fri & Sun; due to go daily from S22.
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