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Bit murky up here this morning, interesting behaviours for three scheduled arrivals:

Easy from Luton, twice round the racetrack at about 12,000 feet before diverting to Edinburgh.
KLM from Amsterdam overflew at about 24,000 feet up to near Inverness before diverting to Edinburgh.
BA sat in the racetrack for getting on for an hour and now on the way to GLA.

Different fuel planning, ATC restrictions on EDI arrivals (KLM), etc?

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Surely Inverness is much closer than Edinburgh?
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There are more flights from EDI and those carriers operate there too so it’s much easier to look after the pax and they have staff/agreements in place already.
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AA Route planner gives

Inverness 92 miles 2hr 04 mins
Edinburgh 127 miles 2hr 16 mins

Much faster and easier road from EDI tho
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EZY, KL and BA all operate to INV too
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I think the previous post by BA318 gives the reasons why EDI would be chosen over INV as the most suitable diversionary airport for these flights. Airline operational issues would take precedence over mileage to final destination.
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Yes and if you have to bus passengers there are a lot more spare buses in Edinburgh than Inverness

Same would apply if you were looking for hotel space
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EZY have re-launched the MAN-ABZ service, commencing 6th August. 4x weekly.
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Well I've rebooked on it. Cost £14 less than the voucher they issued me after cancelling it last week!
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…which can never be a good revenue sign.
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Old 3rd Aug 2021, 12:58
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What was the Eastern ‘mid air emergency’ this morning?
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Not sure what the reason(s) for the emergency were, however G-IACY is currently en-route to ABZ from SOU according to FR24.
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Does anyone have an inkling either way if AF (in the fullness of time) are likely to restart the ABZ-CDG?
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BoJo enroute on the 23 min hop from GLA on the Union Titan A321
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Fit like min?
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Saw it last night - looked very smart - the aircraft, that is.
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EZY stepping up their game on ABZ-LON for S22

LGW twice a day now with interestingly, a nightstopper.. First time they've had that from ABZ before, schedule is very early AM and late afternoon departures ex-ABZ
LTN mostly daily with an evening departure
MAN returns at 4-5 weekly, don't think that will have gone down well at Loganair HQ

Also none of the usual peak summer cutbacks planned currently
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