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56 flights a week at peak with 3 aircraft is going some. Even 4 would mean every aircraft doing 2 rotations a day, so not sure how they'd cope on 3. Draft in reserve?
Ground equipment - cant see Jet2 having a problem with providing their liveried gear to BRS. I:m sure any potential opposition to this has been sorted commercially before they signed up.
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I donít see J2 using third parties unless they have to. Itís what differentiates them from the rest of the pack. They are already talking about how many new jobs this will create.
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I seem to remember that jet2 move to selfhandling when the base has 7 or more a/c.
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Jet2 Handling

Do jet2 self handle FOH & use ground handers for BOH (ramp) or provide complete self handling at certain UK airports? As aboard in Spain it is FOH only & ramp is provided by ground handling companies like aviapartner. I see jet2 are advertising the role station manager for BRS, this seems a bit excess considering if they could to use Swissport for FOH/BOH ground handling. It would be great to see Jet2 to come in with their own ground handling, or if Ryanair self handle with Blue handling. As I think under the current situation Swissport would not be to handle all their service providers including Jet2, after the mass redundancies across the UK including BRS. I know a big what if especially if the summer schedules from FR, TUI, KLM, U2 & Jet2, etc do or don't materialize but lots of based units to handle there. Just a thought for a few.....
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Jet2 provide fully integrated ground handling at most UK stations. FOH/BOH split as you suggest I think is only provided in Scottish airports, Belfast & NCL I believe.

Spain is not entirely accurate. There are many stations that are fully self handled, PMI, ALC, AGP to name the three of the top of my head. TFS maybe a further one too.
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Summer 2022 are adding the following routes for S22...
  • Bodrum BJV - begins 5 May 2022 at 1 weekly
  • Alicante ALC - begins 29 April 2022 at 3 weekly
  • Dubrovnik DBV - begins 30 April 2022 at 1 weekly
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Looks like Jet2 will deploy similar handling to its Scottish and NCL bases. passenger interaction points will be employees employed directly by
cabin crew
passenger services

below wing (baggage sortation and ramp) will be outsourced) to a 3rd party handling agent which makes sense as it is only a 3/4 aircraft base initially so the numbers arenít there for it to work as a fully self handled base. If they grow to say 7 aircraft then I can see them take it all in house maybe within a few years. This will depend on how their relationship is with whoever the handling agent is.
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It’s been reported this week that the Planning Inspectorate will begin work next month on Bristol Airport’s appeal against the rejection of the airport’s planning application by its local authority, North Somerset unitary authority (NSC).

The planning application sought permission for new infrastructure to allow the airport to handle 12 mppa together with associated requests to raise the current 10 mppa passenger cap to that level and to rationalise but not increase overall its night movement noise restrictions. The main feature of the process will be a four-week public enquiry reportedly to be held in July next year.

BRS originally projected that it would reach 12 mppa by 2026 but now believes that the virus effects have probably delayed that until 2030. The airport was allowed by the Planning Inspectorate to enter further submissions based on the new scenario which the Planning Inspectorate judged to be ‘exceptional’. NSC has opened a public consultation based on the airport’s new submissions.

The airport submitted its original planning application to NSC in December 2018 but it was not until February 2020 that the authority’s planning committee met to determine the application which was rejected. Because the rejection was contrary to the recommendations of its own planning officers who recommended approval the authority’s standing orders dictate that the decision had to be ratified at a later planning committee meeting which was done in March 2020.

The airport launched its appeal in summer 2020.

The appointed planning inspector could decide the outcome of the appeal him or herself but because of the nature of the application it’s likely that following the inspector’s enquiry the matter will be ‘recovered‘ by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government (currently the Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP) in order to make the final decision himself. He would take account of the planning inspector’s recommendations but is not bound by them.

Therefore it’s likely that no decision will be made until at least the latter part of next year and, if it goes in favour of the airport, subsequent legal action by opponents might well delay matters further.
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Some changes afoot for Summer 2021 with easyJet at BRS:
  • SVQ and VIE seem to be cancelled with immediate effect
The two cancelled routes are not lost as they are still served by Ryanair.

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New routes; easyJet Summer 2021
  • Santorini JTR - 1 x weekly (Monday) - starts 31 May
  • Mykonos JMK - 1 x weekly (Friday) - starts 28 May
( always subject to change due to many factors)
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Lufthansa - Frankfurt

Announced today that it will return from 28 June this year operating daily on BRS-FRA, reportedly using E190 aircraft.

LH970 FRA 1020-1100 BRS (Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun)
LH970 FRA 1630-1710 BRS (Tue, Thu & Sat)
LH971 BRS 1230-1500 FRA (Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun)
LH971 BRS 1750-2020 FRA (Tue, Thu & Sat)

Lufthansa had been due to reinstate the FRA route from the end of March last year at 2 x daily (single daily Saturdays) but the pandemic put an end to that plan. With overseas travel still facing continuing uncertainties I wasn't expecting a return of Lufthansa this year. It's very good news for BRS.
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Interesting slots there - 1.5hr turn for an Embraer certain days and 40 mins the others. I can some schedule changes on the horizon when things settle
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Similar to the NCL schedule, so presumably some logic at work!
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Looks as though it's an extension to Loganair's BRS-ABZ route.
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Wonder if they are really keeping a direct flight and the indirect flight to Aberdeen (at similar times), or whether the direct flight will get binned off. Both are showing on sale for now.
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TUI to drop 5 routes from BRS after this summer season;


Holidays may still be available to some destinations using other airlines seats.

Seems the Jet2 effect has begun.
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Interestingly at Stansted they've dropped 4 routes but added frequency on 4 others. Maybe frequency over network coverage is TUI's approach to Jet2 expansion. Lets face it the latter flies to most key destinations at least 3 or 4 times a week, if not daily. One of the reasons I've never flown with TUI personally is you're often more restricted to 7 or 14 night stays.
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There are 14 fewer weekly TUI flights shown for August 2022 than for Augist 2021 which suggests a reduction of one based aircraft. The present timetable for summer 2022 seems capable of being operated by four narrow-bodies and one wide-body.

Apart from the axed routes there are reductions in frequency to Antalya, Dalaman, Hurghada, Palma and Pula.

Of the axed routes Jet2 isn't flying to Chania or Sal, nor to Hurghada or Pula of those routes showing reductions in frequency. Other airlines do fly to these axed/reduced TUI destinations except Sal and possibly Chania, depending on Ryanair's plans for summer 2022.

Whillst on the subject cof Ryanair there is no Malta route from BRS this summer, nor from CWL nor EXT. In fact, Malta has been removed from the BRS Ryanair dropdown list. Ryanair's nearest Malta routes are from Bournemouth and Birmingham. South West England and South Wales have no Malta connectivity with any airline for the coming summer at the moment.
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With the MLA route not operated from BRS that is more years i care to remember . I wonder what the reason is for this.
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Every day has at least 5 short haul departures - fri for example - ibz , mah , tfs ,cfu and skiathos plus 787 to cancun. I reckon the other routes could be re scheduled in.
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