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No EDI is not slot limited
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Actually Edinburgh is slot limited and classed as level 2, agreed not in the terms we'd first think like ATC flow rate.

Night-stopping aircraft and specific stands for Aircraft types require coordination.

From UK Gov:


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Jet2 are adding 3 new Greek destinations for S22 (Preveza, Santorini and Skiathos). They are also bringing back Naples, Izmir and Thessaloniki having cut them for S21. All flights will operate weekly.

Thanks to SeanM1997 for the info.

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I hope this goes ahead. I’ve long felt that Santorini and Skiathos ought to be served from Scotland (at least I don’t think these routes are or have been served in the recent past, if ever). Is JSI-EDI possible on a 738 though? Perhaps they’d need a tech stop (SKG perhaps)?
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With the current new laws surrounding the latest Lockdown and travel restrictions I thought there might be a reduction in International flights. I get it that some are deemed essential for business reasons e.g Edi to CDG and AMS etc

Yestreday saw these flights, can anyone explain for the need

G-EZUO to Tenerife
G-UZHJ to Paphos
G-UZLD to Lanzarote

all Easyjet, were they crew training,cargo or passenger, surely not holiday flights ?
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Returning residents.
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Just because a flight is going to a holiday destination does not mean it has only holidaymakers on board. People live and work in those cities too.

I very much doubt they were anywhere near full, but still, the airline is providing a service those people needed.
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Returning residents, do you mean ex pat brits who have holiday homes ? which way are they travelling ? why would they want to come back to Britain when it's warmer out there. If they are purely holiday makers they have broken the law and should all be fined.

If you look around you, people are still not wearing masks, not sanitising their hands on entering shops, not keeping a safe distance and from local experience not sticking to the laws and still visiting in large numbers to others houses. So if all of that is going on I can bet if a member of joe public is hell bent on going on holiday he will make up some bullshit story and do it ? And they are making it worse for all others.
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You quoted the outbound flights, so it will be those people who have residential rights (you might want to check what is required). The rest of your rant isn't appropriate for this thread.
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If they are resident in Spain then what were they doing in Britain under lockdown rules, a holiday perhaps and the rest of my rant is appropriate, it shows that some people will bend the rules and do what they want, including travel ! I

A chap from Aberdeen recently boasted he flew from there to Manchester for leisure purposes over the Christmas period, the only day he was officially allowed to travel was Xmas day, but even then not south of the border ! My point is he did and just did not give a shit and basically said so. So that proves if the flight are there people will do it ?

I get all your points about business and residents returning, what I just cannot get my head around is the airports and authorites seem to allow people to travel without checking what they are going for, but how would they do that ? so it is open to abuse ?
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Airports and airlines are hungry for revenue and I doubt there are enough UK Border force staff to stop everyone departing and entering the UK to verify their purpose of travel. Two of BAs best performing long haul routes during the holiday period were Dubai and Male.

I just hope the new requirement for having a PCR test inbound to the UK, is not given the same relaxed approach when compared to ensuring that everyone arriving has a completed Passenger Locator Form.
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