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Old 18th Dec 2020, 11:59
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So have EZY acquired additional slots? Wizz seemed to be struggling to get hold of them?
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easyJet have acquired a load of Gatwick slots from Norwegian for based aircraft. About three to four aircraft's worth in all.
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Old 18th Dec 2020, 17:43
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Any guesses when south terminal will reopen?

This year?
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Old 18th Dec 2020, 17:51
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London and much of south east England has just been placed in tier 3. There is a significant likelihood of a third lockdown in England being announced soon
The chance of the South terminal reopening this year is vanishingly small
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Old 18th Dec 2020, 19:24
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Report says EZY will base 4 additional aircraft and launch new routes to Aberdeen, Bilbao and Cagliari
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Old 18th Dec 2020, 19:31
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True Blue

Doha? Do you refer to QR code share?
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Old 18th Dec 2020, 19:33
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Doha 1x Daily on BA metal
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Why did easy get hold of more slots and Wizzair couldn't/can't? Not willing to pay for Norwegian's slots? Aren't they eager to build a hub and go head-to-head with the orange empire? Or do we still don't know what's in store for Wizz at LGW for S21? So far they have only 1 a/c based.
I believe Bilbao isn't a new route but a resumption for U2? Moreover, has BA finally decided what they're going to do with the short-haul LGW network? Is it staying put or getting transferred again to LHR?
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I think once the plans are confirmed to split British Airways into a somewhat BOAC and BEA type operation, more will be known.
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Old 19th Dec 2020, 06:48
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Sorry I meant 2021, My mind has already moved into the new year!
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Buster - where do you get this from ? They have just combined their cabin crew fleet to do both.
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Buster the Bear

Perhaps as a behind the scenes paper exercise but nothing more and certainly nothing the public would be aware of.
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Based on the current schedule loaded for mid July 2021 BA plan to operate the following long haul frequencies:

Accra - Daily
Antigua - 6 x Weekly
Cancun - Daily
Doha - Daily
Grenada (via St Lucia) - 2 x Weekly
Islamabad - 6 x Weekly
Kingston - 3 x Weekly
Las Vegas - 3 x Weekly
Mauritius - 3 x Weekly
Orlando - Daily
Port of Spain (via St Lucia) - 4 x Weekly
Providenciales (via Antigua ) - 1 x Weekly
Punta Cana - 3 x Weekly
St Kitts (via Antigua) - 2 x Weekly
St Lucia- 6 x Weekly
Tampa - 5 x Weekly
Tobago (via Antigua) - 2 x Weekly

All flights will be operated by a 3 class 777.
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New Wizz route (Malaga)
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replaces Naples..?
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Long haul S21

Anyone know what the general picture is looking like at LGW in terms of the summer 2021 long haul schedules and airlines? Mindful that things are highly subject to change given the pandemic, but would be interested to see what and who returns to LGW in the summer.
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No-one has a clue

Maybe by Easter they'll start to see a) how the vaccination programs are affecting transmission and hospitalisation b) which countries are likely to open up first

Until then it's all unknown
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Pretty difficult to argue against that summary. Assumption is that current spike will burn itself out combined with vaccine. The scary question is "What if it doesn't", is there a Plan B ?
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Has the hanger in the northwest corner of the airfield been completed and is it in use?
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The Boeing one? If so yes it's been operation for I think the best part of a year now.
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