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Stands 8-12 are big enough for E190 but not sure they have ever parked on these due to tail height obstacles lining up with ILS? Maybe some dispensation for this although unsure!
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Seen a Stobart E90 parked nose in on one of those stands before so is possible
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I think it was stand 10 or 11 that a Flybe E195 was parked nose out and the APU exhaust burnt the stand number sign on the lamp post.
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Basically there are four stands that th e190 can use unristricted.The others could be possibly be used with nose out,although the ILS could be compromised ,something that the airport management overlooked many years ago.SOU is heavily restricted in stand aircraft size ,probably more then any other regional airport.
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Shocking decision back then to sell off the Royal Mail site!
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if we ever get an A320 operator wanting to start an operation they are currently restricted to 3 at a time between stands 1 - 5 , as an A320 requires 1 1/2 stands, which is why they are planning to widen them, and re-designate them as stands 1 - 4. If that is done we can accommodate 4 A320 at a time.
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BACF schedule


BA2907 SOU 09:15 EGC 11:45 7
BA2909 SOU 14:20 EGC 16:50 6
BA2909 SOU 17:30 EGC 20:00 2

BA2908 EGC 10:15 SOU 10:45 6
BA2910 EGC 16:20 SOU 16:50 2
BA2910 EGC 17:30 SOU 18:00 6


BA2937 SOU 13:20 BER 16:15 7
BA2938 BER 21:40 SOU 22:35 5


BA2900 SOU 09:00 EDI 10:30 7
BA2939 EDI 19:15 SOU 20:50 5


BA2927 SOU 14:50 FAO 17:50 6
BA2928 FAO 18:40 SOU 21:25 6


BA2921 SOU 07:30 FLR 10:40 7
BA2921 SOU 14:40 FLR 17:50 6

BA2922 FLR 11:25 SOU 12:30 7
BA2922 FLR 18:35 SOU 19:40 6


BA2915 SOU 06:45 IBZ 10:10 6
BA2915 SOU 07:55 IBZ 11:20 7

BA2916 IBZ 10:55 SOU 12:20 6
BA2918 IBZ 12:45 SOU 14:10 6


BA2911 SOU 11:30 LIG 13:55 6
BA2912 LIG 14:35 SOU 15:00 6


BA2925 SOU 14:20 AGP 18:15 7
BA2925 SOU 15:05 AGP 19:00 6

BA2924 AGP 12:15 SOU 13:55 6


BA2933 SOU 10:00 JMK 15:50 7
BA2934 JMK 15:20 SOU 17:15 6


BA2931 SOU 15:45 NCE 18:50 6
BA2932 NCE 19:35 SOU 20:30 6


BA2903 SOU 08:00 PMI 11:25 7
BA2903 SOU 08:05 PMI 11:30 6

BA2902 PMI 11:45 SOU 13:10 6
BA2904 PMI 12:10 SOU 13:35 7
BA2904 PMI 12:20 SOU 13:45 6

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It is still a considerable cost that EZY, RYR, EXS etc generally don’t have and is proportionate to the size of the aircraft - plus you need standby cover etc and there is also associated loss of efficiency of crews as they spend their working days (Friday pm, for example) positioning for Saturday earlies.

Taxi costs also add to the total bill.

Stansted was also considerably closer to London City than Southampton is.

Best wishes to SOU and CFE but all the above will hit the bottom line.
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The crews HOTAC costs will be covered by a return club fare to Mykonos by the look of the prices
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I understand the need to operate aircraft in/out of Southampton through W-Pattern to save on positioning flights, but what is the rationale for operating only 1 inbound Malaga flight but with 2 outbound... and 2 outbound Palma but 3 inbound. How will half of the passengers get back from Malaga?
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That's a very good point!

Perhaps there will be tweaks made to the schedule nearer the time.
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Great news for SOU that they've picked up some extra routes for S21, something quite positive after the extension decision delay etc. I can see France doing really well, not so confident initially on a few of the others but time will tell I guess, price will be key, good to see a BA presence returning.
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It will all be E190 as the !70's will have left the fleet by then. One 170 will go in Dec and the other possibly Jan.
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6 replacement E190’s will have been delivered by summer G-LCAC-H, 4 already delivered to NWI and parked
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Surprised the popular routes of CDG and ALC have not reappeared as yet although BACF donít operate these from LCY either, any other carriers that would be interested?
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Would Air Nostrum consider sending a CRJ 900 or 1000 from Alicante to Southampton ? Would a CRJ have payload issues with SOU's runway ?
Or is Ryanair's route from Bournemouth to Alicante too strong a competitor ?
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It was never their's (BAA) in the first place. Gazeley Developments bought the whole airport site off Nat Somers, BAA then bought the current site and the still undeveloped NE corner, deciding that they didn't need the site that Royal Mail sorting office was built on. It was then all downhill with future deveopment opportunities, including the nonsensical decision made by their then MD to (against all operations staff advice) build the short term car park right up to the boundary fence, rather than leave room to extend Stands 7-12 to permit nose-in jet parking.

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I'd say no stronger than the Faro, Malaga and Palma routes BACF are going to be competing against RYN on. CDG and AMS would be good routes to add by another carrier.
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KLM will be back on AMS in Feb I think, unless there's been a change I'm not aware of.
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