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How many operators did the service have in the past 5 to 10 years? The honesty is people do not care who the operator or airline is as long it flies cheaper than chips and on the time I want.... people pretend to care but the route is to thin to be viable it hasnt been stable in any of the recent years, and flying connecting pax inro LHR is no money maker also, it is nice seat fillers... but these "regional routes" are gonzo.. ... Loganair will not make it, it is working now with all the support it gets and payment of goverment on the route as well as for the staff who is at home... When the goverments in Europe stop the wage subsidy scheme... brace for impact....

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Fair enough - I retract my opening comments which were unduly harsh. The explanation still stands and is hopefully of interest.
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Worth noting that Loganair were denied slots for S21. Currently there’s slot alleviation still in force for W20/21 however going into S21 here’s hoping they can lease the slots from a different Airline!

Could really do with a codeshare when things do go back to normal (at least with the IOM borders)
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There is a strong chance LM will get temporary slots at LHR either through rule relaxation or slot sitting for another airline....but by S22 they’ll be searching for slots elsewhere - back to LCY or STN
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BA are offering slots to multiple airlines currently to sit on them for up to 3 years on their behalf. Loganair isn't the only airline slots are being offered to.
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It restores my faith in reliable regional connectivity after what the regions - and Isle of Man - have had to deal with previously.
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Jump starting using another EJR is a practice that is legal and authorised in the EJR technical ramp manual. A large clamp is put into the donar aircrafts air start connector check valve allow the pnematic transfer. It was a once only operation to get the aircraft with the U/S APU out. Nothing dodgy or illegal. Worth checking facts before one posts.
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There was no insinuation of illegitimacy over the technique.
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Do we expect there to be any further passenger ATRs which are operated on a more permanent basis than G-FBXA and 'XB? It seems likely.
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They are planning on replacing the Saab 340 fleet with ATR’s. They already have 4 ATR 42 passenger versions, with I think another 5 due this year. In addition to the 2 Passenger ATR72’s.
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I seem to be losing my memory... What I really meant to ask was whether we would see any more passenger ATR 72s - perhaps after the relatively short leases on the current two expire. Thank you for your reply though.
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Small fry, but every little helps: Loganair have won the tender for the Orkney Islands Inter-Island contract.
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Which other airlines were credible candidates for the Orkney contract ?
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Directflight won a similar tender in Shetland last year so may have been a credible candidate for Orkney too.
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Our guys in Kirkwall had heard Directflight / Airtask had bid this time. There were rumours of another bidder in the equation as well but don’t know who. Good to see this stay in place with all of the history behind it - some of the best flying in Loganair.
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During summer 2020, what happened to demand from people who were not island residents for leisure travel to/from Shetland, Orkney and Western Isles once things were allowed to open up again ?
Was there a surge of interest as people decided going abroad was too risky with travel corridors closing suddenly, or did people decide they wanted somewhere hot and sunny ?
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Saw an interview with Jeremy Clarkson the other day talking about the next episode of "Grand Tour". Not being able to go abroad, they decided to go to the Outer Hebrides to film - they couldn't go anywhere without stumbling over another film crew who had had the same idea...

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There was some leisure travel into the islands last summer but very little. It's a very sensitive point if you are coming from a higher-infection area into an island with low Covid rates but also very limited healthcare facilities. Even when travel was permitted, it certainly wasn't encouraged.
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We went to Shetland in August and there were a few tourists but most probably went by ferry as the flight schedules were still thin. Also, only a few hotels were open and museums and attractions were very restricted if open at all. The season was a bit of a write off particularly as it effectively ends in September. Having said that, the weather was incredibly good and it was a pleasure to see the islands at their best. Had the weather been more traditional it would have made for a dull holiday for all but the toughest nature/walking types as most venues were closed. I can imagine there will be a greater interest this year if we can just get out of these restrictions.
Nice to see Shetland being practical. Taking cash on the ferries was an issue so they just took your name and address and let you on for nothing. I received a modest ferry bill from SIC a couple of months later.
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Inverness/Sumburgh nonstops

I've noticed a mostly fortnightly series of INV/LSI nonstop schedules have recently appeared in the booking engine, Th evening northbound, Mo morning southbound, for the next three months or so (LM137/LM132).
Anyone know anything about these?
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