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The latest tax at LHR is referred to as a "UK Exceptional Regulatory Charge" which is misleading is it not?

Yes it reflects "the cost of doing business" but is underhand in its description & of course will certainly help alleviate to a small extent any problems with LHR shareholder value & income.

Oh and LHR do it because they can even if they choose so to "hide" it.
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yes - if you're willing to treat a night in AMS, Paris, DUB or Madrid as part of a holiday you can save a fortune
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I am interested to see what Westjet does.....the report said they are using the slots for Calgary and Vancouver from Terminal 2 and keeping Toronto & Halifax at Gatwick
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Originally Posted by Asturias56 View Post
Long haul pre coivd it was always remarkable how much you could save by avoiding LHR - you pay a BIG premium for using it
Very true, the airlines will charge what the market will support and even with LGW and STN being an option to avoid higher prices at LHR this is still true.
Caveat being you can get some really good fares on routes with strong competition, LHR-JFK has price dumping in Y as the frequency is high to support the pointy end. Well, pre COVID anyway, God only knows what that'll look like soon, hopefully bounce back.
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Originally Posted by southside bobby View Post
The latest tax at LHR is referred to as a "UK Exceptional Regulatory Charge" which is misleading is it not?
As I understand it ...

LHR charges are set by the regulator, otherwise they would be in a monopoly position. In Covid, they have lobbied the regulator that they need to have increased charges to recover their loss in this period, which the regulator has accepted. I would not have. LHR will be in the best position to recover quicker than any other airport, as the slots will rapidly fill back up before anywhere else, including transfers from other airports, Gatwick in particular of course. Now if the Exceptional Charge had been levied at Heathrow, collected by the regulator and used to disburse to the other worse-off airports in compensation, I could see some merit in that. But no, it's going straight out of the door again to Ferrovial and their fellow-traveller investors who just saw Heathrow as a Cash Cow opportunity.

Has the Exceptional Charge been given a time limit, say one or two years?
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Taxi waiting fee tripled

Next move in the Ferrovial money grab is to triple the fee charged to each taxi picking up at the airport

Heathrow to treble taxi pick-up fee from July | Financial Times (

Given that the taxi trade has been decimated by Covid and the lack of passengers at the airport, plus the competition from Ubers who don't pay anything, it just seems mad. I would have thought they would want to support one of their business components and partners, not the opposite.

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An accurate report, not behind a paywall. They are recovering the cost of taxi waiting sites. Hope they end up with a taxi boycott.
It also started a few years ago, banning local private hire vehicles collecting passengers, by insisting they go into a car park, min 3.50 +
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Uber continue to pick up at the set-down areas for nothing. They just drive round and round, making a nuisance of themselves.

Regarding the black taxis, this is just exploiting a loophole in the regulations which a clever HAL beancounter has found. There is of course little operating cost in the taxi waiting area, but they can load the supposed asset value of the asphalt etc into the calculations, where the regulator requires them to charge only a fee to cover their costs. With next to no business this last year, they can claim a "loss" from the few taxis around, and thus "recover the loss" by tripling the charge.

If the regulator had any balls they would reject all this outright.
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There has been a taxi waiting park as far back as 1975, pre HAL, Ferrovial have monetised it calling it a service. The current park is on waste land, no need for shops or office building. Re Uber, HAL told them to ring fence their communications to keep drivers away, to prevent this current action, and make them pay for parking.
You can park your car nearby in the west, in the green belt, much cheaper than any service commissioned by HAL.
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May have been asked before: During the reduction to one operational runway, did HAL bring forward any runway maintenance to save time and money later? My guess is No.
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Yes - during the first lockdown 09R/27L was closed permanently for a few weeks to carry out significant maintenance. Now that work is complete it is routine maintenance on whichever runway is closed for the week, which makes planning these routine works a lot simpler..
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The move to single-runway operations was driven by the reduced demand. The opportunity to do maintenance on the closed runway was a consequence of that.
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