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Old 4th Apr 2021, 16:22
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A 757 could do it in one hop but would need about 10kts headwind for T/O. Calm/35C and you can only get about 13 tonnes of fuel on board, which
would be a bit light.
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Old 9th Apr 2021, 09:24
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I see that Jet2 have seen sense and pushed back their restart to the 24th June.
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Old 9th Apr 2021, 12:41
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Not sure customers with flights or holidays booked in June to places like Malta, Madeira or the Algarve would agree they’ve “seen sense”.

More of a knee jerk reaction to send a message of disapproval to the government than anything.
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Old 9th Apr 2021, 13:22
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considering for a family of 4 you could end up paying 400+ for tests one way, makes sense. Nobody will fly (unless your super rich)
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Old 9th Apr 2021, 13:31
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I think you're spot on with that analysis. Making leisure travel elitist was probably the worst thing the government could have done. just think of those hard working "key workers" who are now going to be denied their holidays as they couldn't afford the potential 400 for covid tests for a family of 4? It would have been better to have banned leisure travel until the end of June to see how infection rates in key holiday destination pan out over the next month or so.

Government only thinking of its core supporters again I'm afraid.
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Old 9th Apr 2021, 13:42
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I doubt that even entered their thinking......unless of course it refers to our Bentley owning champagne Socialists down the road where I live.
Such decisions are based on scientific covid advice.
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Old 9th Apr 2021, 13:50
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Some here seem to forget that the world is in the middle of a pandemic with half the U.K population not vaccinated including not a single child who are quite capable of picking up the virus and bringing it back to the U.K. The government is being sensible, Jet 2 can see the reality of the situation while Easyjet doesn’t care and wants people to use the lateral test despite the risks to the U.K.

So how many Jet 2 passengers who failed a lateral test while abroad would admit it and then self isolate in a foreign land at great expense if they thought they could hide any symptoms? I would say not a single one.
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Old 9th Apr 2021, 14:06
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But not everyone who travels is a family of 4, and many could absorb the costs of a PCR tests. There’s also plenty of time for the policy to change, with pressure from the industry, to lateral flow tests or for vaccinated travellers to be exempt from testing from “green” destinations.

Spanish eyes

I’m not sure anybody’s forgot, it’s just that not everyone agrees with you, or the government, and a growing majority believe that the country should return to normality now that anyone who actually dies from this virus has been protected. You’ll also notice that the first two letters of PPRuNe, stands for “professional pilots”. Whilst I’m aware the majority of contributors are spotters, on a website for “professional pilots”, you’d be forgiven for assuming that a lot of people here would like travel to resume to protect their careers and livelihoods.
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Old 9th Apr 2021, 14:06
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I think you'll find that the consensus of scientific advice would have been to extend the travel ban currently in force for a while longer. What the airlines, tour operators and punters have been landed with instead is a complete fudge and fog. Personally my view hasn't changed. No point in booking trips anywhere outside the UK for the time being since, from my perspective I'd rather not book than be disappointed when a much anticipated break gets cancelled.
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I would say that the greatest Covid risk comes from (possibly infected) inward pax travelling to the UK , hence the test requirement for arrivals. I tend to agree with Jet2's position on delaying flight re-starts, hopefully, by June covid infection rates might have fallen. Turkey in particular, currently has very high rates of infection.
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Old 9th Apr 2021, 17:13
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We seem to be drifting away from the topic of Jet2 towards a discussion of UK policy on foreign travel... perhaps best discussed in a thread more geared towards the topic so that it can gain a wide audience instead of being hidden inside a Jet2 thread ?
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Old 10th Apr 2021, 07:42
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Jet Blast??
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Old 10th Apr 2021, 12:27
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Spanish eyes

I think, if anything, Jet2 are just being realisitc with the likely slow opening of borders. The case rate in many parts of Europe is sky-high compared to here. The government here are obviously going very slowly in comparison to the big bang opening we saw last summer.

It depends on your definition of child, but the Pfizer vaccine is licensed for those aged 16 and above. They've completed the trial for kids aged 12-15 and submitted that for approval to the FDA in the US. I imagine they'll do the same here in the near future.
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Old 11th Apr 2021, 08:17
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If anything Jet2 are being quite optimistic at this time, considering the present line the UK government is taking.
I can quite understand this view being publicly aired as they are encumbered to sone extent to their shareholders. I took a look at the RyanAir latest financial forecasts, and wondered how on earth Jet2 are getting along with cash if those guys are having such a bad time and forecasting a 2022 year at best a break even, looks like a real horror comic for airlines.

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Old 11th Apr 2021, 09:22
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davidjohnson & Dorking ; Agreed. I was thinking exactly the same and in my Sunday lurk about I see the Corvid debate creeping a lot of threads. Unfortunately, I and others, are no longer allowed to even access the JB forum for stepping too hard on too many gentle toes. Before being banned altogether, may I sneak in a quickie though ?

Only last night, overheard that the vaccination programme has still not resulted in certification. Taking uncertified medication (still under test, therefore ) leads to nullification of medical & travel insurance.

Be assured that this is a meak & gentle request for comment from those more worthy, like ATN, from a very nervous member.

On thread, of course J2 is making the correct judgement under almost impossible to handle, conflicting decreee.
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Old 11th Apr 2021, 09:48
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With rights issues, etc Jet2 are in a (relatively) strong financial position. They have access to plenty of cash over the coming period so no concern there. I'd imagine they are expecting an extremely profitable summer 2022 if the vaccine programme in Europe continues as it's going.
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Ryanair are looking at a different theatre though. They will recover well on leisure routes in the corridors that are open, such as UK to certain Mediterranean regions, canaries and Turkey etc. Where they will suffer is the other fine margin intra-Europe routes, where people may choose not to fly rather than be unable to fly.

There is still huge demand out of the UK for warm weather holidays, and there always will be. As long as those destinations need the business, and the UK government allows a corridor, there is money to be made. If there isn’t enough supply because of restrictions, then prices go up and the few lucky enough to have the extra cash will pay for the privilege.

I agree that 2021 is a write off, and although 2022 won’t see all countries 100% vaccinated, history suggests pandemics behave as follows - big first wave, second even deadlier wave, then settle into less severe normal seasonal illness. And that is without vaccination considered. I think 2022 won’t be anything like this year for Europe.
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First off, I believe Jet2 are to be commended in taking the lead; you might have expected that perhaps TUI would have been in the vanguard of delaying once again the summer start. I was just scanning through the new case 7 day incidence from Johns Hopkins University and frankly you just can't see the UK turning any major holiday destinations to "green" in May, except possibly Portugal who's incidence has fallen dramatically, and Malta. Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Turkey are not going to be anywhere near by mid May, so the hope must be thing may have improved from both new case incidence and vaccination rate perspectives. Jet2 have made a good call, even though it won't be universally popular.

As regards your other point regarding vaccine certification, I must admit I was under the impression that AZ, Moderna and Pfizer had all been fully certified (by UK). If they haven't and travel insurance in thus voided then that's a rather large can of worms that could be opened.
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Time will tell if Jet2 have made the correct call, and indeed I wouldn't be surprised to see others follow suit. What I don't get is why they needed to make that call at the start of April other than (as a previous poster mentioned) to send a message to the government. Say Portugal and Malta are on the green list, are you really not going to fly to those countries for over a month of the summer season just because Spain, Greece etc are not open - surely you maximise all opportunities to make money where you can? This is why I think other airlines are maybe holding fire for the time being, things can change a lot in a month. Also, with regards to TUI - they may end up cancelling all flights as Jet2 have done, but with Mexico, Dominican Republic, Barbados and to a lesser extent the US doing well, there's the opportunity to start a limited long haul programme alongside a few short haul destinations such as Morocco and Portugal.
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I believe, as always, Jet2 are looking after their customers.

it may be disappointing news but any customer who is due to pay the balance for a holiday from early June until June 23 knows that they will not now need to make the payment and the deposit will be returned. Happy customers.

Any holiday, that is already paid for departing after 17 May and up until 23 June, will be refunded - other competitor holiday company customers will still be expected to pay any outstanding balance up to 23 June whilst they await a decision from that Company.
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