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ford cortina

i think if the airlines aren’t flying by September then all of them will be in the same boat in terms of negative cash (own cash). Remember back to that EasyJet meeting that leaked - “if they don’t have a good summer then they might not make it to winter” - most airlines will be in the same scenario.
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Irishlad06, Yes I remember the Easyjet audio well. I am sure many will be in a bad way come the end of summer if there is no opening up.
I am not bashing jet2 at all.
All I have posted is their own words. They are all there for all to see. If you are not happy with them, there is not much I can do.

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Okay tom776257, I have not once said anything different. I dont quite understand why there is so much defensiveness going on here for Jet2, I am more than sure Philp Meeson is perfectly able to do just that.

All I have stated is their own words, I personally do not have any worries that they will not survive, I am sure they will. Although seeing the eliegbility for the CCFF has changed and the company are currently in a review process with Her Majesty's Treasury, it has been quite prudent to make a share issue.

I must say however, I dont share your
optimism for the Government Bailing out any weak airlines, their track record would say otherwise, after all someone will take the slack up quite quicky.
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There are positive signs there might be an agreement for restriction-free travel to Greece possibly as early as May. Jet2 would be well placed to take advantage of that. The UK along with Israel could even have virtually an exclusivity deal in earlier months at least.
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Apparently LS are looking at going back to Chambery Airport (CMF) for winter 2021 season as well as a possible aircraft based in LGW for peak winter running charter flights to Lapland and Ski destinations. All still to be confirmed.
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I agree Airport Planner1. I think there is a lot to be optimistic about now we have a credible roadmap for getting out of this dire situation. To be honest with arrival of the vaccines, despite a few jitters over variants that can be managed, it is only a matter of time. I think Greece and likely Cyprus will be on the cards this summer and if Spain pulls it's finger out we will get that as well. Being a regular visitor to Spain with interests there I will be surprised if they don't get on top of things by the summer as they won't want to lose another tourist season.
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I see Chambery has reappeared on the schedule for this winter. After the weather/lack of aids/big hill in the wrong place debacles of a couple of years ago it came as a surprise. Has something changed in the procedures or are the local authorities paying jet2 to fly there?
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Chambery was a new route announced last week !
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New to BHX maybe but previously operated from many bases. As 2Planks stated with some operational challenges. I have no inside knowledge, but imagine if that's where the skiers want to go and you risk losing their business to a competitor if you don't fly there, then you take the risk with the operational pain to ensure the commercial gain.
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As a skier with a keen interest in the area, Chambery has only one advantage, it's half an hour closer to the Tarentaise resorts than GNB and an hour or so less than GVA. Attractive to the tour ops who provide buses for their punters but the lack of public transport is a pain for the DIYers. Other than that it is an overcrowded shed with limited facilities on Saturdays. And most skiers know that when it goes wrong it goes wrong big time, normally a couple of times a season.

I spend a lot of time (As far as an ex FJ Nav can) explaining the issues of a 40 day a year airport and the unique operational challenges of the terrain and that a better ILS would not help.

Generally, I find most people skiers would rather avoid it. Putting all the investment into GNB, with a bigger terminal and apron, would get my vote. But with CMF and GNB being in different departements that's unlikely to happen. Hence, my suspicion that the incentives at CMF must be very good....
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A strange choice for jet 2 in my opinion as they don’t appear to do ski holidays as such, with Chambery with its limited transport for diy
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Jet 2 do provide ski holidays and in fact launched their ski programme earlier this week....check out the website for details
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Jet2 do not offer any Ski holidays. They offer flights to Ski destinations but not holidays.

If you go on such sites as Neilson you'll see that you can book a Ski holiday with them and they utilise a flight.
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Notwithstanding the merits or not STN has traditionally seen Chambery weekend flying each season by AWC with the B757 & latterly BAW with the 190 too.
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Maybe the tour operators have got big seat allocations? offer jet2 cant refuse/turn away..
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The commercial risk is taken away somewhat from Jet2 as the tour operators will be responsible for getting bums on seats, whilst Jet2 is paid to fly regardless of how full/empty the aircraft is.
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clearly the tour operators have not chartered full aircrafts as seats are available to book direct at, like Fly Wild states - commercial risk is taken away/reduced
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The TIMETABLE under the 'Info' heading seems to have disappeared from the Jet2 website.
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yeah I’ve noticed that. Wonder if it’s because they keep changing so much at the moment.
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Its quite normal now for tour operators to take allocations on flights, so one might take 30 seats, another 40 etc, and for Jet2 to sell what’s left.
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