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Hans Airways

Old 14th Aug 2020, 16:25
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As I said, worth taking this one seriously. The CAA will not publish the applications unless they’ve received the funds to accompany them. There are several airline people of good standing involved in this.

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Old 14th Aug 2020, 16:41
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Kindly look at UK CAA website. Disappointed with your comparison
Kindly make your checks before commenting. Not sure of your credentials
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Old 14th Aug 2020, 22:22
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I think we've all been around enough to know nothing is real until there's more skin in the game here. I could submit a Type A application tomorrow and it doesn't need much investment to make the actual application.

I'd still question anyone in their right mind investing in this style of setup right now. But they've certainly made a more definite step with the CAA than most other stuff we see here.
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Old 15th Aug 2020, 16:16
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I love it, the silly season has started. All it needs is the BBC to pick up the story and those investors will be queuing up. Follow the history of Fast Jet in Africa, which had far greater claims to credibility, to see how investors dreams turned to dust.
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Old 15th Aug 2020, 16:48
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So we know that there is long standing demand from BHX to Amritsar that has been served indirectly by a myriad carriers over the years.

A new start up with some established industry players and links into the target market offers direct flights on modern (cheap) widebodies, and its a pipedream??
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Old 15th Aug 2020, 17:00
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Did Richard Branson not once define a millionaire as a billionaire who tried to fund an airline? I suspect in most cases this is somewhat true.
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Old 17th Aug 2020, 13:36
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Not a pipedream to set up an airline. All it needs is folk willing to dig deep into their pockets. Study FastJet, MaxJet, SilverJet and Air Wales for a demo. The question is whether it can be profitable and here I do not believe it can. The production of a non-working, grammatically error ridden web site doesn't fill me with confidence. Neither does the BOD!
Time will tell.
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Old 17th Aug 2020, 14:23
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What's all this about Amritsar when this thread started off as MXP & PAR and the only route not so bookable on their website being MXP?

Just a brief irecap of BHX to MXP operators, perhaps the first was Birmingham Executive with SF340's, quite appalling load factors whilst the aircraft rudders were prone to freezing up over tha Alps, moving forward Maersk Air with BAC1-11's, obviously such a resounding success that they are no longer present, then Duo with lesser sized variants of CRJ's, they went tits up, then BA Connect with Embraer pocket rockets, BA sold them off PDQ, Flybe took the route on presumably with Q400's, they went tits up ... So how do we overcome all these past failures ... Hey, we put a wide-body Airbus on the route!
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Old 17th Aug 2020, 14:46
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Bit harsh! None of the 'past failures' you refer to can be blamed solely on the performance over the years of BHX-MXP route.....when operated by BE (using the E170 and E195 jets, if Q400 was used it was only occasional and because of non availability of an E Jet) it had good LF's and commanded decent fares but I do agree, planning to use a wide body on this route is utterly farcical.
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Old 17th Aug 2020, 15:20
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I stand corrected

I travelled BHX/FCO/BHX and/or BHX/MXP/BHX on a number of occasions and Swiss, via ZRH, suited my needs perfectly even though, at the time, there were direct flights with BACON (MXP) and Jet2 (FCO).
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Old 22nd Apr 2021, 02:00
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Hans Airways

Anyone had dealings with them ? Sounds quite similiar to FlyPop...
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Old 22nd Apr 2021, 10:06
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Seen this sort of fund raising with Firnas Airways who started off with widebody ambition and ended up with a Jetstream 31 before they failed to get an AOC.

Hasn’t flypop nicked their market?
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Old 3rd May 2021, 10:33
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Aviation Week are reporting that Hans Airways "plan for imminent launch"
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