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W17/18 Summary

As usual, here is a summary of this Winter's flights, please let me know of anything I may have missed.

Crystal Ski

Turin - 1 weekly Thomson 738

easyJet Switzerland

Geneva - 5-6 weekly 319/20

Hays Travel

Barbados - 04/11, 24/11 - TUI 787


Bergen - 05/11, 21/02
Tomso - 09/03

All operated by Germania

Newmarket Holidays

Pajala - 18/12 (Santa Trip)


Northern Lights Flight - 15/03

P&O Cruises

Barbados - TUI 767/787 02/02, 10/03

Ryanair - (1 based 738)

Alicante - 2-3 weekly 738
Faro - 2 weekly 738
Krakow - 2 weekly 738
Malaga - 2-3 weekly 738
Malta - 2 weekly 738
Tenerife South - 1 weekly 738

Santa Holidays

Ivalo - 02/12, 08/12 Operated by Small Planet

Super Break

Akureyri - 22/01, 26/02 - Enter Air

TUI - (1 based 738)

Arrecife - 2 weekly 738
Kittila - 20/12
Las Palmas - 1 weekly 738
Paphos - 1 weekly 738 (ops during November and 28/02-)
Tenerife South - 2 weekly 738


Enontekio - 16/12 (Santa Trip)
Kiruna - 21/01, 01/02 (Northern Lights Trips)

Both using Enter Air


Average of between 23 and 27 weekly departures, or 3-4 per day.

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W17/18 Summary

Thanks adfly for your compressive list,it's always interesting to see what's going on at Bournemouth I wish there was more but that's another story,I have added a few extra which I still hope are operating:

05/11 Bergen Hurtigruten Cruises
24/11 Barbados Hays Only Charter
08/12 Ivalo Santa Flight
221/ Akyurei Superbreak 4 Day holiday
21/2 Bergen Hurtigruten Cruises
26/2 Akyurei Superbreak 4 Day holiday
15/3 North Lights Omega 3 Hour flight

If anyone has any more info then please add.
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Thanks to martinairmd11 and also MARKEYD for the extra information. Seems to be a fairly substantial number of one off flights this winter which is good to see, as the 'core' operations are looking pretty flat.
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Bournemouth had a good Sept with passengers up 7.3 % to 77, 000 through the terminal

Will give a bit more detail when the figures become available
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Nothing new for the winter 2018 /19 season with TUI unfortunately , just the usual collection again

Superbreak have added a departure to Seville in March 18 using Enter air
They seem to have expanded there departures from UK regional airports quite considerably recently. They may well take over from where Newmarket Holidays left off for next summer , who knows though !
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Rumour about Airport Sale from local pape

Bournemouth Airport 'sale' rumours after one of Britain's richest men flies in | Bournemouth Echo
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If this is true it could be a double edged sword.

Advantages are that MAG seem not to know what to do or how to handle this size of airport and have probably been responsible for some of the losses at BOH in recent times. BOH seems to have all but dropped off MAG's radar in terms of new route development. Rigby group will hopefully be able to focus a little more and start to compete more effectively for business. Not sure if the site would also include the aviation park which is quite profitable to MAG.

Negatives are that Rigby group will not be able to afford anything like the economies of scale that MAG was able to offer so further investment in the airport will most-likely stop. They are also working with some of the smallest and most niche type airports in the UK including Norwich and Exeter - neither of which are Ryanair customers. I doubt that one of the 'richest men in england' will know how to deal with o'leary and his demands.
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Rumour of sale

Nothing has been confirmed yet so hold your horses. Exeter and Norwich do quite well for their markets in terms of basic offerings and consistent year on year growth albeit small. Bournemouth could benefit from the more attentive management a new owner might provide.
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If a sale to the person mentioned goes through it may not bode well for BOH. Look what he has done to Coventry, ATC downgraded to AFIS. Next stop the planning application for non-aviation use for the site?

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Lots of rich people fly on biz jets, doesn't mean they all want to buy the airport they land at. I'd need more evidence before i made a speculation
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September was a good month for Bournemouth and saw 78 , 067 passengers use the airport up 8 %

TUI as usual had high loads on all of there flights with the new Naples service averaged about 185 pax per flight and high loads on the Palma service again
Dalaman finished the season with about 160 pax per flight on a Freebird A320

Ryanair had equally good loads with Murcia and Gerona doing well with average loads of 189 and 175 pax per flight respectively

Krakow again averaged about 176 pax per flight

All very quite now though !
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Time TUI added a second based aircraft and collaborated with Thomas Cook on some new services like Funchal, Fuerteventura, Almeria, Verona, Kos, Skiathos, Dubrovnik, Pula, Split, Reus etc etc - plenty to occupy a second based aircraft and not offered by any other carriers from this region/catchment
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good choice for the locals and similar stuff to Palmair

Thomson's have always been 'stuck in the mud' and are loathe to enter new markets until the boat has usually sailed

no idea why they adopt this stance - BOH could be very lucrative again with IT's but as with EXT they seem to fiddle and meddle with gold standard products that sell - meanwhile the likes of Easyjet from BRS and LGW plus BA from LHR are creaming off the leisure routes
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Bournemouth Airport handled 69,000 pax in Oct'17 apparently flat compared to Oct'16 but if compared with Oct'15 has lost 10,000 pax in the month (Flybe?)

Source: news just released from MAG (not CAA stats yet)
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Absolutely agree with the last 2 posts regarding new IT destinations from Bournemouth , its what Bournemouth does really well and always have done and what Southampton does really well with is scheduled services !!

Thomas Cook would be a welcome addition with new destinations to compliment TUI , but they really do seem safe with the 1 based aircraft .

Naples was the only new destination this year and has done really well so I am surprised they haven't expanded .

TUI could quite easily get 3 rotations a day in on some days if like Exeter they did night flights but I am not sure how this would happen as I am guessing they are heavily restricted on opening times at BOH ( something they could start to discuss with MAG about opening times ? )
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Need to look at history - Thomas Cook used to operate from BOH - pulled out. Thomsonfly (as was) used to have two based aircraft - now have only one. I think they both know how to run their businesses.
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the ThomsonFly ''lo-co'' attempt from BOH and other regional airports with 737-300 and 500 was pretty much a disaster for them and they pulled out PDQ

we are talking here about pure IT package holidays - not attempting to go against the likes of Ryanair or EZY selling (sometimes) cheap flight only

Jet2 have a very good package holiday model and have now entered STN in a big way.
as Jet2 was born from BOH as channel express one wonders if they are waiting to see if they can go into Hurn and make a go of it
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the business case would suggest it makes sense, they already operate from the other 3 MAG airports (questionable, given the rumoured sale)

They would probably question the lack of links and it's proximity to London, particularly LGW, which might scare them a little

It'll have to be years down the line though, they've already got their hands full with BHX/STN growth
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I would suggest Jet2 are an unlikely addition to Bournemouth any time soon. They have expanded at all of their bases, and each has a substantial number of aircraft based. BOH could sustain no more than one or two, so would be much less attractive.
They don't seem frightened of competition, so I would expect their next base (geographically) to be either Gatwick or Bristol.
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What Do You Think Will Help

We hear a lot of reasons why airlines don't choose Bournemouth. What would make BOH attractive to new services? Direct link from A328, half hourly shuttle service to the rail and coach station, any other suggestions to help the MAG sales and marketing team?
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