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Whether the diversion contract means we actually get diverts or not is irrelevant, you are focusing on the completely wrong end of the stick.

What it does mean that there is already ground handling and a landing fees system in place and thus makes potential negotiations easier. That’s the point.
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Indigo have proposed starting long haul low cost flights from next year with A330s, LGW, BHX & MAN mentioned.
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Mentioned in post 976 and is proposed from Oct this year. It’s unlikely to be this year as like when Spicejet applied for MAN this year, they lack the aircraft to do said routes. Would need a lot of training to induct new types too, so wouldn’t be quick.
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Sorry LAX_LHR Looking back, I seem to have unnecessarily negative and in keeping with Moanchester.

I'll take a chill pill before contributing next time.

Just seems to be a glut of airlines that never seem to get over the line. I suppose that's business in today's economy.
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Have any of the long haul posters here ever travelled to China via Helsinki? Obviously a more direct route than any of the ME3, even than LH.

In Oban
Have used them up to Helsinki but not done the haul east with them. Here good tails about them but I use LH for most of Northern China / Japan / "Stans". Southern China usually EK or SQ depending on where, and what else I am doing while. I am not a fan like Mr A Tis of the current CX offering, and to be honest do not mind doing the DXB two step as it breaks the journey a bit, and we have an office there which I have to go to often anyway.

Not glamorous I agree, though sometimes has its moments , and always tiring, but does allow you to meet some quite interesting people, and perhaps gives you a more rounded global view on things. I will probably miss it greatly when I have to stop. Maybe see you at the bar on EK sometime.

Re Jet Airways I would say they are in my experience better than most internal carriers in the sub continent but that bar is not set very high shall we say. Still use EK for all sub continent visits so internal flights only with Jet. In fact sometimes use the trains which can be fun. Could make T1 or T2 immigration more fun depending on arrival time. Do not think there is any chance of Virgin doing the route and probably would still stick with EK anyway as had experience on Virgin recently while doing route to Houston via Atlanta before I switched to SQ when they started, and was not that good an experience IMHO and SQ direct is very good.
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We obviously can’t control which airlines eventually get over the line, but, the intent is there and that means things can progress at a future date.

In terms of ‘moanchester’, I’m really struggling to understand why this is happening at the moment?

In terms of Spicejet and IndiGo, they physically lack the aircraft to run said routes at the moment, so that’s no slight on MAN.

Easyjet have an awful lot on their plates at the moment. Cabin crew training is so backlogged at the moment, we just need to take what we can get. Even if they do ‘only’ increase by 2, that’s still an increase, is it not, and thus we need to celebrate.

December was still up passenger load wise, despite loosing Monarch and a decent chunk of Ryanair flights. BHx was down despite being in a similar boat, so shows how resilient MAN is at the moment.

The ACL is still reporting about 5% increase in summer seats, and that’s not to say there still won’t be more added at at later date. Just because the slot handback has been, doesn’t mean airlines cannot apply for slots after that date.

There is gloom, clearly there is and even me as mr glass half full can’t deny there are pressures, but on the flip side, I really don’t see why there is such a downer at the moment, there is still a lot of positives going on, including the TP.
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Have used Finnair from both HKG, BKK & CKG in the past. Even a short delay in departing can result in a missed connection in Helsinki. Happened to me once and was then re-routed via LHR.

A colleague used them back to MAN from BKK on Sunday, had a delayed departure, missed the connection and was then rerouted through LHR..... the Finnair promise of the fastest route to/from Asia then evaporates, and the BA flight via LHR, which leaves two hours after Finnair would certainly have quicker in that case.
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Originally Posted by Mr Mac
Re Jet Airways I would say they are in my experience better than most internal carriers in the sub continent but that bar is not set very high shall we say.
I suppose for Indian aviation the great white hope (so to speak) is Vistara eventually offering an airline similar to SQ in its outlook. Quite how long it will take to navigate to a position where it can offer any long haul service at all is anyone's guess...
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Originally Posted by LAX_LHR
In the news today.

Jet Airways has stated that it is looking to start flights to another U.K. city, with Manchester and Birmingham as options.

I feel MAN may be more likely however, as the MAN-BOM market is larger than BHX (BOM being Jetís main hub), MAN is the divert alternative in the U.K. and there is the Virgin partnership to exploit also.

Secondly, IndiGo has applied to serve LGW/MAN/BHX in the U.K from Oct 2018, but BHX May get that one if they are serious about taking over Air Indiaís long haul network. (Of course, by applying for the 3 U.K. airports they may have the intention to start all 3?)
I remember the smiley photos a few years ago Jet Airways CEO and Manchester boss, announcing a joint partnership and flts would start soon..they never did ???

So you would expect Manchester to get first nod.

As for Indigo they are already advertising.. flts from Gatwick Manchester and Birmingham to start this autumn.

Yet they don't have any suitable equipment and have not got approval yet either.

Getting their hands on 787 or A330 will be very hard with not many available.

Perhaps 2nd hand 777s.Unless they take over Air India which is supposedly being put up for sale by the govt this year..
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rumour just been put on airliners of VS/9W doing a split operation 3 days each to DEL from OCT.

VS - 7pm departure 246
9W - 9.30am departure 357
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The 9W shows 0100 arrival in Delhi, doubt that’ll help, and arriving in MAN at 1730 but not departing until 0930 the day after ! That seems like an awful waste of an aircrafts time !
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Would Delta sign off on Virgin doing this?
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Well if it's been posted on you can probably discount that information regarding departure times ex Manchester, not saying that it won't happen but no one actually thinks before they post on that site anymore.

If anyone has been on those forums lately I'm sure that your notice that the site has been taken over by child like fantasists with the most unbelievable topics and comments, it used to be such a good site though, it's a real shame to see how it has declined in the last two years or so.
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Tf-fix the rare b753 on the Icelandair flight today and the 767 due in a couple of times over the next couple of weeks, is this flight due for a permanent upgauge from the standard 752 or is this a simple case of a/c rotation through the schedule? Still, nice to see a 753 especially since TCX gave condor their's back and moved their remaining two to LGW

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Thanks to A5 for list below
There are a number of upgrades due to loadings, February is as follows
Icelandair expected type changes. FI440/1 A1035 D1225
B757-300 8th,11th 14th
B767-300 9th 21st.
I believe that these upgrades will become more common in the future and as I write the 753 is in decent
over the Lake District for Manchester

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Iím surprised there still here to be honest, but I donít expect 2018 to be plain sailing for them!

They have lost Aurigny (all 2 services a day) to another handling agent.

They are supposed to handle Turkish but in recent times Aviator have had to step in at last minute because Menzies gave no men or equipment.

The flybe contract at MAN is up for tender, my understanding is that several handling agents have placed bids, talks still continue?

And with Menzies across the country loosing easyJet (STN/LTN/LGW) itís a matter of time before another handling agent grabs them aswell!

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With one of the favoured mini cab waiting areas gone (T1 petrol station) things are getting out of hand. Just passed that way and there are a good number stopped on the hard shoulder of the M56 spur road and the roundabout at the top of the T2 motorway exit. Never seen the authorities doing anything about it - just seems to be tolerated as far as I can tell.
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It is a problem but to be fair I have seen the police moving them on from the roundabout.
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Although they will be scheduled in from June, the Turkish A330’s seem to be sneaking in a bit more regularly at the moment. 1-2 last week and another one due in this afternoon. Great to see.
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MIDAS & India

The head of MIDAS (Manchester's inward investment agency) is in discussions with India's Minister of State for civil aviation about direct flights to Delhi and Bombay.

Cites that MAN is europe's 6th busiest market in Europe (presumably after LHR, AMS, CDG, MUC, FRA) for traffic to India (almost all of which will be at least one stop). The cited figure is "270k people travelling per year".

I assume this actually means 270k total journeys, rather than 270k people taking multiple journeys (e.g. a round trip). Using this basis, this equates to 380 passengers per day each way, so enough for a daily widebody with some excess. If you add the simulation from a direct route, this may permit a daily service to DEL and the same to BOM.

This is not the be all and end all (usual caveat about yield apply for example) but it is good to see this point in the right direction in light of the recent rumour about VS and Jet (amongst others).
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