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it might also be done to protect de-icing fluid stocks, how much fluid does it take to clear 7cm of snow of an aircraft? I know it can be brushed off but how long does that take per aircraft.

I think my record was 5000Litres on a Heavylift Belfast. for some reason they queried the bill :-)
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Or de-icing fluid costs. With no EU compensation and most hotel-rooms already booked out so little accommodation costs for todys/nights passengers, but potential for EU compensation if delayed tomorrow, we are closing in on that it might not be cost-effective to keep on.
And do any airport practice brushing. That wouldn't really protect against additional snow or re-formation of ice.
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Well football team or not Ryanair operating a FULL first wave of departures this AM comprising of 60 departures to 9AM..nil the plan tho appearing harsh to & for some yesterday ensures FULL network flies today.
Kudos...& a business recovery plan in action & no that is not a new football chant as some try to swerve it.
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Encouraging to observe RYR`s firebreak (as BAW refer to them) in the scheds yesterday worked in operational/commerciality terms for them & for the Terminal today.

Compare & witness BAW at LHR with the ongoing reports now of 50,000 pax stranded worldwide & 3rd world conditions again in T5 yesterday & sub machine gun escorts..

Really just a general observation.
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Not sure what your point is (again).
Armed Police were most certainly present as the Stansted zoo was emptied last night. BA had a really bad day but were sending heavies out til the early hours to get people away. Ryanair didn’t try. Cheaper to refund than run the risk of hotel accomodation on a diversion. Given the huge swathe of cancellations earlier as FR ran out of pilots and the short notice cancellation of all domestic flying, perhaps they genuinely aren’t able to mount a non standard operation.
Why do you keep bringing BA into this? How many passengers were affected by the cancellation of the days FR flying? 189 seats both ways in 2-3 waves times how many based aircraft?

If you’re doing “my airport/airline is better than yours” I don’t really care as I freely admit BA are a calamity on a bad day, I don’t work for them, and even though LHR is now my local I use STN on price when I can with few complaints.

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Just two words EXCELLENT POST
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Busiest November on record for 1.8m pax which is + 5%.
Rolling 12 month pax total now 25.9m.
Cargo for November 26,000+ tonnes which is 12.5%.
Rolling 12 month cargo total now 263,000 tonnes.
Good numbers particularly considering the loss of some RYR scheds with their Winter crewing issues.
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Would it not be Avion Express or Smartlynx as per previous years?
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Coincidence then of course but Small Planet Airlines of Lithuania have today announced the sale of 28 weekly slots at LGW to Norwegian for Summer 2018.
Highlights some fluidity in the London market perhaps.
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Launching a 4 weekly Kristiansand - Stansted flight next August, operated by a Q400. Looks to be primarily aimed at inbound traffic.

Press release here :
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What a great addition...Only familiar with them thru ABR & NCL previously.
In the search engines & a press release on the STN website.
Bit of a coup for MAG.
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Another welcome addition. Takes Stansted now to 21 regular scheduled passenger carriers (not including Titan, BH Air charters etc.), hopefully more to come.
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Again my mate has passed on some figures to me.

Air Mediterranean:
ARR 10 DEP 158
ARR 100 DEP 185
Air Moldova:
ARR 51 DEP 153
BMI (AM Flight):
ARR 28 DEP 42
Jet2 (SZG):
ARR 78 DEP 104
Thomas Cook (ACE)
DEP 202

Personally I think some good loads for all. Happy to see MV have got virtually a full load on the return to ATH. Also TCX going again virtually full to ACE is good to see.
Not sure if this is a new thing or old but my mate said AtlasGlobal take mail onboard as freight.
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Quite decent figures overall thanks...
They could be already reflecting a holiday effect...not so many inbound pax but quite large figures outbound ie homeward bound for the long holiday break.
MV/MAR would be full load factor with a B734.
Mail for AtlasGlobal would all be adding to the revenue for them.
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AtlasGlobal has often had the aircraft upgraded from a 319/320 to a A321 to carry more cargo. Pax figures average around 120-150 pax.

Pegasus on the other hand is always 90-100% full, particularly the night flight.
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I think Wideroe may have served STN previously, in the early 90s. Can't remember where to though, but I'm sure it was a regular or scheduled service.
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The new destinations are
a brave step for Wideroe to take. Hope it works out well for them!
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I don't think Wideroe served Stansted previously maybe the odd flight now and again but never on a scheduled basis, there previous UK airports were Aberdeen and Newcastle.

There was I believe previously a short lived STN to KRS connection by a small Norwegian airline that only lasted a few months.

I hope that Wideroe do well with these new routes and hopefully they may expand further their flights from Norway not just from STN but elsewhere as in reopening NCL.
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The flights were by Norsk Air using Brasilia ac on a sunday rotation they used FK50 i think of Busy bee but maybe Widereo.The flights were always well served so not sure why they ceased used to attend them with a catering company.
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Thanks for the memory & info Keanaga...
As stated the service was commenced by Norsk Air to Stansted with it`s then newly opened terminal..
The service ceased with or before Norsk Air`s financial problems in the late eighties/early nineties.
Norsk Air was subsumed into Wideroe who restarted the flight using the Fk50 of Busy Bee as you say,(I remember the Fk50 but wasn`t aware it was basically a Wideroe service).
I also remember the Busy Bee B732 out of the old terminal North side but that was part the Scandi Sunday influx back in the day.
Records state the destination was Sandjeford in both instances & not Kristiansand KRS as planned now for 2018.
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