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Many thanks, and I'm pleased someone else shares my thought, and I completely agree with you about the 'small' strip from stand 14!
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SOU Facebook page are asking for feedback on a possible return of the Brussels route, maybe this would suit BMI/Brussels Airlines?

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Noticed that yesterday (Sun) Eastern used one of their new ATR72's for the run down from Leeds.
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2.08m passengers for 2017, up 6.1% on 2016, excellent figures. Now to keep/increase footfall!
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December '17 CAA Stats

Southampton handled 150,691 passengers in December, up 2% on the previous year, rounding off the year to be one of solid growth. (2.08m pax and up 6.1%, as stewyb has posted above). Once the full year CAA data is out I'll put together a proper summary post.

Route breakdowns below (fewer than usual as some of routes had varying frequencies for the holidays and xmas, which I don't have the time to go through!). I have also assumed no flights on xmas day, could somebody let me know if this was the case?

Alicante - 67 pax / 86%
Cork - 43 pax / 59%
Dusseldorf - 55 pax / 71%
Munich - 20 pax / 41% (based on all E145, seems low compared to other months)
Paris CDG - 62 pax / 80%

Data from here:
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SOU-MUC update

Apologies for not acknowledging Canberra97's reply sooner but I've been checking the January weekday morning SOU-MUC flights.

19 flights of which; 2 cancelled (=10%); 3 over 2 hours late (=15%); a further 3 over 1 hour late (=15%): 3 30 to 60 minutes late (=15%). So on a 1hr 45min flight only (approx.) 45% arrived on time or with 30 minutes of schedule.

For a business oriented flight are such figures acceptable? Hence my query as to whether BM can keep their customers for this flight, or will it quietly disappear? Or perhaps I should say "disappear more often"?

Update: cancellations etc. continuing into Feb.

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Adfly, you are indeed correct that there were no flights on Christmas Day as the airport was closed.
There have been quite a few E135 rotations on the MUC route but I couldn't give you a number.
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Is there any further updates on 02 RNAV introduction?
This subject seems to have been rolling on for many years without any further development.
I believe that VOR dme approaches were to be discontinued,but as ever with any airside development at SOU there is no news!
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Originally Posted by SWBKCB View Post
Not to go over old ground but this is a very telling article. Clearly this was a meeting of local stake holders to discuss what they were were doing to boost the local economy. I can confirm that pretty much all the plans that the other stake holders tak about have not only started to be built, but in most cases have long since been completed. Meanwhile, all (yes ALL) of the stuff the long in the tooth MD spouts has never seen the light of day. Bearing in mind this article is nearly 4 years old, SOU was suppose to see 30m of investment by now? Apparently a new master plan was due in two years (from 2014) but 2016 has been and gone? Let's not forget that this is coming from the horses mouth, not some rumours in the press. Direct from the MD whilst stood in front of all the key stake holders in the local area. I suppose it would be wrong for me to say that they were nothing more than bare faced lies but how else would you explain such a bullish assessment and 0% follow through? Pretty damning in my opinion.

Incidentally, I see AGS airports has a new chief executive but he will also be MD of Glasgow. I hope this does not mean investment will be skewed towards Glasgow but the best thing he could do for SOU is get some new blood in charge.

In respect of BM, pretty sure they go down to a single rotation over a large part of December so that will need to be taken into account. The Brussels route would be a good move for them. It was successful for a long time but suffered when it went down to a single rotation a day. Judging by the response on SOUs Facebook page there are still a lot of people that would use it.
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Looks like the Munich route is down to one rotation daily as the morning flights have been cancelled for the past couple of days, not good!
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River Joint

There has been very little coming out of the MD at SOU regarding development especially airside.This on the back that he said there would be a significant announcement last Autumn.
SOU needs development to move forward,if the present MD is not able to deliver this,then lets hope that a progressive replacement is implemented ASAP.
If Bournemouth had SOU transport links it would be booming right now, it has in place the appropriate airside aids etc to meet demand.
We can only hope!
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With the jewell in the crown now seemingly north of the border with Glasgow and Edinburgh under AGS ownership, I doubt the new CEO even knows of SOU existence or potential. Guess time will tell as to further developments but suffice to say its for the SOU MD to stand up and be heard loud and clear!!

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AGS own Glasgow and Aberdeen. Edinburgh belongs to GIP, who are the major shareholder in Gatwick.
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Apologies you are quite right
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Dave Lees leaving in the summer to become CEO at Bristol Airport according to a press release from AGS Airports.
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.....awaits incoming from Rivet Joint ;-)
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Looks like the new CEO of AGS has been listening to you Rivet!
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Dave Lees picture and details of his appointment are already on the Bristol Airport website! Nothing so far from the SOU end regarding his replacement?
I believe that the SOU airport consultative Committee meets today so hopefully any update on the Development plan will be on the agenda....I guess that any updates would be made to the local 'stakeholders' before any public announcement?
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Can we expect some news on development now that Dave Lee's had gone,and let's face it he's gone to better things!
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I'd have thought they'd get a new CEO in and up and running?
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