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Nov '17 CAA Stats

Southampton handled 143,587 passengers in November, representing a not inconsiderable 5% decrease on last year (could the timing of school holidays have influenced this?). Some basic route analysis below:

Alicante - 68 pax / 87%
Bergerac - 61 pax / 79%
Cork - 45 pax / 62%
Dusseldorf - 48 pax / 61%
Munich - 21 pax / 43% (assuming all E145)
Nantes - 51 pax / 65%
Paris CDG - 58 pax / 74%

Data from here as always:
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Loads on Easy Geneva doing well and I know they had a full A320 last Sunday. Now that Flybe are ending the Lyon route, this may be an opportunity for EZY to also add Lyon/Grenoble next winter for those resorts in the southern French Alps
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Or even HOP to operate SOU to LYON considering they are expanding operations at Lyon, wishful thinking maybe but it would have been great to have entered 2018 with the announcement of a new airline and possibly new routes at SOU.

I can't see 2018 reaching the same level of passengers as 2017 unless more flights are added.

I really hope that EasyJet make a success of the GVA route and hopefully the airline does consider other opportunities from SOU.
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Disappointing that pax figures are down,but not surprising considering the lack of any further route announcements.I can't see much more being added in the foreseeable future,unless the airport is significantly upgraded airside.Investment is needed,but sadly this has been quoted many times over recent years,to no effect!.
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We all share your enthusiasm for Southampton Airport and we all wish the airport well and I think that we all agree that substantial airside investment is needed but as much as yourself and Stweyb continuously bring it up nothing is going to happen unless we hear otherwise from the management at Southampton Airport.

Like it or not nothing will happen until it happens and it doesn't matter how many times it's mentioned on here there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it so seeing that it is 2018 now and nothing came of the Autumn statement when the management initially said that they would release details of airport investment but it hasn't happened so I guess that we all have to accept it as hard as it sounds :-(
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No more discussions on airside investment from me, I promise, however I can foresee EasyJet adding 1 or 2 further destinations in the near future
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As has been mentioned several times, SOU-GVA is operated by easyJet Switzerland, which has its own team of route strategists. easyJet Switzerland flies to several destinations not served by easyJet UK, and given the close proximity of SOU to both BRS and LGW, I doubt that easyJet UK will commence any routes from SOU in the near future. It is also worth noting that even if easyJet were to add more routes from SOU, they would have to be from one of the 22 operating bases that aren't located in the South of England. There is no chance that easyJet would commence a non-base route.
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Press release from the Geneva launch:

Ali Gayward, General Manager at easyJet said: “We’re delighted, today’s flight is almost full, and we’ve got lots of dates throughout the season that are showing a huge amount of demand – we’re expecting this to be a really successful flight. We’re starting off with three times a week for the ski season, but if it proves successful, which we expect it to be, then we’ll begin to look at what else we can do in the future.”

Not saying it will happen but wouldn't bet against it just yet!
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BM Regional at SOU

Southampton has been my local airport for decades (think DC-3,Heron etc. up to Q400) and is always my preference when a direct flight isavailable, regardless of operator. (AF to Paris fondly remembered for a fullmeal service!).
This year Munich is likely to be one of my destinations, sothe BM service seemed to fit my needs. However, a quick glance seems to indicate appalling timekeeping alongwith excessive cancellations. I alsorecall this route has some sort of subsidy which could, assumedly, be withdrawnat short notice.
I know this is a rumour site but could anyone with realknowledge (not to be confused with wishful thinking) of the BM situation give meany advice please?
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I'm not taking issue with what you've written, I'd just like to ask for a little more information about how this works in practice out of personal curiosity?
I'm assuming that even if the two companies have separate route planning departments as you say, there must be some level of cooperation to avoid duplication of routes or unintended internal competition?
And how does it work when a route is flown by both EZS and EZY? Among other airports, this will be the case from SOU in March and April following the season extension with the Tuesday and Thursday flights flown by EZS but the Saturday flight flown by EZY. So does the Saturday flight technically become a new EZY route as they haven't flown it before, or do EZS when planning the schedule pick up the phone to their EZY counterparts and ask them to provide an A319 to fill a gap in their schedule?
Just interested to know how it all works. Until I read it on here I always assumed that EZS would provide operational equipment and staff on their Swiss AOC, but that all schedule, marketing and other corporate decisions would be made centrally for the whole easyJet group.
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The reason we bring up the airside improvements is simply to illustrate that airlines including HOP etc are not going to happen at Southampton until things change.Indeed the terminal is probably at its max for present operations. Queing outside to enter arrivals with fuel burning fumes is not idea( returning from Ibiza this Summer),Easy have dipped the water at Soton,but like many before it's short term only.
I've flown from SOU many times, domestic seems OK,but higher numbers on Sun routes is another story.
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But we are all aware of that aren't we!

And as far as the press release from EasyJet 'which we've all previously seen' at the launch of the Geneva route well that's just your average reply your always hear in those situations, don't get me wrong I would love to see you EasyJet expand on the Geneva operations to other destinations from Southampton but I generally take those sort of press releases with a huge pinch of salt!

I'm always realistic as well as being optimistic but I never put two and two together and assume anything until it actually happens or at least made official so for now it's just another waiting game to see what new destinations or airlines we can expect at SOU during 2018.
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BTW HOP wouldn't have any issues at SOU regarding airside infrastructure as they have E145 and E170 in their fleet and they are expanding their network from Lyon.
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I think with the success of the Cork route, a service to Dublin under the Aer Lingus Regional banner would be an ideal fit for Southampton, but only if the timings permitted connections to the east coast of N America.
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So an Aer Lingus Regional service operated by Stobart Air, which would compete with the Flybe SOU-DUB service, an airline which also has a franchise agreement with.....oh - Stobart Air? I'd never say never, but that would make for some very interesting dynamics between the two airlines. I'd be offering long odds on that happening if I was Ladbrokes!
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Considering that BMI have stuck it out on the SOU to Munich route for nearly two years now and with consistent loads the airline must be happy with the economics of the route to have sustained it to this point.

With the apparent success of SOU to Munich I am rather surprised that BMI haven't announced any other route or routes even from Southampton, the airline could possibly fly to business destinations currently unserved from the airport and BMI could have a similar but smaller network to their Bristol operation.

Possible destinations from BMI could be Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Milan, Zurich all feeding into Star Alliance hubs except for Milan.

BMI could set up quite a niche network from Southampton without having to operate any routes that would overlap or be in direct competition with Flybe.
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No need for an Aer Lingus Regional service to DUB for transatlantic connections because Aer Lingus already offer connections to 13 USA/Canada destinations using the Flybe SOU-DUB services. They are for sale not on the Flybe website but on the Aer Lingus website for which purpose they carry EI flight codes.

This is not a new arrangement. I don't know when it started but I think it was at least two years ago.
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I did that route last May and it was on time both ways. Lot of empty seats though
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Do you think Iberia Regional could make a go at SOU? They have the right aircraft, and Madrid would be a useful addition to have
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Originally Posted by Soton27 View Post
Do you think Iberia Regional could make a go at SOU? They have the right aircraft, and Madrid would be a useful addition to have
Iím 100% sure it wouldn't work. Places like BCN, NCE and MXP have all failed.
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