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East Midlands

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I guess it depends on their definition of resealable.
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Border control?
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HRG back with TCX
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East Midlands Airport

I see or don't that Ema has gone off the Rumors/News again, is nothing happening there?
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Well a shed load of freight comes in and out most nights.
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On the freight news
FedEx has a daily flight using a 757 EMA-Liege-EMA
DHL has upgraded the daily Cincinnati fight to a Aerologic 777
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Now FDX are starting to use their own equipment through EMA, I wonder what their plans might be going forward? Would they possibly consider a mini hub there, expanding upon what TNT had?
For instance the FDX 5203/4 MAN-BHX-CDG could be moved to operate just through, and day stopping at EMA, trucking the freight to BHX and MAN, which is what DHL and UPS do presumably?

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I see or don't that Ema has gone off the Rumors/News again, is nothing happening there?
The pot holes around the roads by DHL are taking on third world dimensions. Not exactly an endorsement for those flying from there and trying to get to the carparks, it makes you wonder what the rest of the airport is like.
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Any news on further additional Winter/summer 2018 destinations considering the situation with Monarch/BHX.

It appears that NCE will no longer be served by any Midlands Airport. I recall up until a few years back there it was a popular route from EMA for bother Winter and Summer however, MON had an A321 based out of BHX operating it which of course wont be happening next season.
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It's the sort of route that Jet2 might pick up from either Birmingham or East Midlands. The airline has operated it from the beginning from Leeds Bradford and it has been three times a week this summer. One to watch out for.
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Nice was served before Monarch by BMI Baby from BHX.
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I believe BMI Baby served Nice from EMA too. I also recall flying from Nice to Coventry with ThomsonFly also.
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It seems that the long awaited new facility for UPS at East Midlands is a step closer. They have submitted a planning application for a sizeable new hub, to be located at the Eastern end of the airport. The plans can be viewed on the planning section of North West Leicestershire District Council, Application No. 17/01515/FULM.
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West Atlantic move from CVT to EMA

I see that West Atlantic have announced moving their UK base to EMA and have taken hangar space here.
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Yes it was announced on the 23 November.
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UK's Atlantic Airlines switches main hub to East Midlands

West Atlantic UK Ltd, the UK division of European cargo operator West Atlantic Group, has relocated its main operational hub from Coventry Airport to East Midlands Airport.

The freight specialist said in a statement the move was driven by a need to find increased space to accommodate its Atlantic Airlines (UK) (NPT, Coventry) unit's growing fleet of B737 freighters (six B737-300(F)s and ten B737-400(F)s) and the fact that many of West Atlantic’s customers are based at East Midlands ...
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Does EMA have any issues with East Midlands Helicopters operating from a site located on their extended centreline? It may well be far enough away but why I'm asking is the Great North Air Ambulance have applied for planning permission for a new base at the end of Durham Tees Valley Airports runway (literally right at the end), and the airport have naturally objected to it and it's causing a fuss, so I wanted to see how a similar operation works
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Costock is over 4 miles east, though still within the CTR, and by and large no issues, but obviously not the potential priority circumstances. we also have a Medevac base on the airfield and that seems to work well, both Pilots and ATCOs know what the other needs and we get the job done.

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I would suggest that the thing that should be considered re-Teesside would be that Air Ambulance operations will often be at a high flight priority. This would/could mean that aircraft have to be held or broken off approaches due to an Air Ambulance launch. Of course, this would depend on the exact location of the proposed Air Ambulance site which I’m not familiar with. Costock is used by ‘normal’ helicopter ops which would have minimal effect, even if the site there were on a short final/very close to the upwind of the departing runway.

Oops! I see AP has covered this. I really must type quicker!
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Passenger Figures - November 2017

November EMA reported 221,850 pax. An increase of 19.8% compared to NOV16

The rolling year to date passenger total is 4,855,711. This is a 4.4% increase on the year to NOV16

A 4.4% increase again in the next 12 months would see annual pax figures return to above five million.
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