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Old 21st Jul 2016, 03:57
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what is the chance of Flybe going back in Waterford Ireland ? Rumours are being heard of it possibly happening. Any info would be great.
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Old 21st Jul 2016, 07:12
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Yeh we just got an email through about DOT. This time they are 66Y rather than 68Y so I assume OYRUG or OYRUB or similar rather than LYMCA that we had previously.

Seems to be doing same things Monday to Saturday through month of August. BHX BHD BHX NQY STN NQY BHX and onwards...
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Old 22nd Jul 2016, 14:42
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Can anyone help me to understand why the lunatics in Exeter are taking up a Q400 to run BHD-LPL five times daily when they are stopping the service on 31 January whilst simultaneously screwing up new routes like MAN-RTM on which they presumably think they have a future by doing things like this?

BHD-LPL must be the longest route withdrawal in normally pull off a route one or two months after deciding to do so, rather than continuing to fly for nine months
The saga is not quite over yet. Flights are now on sale to the end of March though at a much reduced frequency (from five per day to five per week!). Odd to say the least given that numbers on the route increased by 1,000 pax a month for the first four months of the year (10k+ carried in April).
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Old 24th Jul 2016, 22:46
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Does anyone have an updated breakdown of the a/c based at each base?

As an aside, will BHD lose an a/c now due to the drop in the LPL frequency?
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Old 2nd Aug 2016, 07:07
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G-JECR yesterday with seats taped

G-JECR yesterday scaring a few nervous flyers SOU-DUS with a broken exit door so max 45 pax
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Old 2nd Aug 2016, 09:10
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Scaring because a door was US? I should imagine those 'nervous Flyers' would be the first to complain should the flight have been cancelled. It happens from time to time with many airlines. It's a none event.
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Old 2nd Aug 2016, 11:06
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Where are the traffic cones on the seats? Do the passengers also now wear hard hats!
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Old 2nd Aug 2016, 20:04
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Flybe & Air Berlin

Flybe and airberlin announce codeshare agreement, expand their network
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Old 4th Aug 2016, 17:32
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Anybody knows abour rumours that flybe will create a new base with 4 aircrafts in Hannover? Decision till October.
Can't imagine that they will set up a base with four aircrafts as there are only 4 destinations and 39 flights per week from Hannover.

"Maybe @flybe will make @HannoverAirport its first European base, starts w 4 a/c, later up to 10, decision by October "
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Old 4th Aug 2016, 17:59
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Can't see that myself. Happy to be proven wrong

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Old 4th Aug 2016, 18:37
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Actually it could be very possible
They could use HAJ based aircraft to fly the MAN & BHX routes
They also fly into Hannover for Brussels airlines so maybe aircraft and crew can be utilised for that
There is opportunities to fly to other UK airport and the fact that EZY or FR are not about helps with the low cost airline front
Looking at there is plenty of routes that have been researched and a Dash would work well on them
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Old 4th Aug 2016, 20:00
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HAJ could prove quite a sweetspot for a carrier like BE. Many routes from HAJ to MAD, AGP, BUD, ARN, WAW, PRG, NCE, VCE, FCO, DUB, LIS have been flown in the past, and generated pax, but never quite enough for the now standard A320/B737. A few of those sectors may be more suitable for an Embraer rather than the Dash, but there is no competition from FR and EZY as stated above, and Germanwings is weak at HAJ.

Also BE just entered a codeshare with AB of course... so HAJ-VIE and HAJ-STR could also be taken on... and CDG for AF?! FKB or BSL could also be an interesting option. Then there are the LH monopolies to MUC and LX to ZRH...

Oddly enough, the only destination that never came to my mind would have been the already introduced LYS...
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Old 5th Aug 2016, 07:27
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Flybe are already operating flights from HAJ to MXP - the opening of a base is planned for later this year.........
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Old 5th Aug 2016, 11:23
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ETOPS you are very wrong about your latter comment and if you work for flybe don't you think that is sensitive company information based on the fact that flybe is listed on the stock market?
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Old 5th Aug 2016, 13:53
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To be fair Deano, it's a reasonable assumption given that Flybe has said that it's opening a Euro base and is now operating it's first intra-Euro sectors to/from HAJ. If I were a betting man I'd stick some money on it being HAJ!!
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Old 5th Aug 2016, 14:02
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As well there are not that many LCC in HAJ, only eurowings with 5 full-year destinations, Vueling with 1 destination and WizzAir starts in autumn/winter with 3 destinations.
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Old 5th Aug 2016, 14:02
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You're right, TartinTon, however there's a distinct difference between assumptions, guesswork & pure speculation when you compare that to a company employee posting information on a global network site. How do you think the media get away with litigation? They use the words "assumed" & "alleged". Anyway post whatever you see fit, all I know is a few years ago the company managed to track an employee down from his/her posts on PPRuNe and dragged them down to Exeter for tea minus the biscuits.
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Old 5th Aug 2016, 18:17
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Really can't see Flybe planning to open a base at HAJ as being particularly stock price sensitive. Perhaps a bit embarrassing if it gets into wider press and stock exchange might (if someone makes a formal complaint) phone up Exeter and tell them off gently for not using RNS, but that's as far as it would probably go. Stock exchange compliance and FSA has far more serious market abuses to worry about.

Things leak out all the time - the market is used to it. If anything gets summoned to Exeter, it'll be because the finance or legal departments want to show who has political power within Flybe

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Old 6th Aug 2016, 05:52
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There was a problem of some sort last night with #BE1583 returning to SOU during a flight to PMI (G-FLBE).

Hampshire Fire and rescue were dispatched as well as airport fire service. Both were later stood down and the plane landed safely.
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Old 6th Aug 2016, 07:05
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Is there any further information on the technical fault that affected last nights flybe flight from SOU-PMI, which subsequently lead to the local fire brigade being requested and the M27 being temporarily shut?
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