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Boris Island Rejected

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Boris Island Rejected

Old 2nd Sep 2014, 07:33
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Boris Island Rejected

So now we are down to 3 options for the new London area runway
Sir Howard Davies's airport commission today rejected Boris Island but let the other 3 go through
So which option will win?
I believe the extension of the LHR North runway is least likely as it would be bound to slow down the current movement rate of the existing runway whilst it was being built
The new runway to the North of 28R will demolish up to 1000 houses, that is difficult politically
So I believe Gatwick will get the nod as its the cheapest and has the least environmental problems

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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 07:45
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Well I for one am delighted that the estuary airport has been rejected!
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 07:54
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All those many large and small migrating birds will be heaving a sigh of relief!

I thought Boris liked birds?
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 08:05
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I don't think the Thames Estuary siting is by any means dead and it's going to rear its head again in time to come.

I also happen to think it's the least bad alternative. The others are really only papering over the cracks.
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 08:30
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28R? Where's that?
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 10:06
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Sense has prevailed, with this one decision anyway.
Build an airport in an area surrounded by bird sanctuaries and prone to very thick fog in the autumn/winter (I know its not a problem for landing but it is for taxiing and parking and taking off again...collisions waiting to happen..)
What were they thinking of? Boris's vanity project I reckon.

I'm not sure why a second terminal at EGSS was not considered, there is still enough runway capacity albeit not during the morning and evening peak times, it needs some longhaul flights to take up the slow periods.

Gatwick at the moment is the best option but its "tucked away" down in Sussex and a pain for anyone north of London to get to.

IMHO they had a chance with the old Alconbury airbase a decade ago, perfect location, access from north, south, east and west (adjacent to the A1 and A14) and next to the east coast mainline railway as well! Simple to integrate into the existing airspace structure, long runway, lots of land to build a terminal, hangars, etc etc. Oh hang on though didn't John Major live a mile down the road?

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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 10:07
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Don't be so hard dontdoit, Walnut is 66 and, as often I am, is stuck in the past

I still think of airways as (Upper) Green/Red/Blue/Amber One/two etc!

I'm still trying to get my head around the runway change at my own local airport which was 04/22 for something like 35 plus years and more, which changed to 03/21.
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 10:47
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A TRULY high-speed rail link directly to Manston with some new infrastructure to facilitate the flights there?
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 10:49
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I hope they let LGW and LHR build one new runway each. Interesting to see if LGW can finance one if LHR have a green light too given that the majority of airlines, LCCs excepted, prefer LHR over LGW.
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 13:33
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I hope they let LGW and LHR build one new runway each.
Ruled out some time ago.
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 13:43
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Boris Island 70 billion! That's just what the UK needs more debt.... LHR is the best option but not politically so LGW will get the nod. As usual a typical UK short sighted approach. LHR will continue at capacity whilst airlines either fight for slots or go to LGW or worse AMS/CDG/FRA.
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 14:11
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Lydd and Manston may not be ideal but could take some pressure off Gatwick and Heathrow.

I remember that airliner having to ditch in NY's Hudson River due to double bird strike .....of course, that could NEVER happen in one of Europe's largest sea bird breeding grounds! I wonder what Captain Sullenberger would think of the Thames/Medway junction as an airport site.

Luckily the Hudson ditching had no serious casualties, a ditching at Grain, where the tides of the Thames and the Medway clash together could be a very different matter; is not a clever place to build anything, let alone an airport. Many ferry and boat accidents have occurred in those waters and the death toll was high due to tides, fog and cold water. The sunken WW2 explosives ship USS Richard Montgomery is another potentially lethal hazard to consider if any sort of traffic increases there.

Boris's "Vanity Projects" are becoming quite numerous, anything that seems to him to be a good or grand scheme rapidly seems to get the "Boris" pre-fix!

Sadly, despite being a life-long fan of aviation, I think at some point a densely packed area like south eastern England, at a time of dwindling global resources, has to put a cap on airliner ops, and we are already near that point.
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 15:09
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LHR is the best option but not politically so LGW will get the nod.
LGW won't get it, it's a stitch up for LHR to allow the "independent" commision to take the flack when the very tough and correct decision that the last Labour government rightly made is re-instated. No one in the business community except Gatwick Airport ltd is asking to expand LGW.
Lydd and Manston may not be ideal but could take some pressure off Gatwick and Heathrow.
Manston is closed, no one wants to fly from there, same with Lydd. The market, i.e. most of us, decided that.
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 18:37
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Doubt if any final go ahead will be made for many years, a political hot potato decision that non of the parties wants to make.

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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 20:25
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Private Jet-l agree with you on the Alconbury scenario.

Alconbury approach lights flash past the windows of the Eastcoast northbound trains exactly 35 minutes after leaving Kings Cross station.

But those who bought houses nearby will doubtless protest if such a solution is proposed......

Howzabout LHRs dep runway built as an image of Frankfurt, sod the M25, the longest circular car park in the world?

And the 4th "feeder" runway could be Northolt, rapid driverless trains to shift connecting SLF and baggage to/from the main site. But that would upset the too many, too senior RAF orifices who bleed the defence budget the same way as the more admirals than ships we have whose personal fiefdom would have to be shared with travelling peasants.....

Tin hat is on, awaiting incoming.........
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 21:04
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l agree with you on the Alconbury scenario
Fortunately, formulating airport strategy involves a bit more than just flying around England looking for existing large strips of concrete.
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 21:10
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Sadly, the small-minded, non-aviation, supposed "experts" have chosen the easy politically-minded option of "no decision". Anyone in the aviation industry knows that the third runway at Heathrow ain't gonna happen and Gatwick as a hub? Give me strength.

So, Britain will remain a second-rate aviation "hub", whilst Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt, not to mention Dubai etc are all quietly sniggering at the lack of imagination of the so-called "British Aviation Planners".

At least Boris gets it!

Ever likely so many in the aviation industry have emigrated and probably not through Eefrow!
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 21:40
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Completely naive question, but if the main objection to Heathrow is basically noise, is there a reason why the Heathrow runways can't be rebuilt and 'rotated' 45 (or more) degrees so that planes overfly much less densely populated areas of London?
Is it purely due to prevailing winds - with a modern airliner I wouldn't have thought that would be a huge issue?

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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 22:50
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New runways don't happen overnight, so there is still a need for somewhere from which additional services can operate in the immediate future. Various non-UK airlines seem to be building profitable operations from outside SE England, going both east and west. If the UK industry is not to lose more market share, it needs to look beyond the London area.

On the other hand, London-Calais would be as accessible as Boris Island, not have the birds and bombs, and would even avoid APD.
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Old 3rd Sep 2014, 06:49
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Four stage solution:

1) Realign Northolt (NHT) runway, extend and make parallel with LHRs (RWY No. 4) - easily done

2) Continue to build third runway north of current pair at LHR (RWY No. 3)

3) Connect NHT with LHR via underground road tunnel and overground maglev monorail

4) Reinstate Upper Heyford (RWY 5) as 'London West'/'London Oxford' - whatever, and integrate with LHR via improved M40/M25 links plus another maglev system running parallel with M40 - 20+ minutes run between the two on high speed monorail - longest runway, best for freight-24 hours, long haul etc. - half way to Midlands already, less London centric.

Five integrated runways for a lot less than $70 Billion - all the right side of London
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