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Twitter - my turn

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This should be interesting.........

Channel 4 Dispatches: Ryanair, Secrets from the cockpit, Monday evening

.....if only for the lawsuits that may follow.
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This thread already removed from Rumours & News.... Just a matter of time I guess... Shame
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Pprune breaches freedom of speech.

I posted factually correct information for the benefit of the Pilot community and PPRuNe have deleted both threads, as I'm sure they will delete this.

Ryanair have forced Facebook and Tw*tter to suspend Ryanair Pilot Group home pages. Subsequently, the Tw*tter page has been temporarily reinstated
They also appear to have some influence over PPRuNe too... Very, very sad

Maybe I should threaten to take PPRuNe to court for breaching my freedom of speech? Who am I offending by telling facts?
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Maybe we should all individually start a (factual but critical) RYR thread a day, until PPRuNe actually realise that a forum called (I REMIND YOU DEAR PPRuNe OWNERS ! !) profesional pilots rumour network, is duty bound to inform the masses what is happening in Ryanair, and will happen to them in due course, if they don't wake up & show support for these guys.

What is the agenda here, too much lost revenue from Ryanair ads/ too much hassle to pass users emails on if they post libellous comments / or just good ol American " no balls. . Oh God they might sue us" wimpishness.

As I have said, and will say again, what happens to Ryanair pilots affects us all sooner or later, stifling/moving valid discussion & reporting to less utilised forums, is even more pathetic than stifling criticism of E tea Had.

Dear PPRuNe. . GROW A PAIR ! !
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Shame on you PPRuNe, grow a pair.

For the sake of freedom of speech and to safeguard the identities of those willing to share valuable information to fellow colleagues, I suggest you do some serious research and seek legal advice from professionals before you decide to cave in to the demands of bullying airline management.

One fellow colleague has already been burnt by you. That's one too many if you ask me.
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PATHETIC, JUST pathetic ! ! ! Keep reaping the revenue from the ads, keep caving in to the Stalinesque mentality of the Irish Bully Boys, PPRuNe you have zero credibility & zero respect from those of us actually employed as professional pilots.

Keep running your goddam business & stuff your customers PPRuNe. . .now where have I seen that company culture before
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capt - there has been much debate, even from US Supreme Court judges about how a well-funded threat to sue can intimidate websites run by those less wealthy. There is also an awareness that not much is done by legislators in many countries to resolve this.

If you were running a website and had been advised that some smart-ass lawyer might construct a case to show that you had *personal* liability for not acting earlier to remove content that was claimed to be defamatory, would you *really* risk everything, including the family home ? What would you say to your kids if you lost the case and faced bankruptcy ?

Yes, there is an issue of freedom of speech here, but it needs a legislative or judicial body (i.e. national parliament or senior court) to give an opinion on the issue. Until then, well-funded corporates will be able to call the shots over smaller less well-funded websites.
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I agree wholeheartedly, but. . and it is an important but . . . 2 , sorry make that 3 , threads have been shunted off the "headline" forum, that were factually reporting Ryanairs recent action in (temporarily ) disabling the RPG's Twitter & Facebook account.

Nothing defamatory there, and I (and I am sure the other posters) would be happy to stand by the contents of our posting.

Bullying (accusation or truth ?) given the recent judgements handed down in Court during Ryanair vs the employees cases, I don't have much to fear using that term.

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WiKi-Leaks anyone?
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Maybe, but PPRuNe are removing what are clearly NON defamatory posts on this subject - this is what's upsetting people. I don't think anyone will be stupid enough to fall foul of the libel laws especially after the long running "Subpoena in US courts thread" and with the Irish High Court listings showing Ryanair taking action against five individuals.

In the good old days something like this would have prompted a comment from Danny (a PILOT), but as others have said this is a web site run by men in suits now.

Anyone from PPRuNe prepared to man up and make an official comment?

Or wil this posting be deleted like the others?

Are you going to let people have a free debate and open discussion of issues inevitably rising from the Channel 4 Dispatches programme on Monday night?

The last one (in 2006) ran to 19 pages (and in the "Rumours and News" section too!) without being shutdown or buried somewhere, but as I say that was in the good old days. AND, it's still on PPRuNe - here:-

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If PPRuNe has lost its credibility then why doesn't someone start a new independent pilots forum, its really quite easy. Rather than continually slating PPRuNe just move on. (Until the new one becomes big and has its wings clipped)

I for one still like and use PPRuNe, I can live with a bit of censorship its quite normal for large corporations to have influence on all forms of media, anyone who believes otherwise is in airy fairy land.
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Looks like the Daily Mail have 'unearthed' another scam.

Keep passengers' change, Ryanair tells cabin crews in latest bid to exploit customers | Mail Online

In my day when we took for sales we always gave change regardless of currency. Have things changed that much?
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So now that I've been unbanned...can someone please tell me where my thread is?

That's the Ryanair breaches (in my humble, personal opinion, nothing to do with PPRuNe's opinion or any affiliated website thereof) freedom of speech thread.

Thank you please!

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"Integrated" (read hidden) in the outer reaches of Ryanair9 on the Airlines Airports & Routes section - beloved amongst spotters etc (well, we have to visit now too)

We still have a moderately derisory thread going in Jet Blast . . .but anything related to Ryanair is being cut/deleted shunted off the principal R&N / Terms & Endearment threads faster than a lasses drawers dropping on a Friday night in Liverpool.
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I think it is in the Ryanair (imagine that) thread on Airlines, Airports and Routes? Did you run a quick search back through your own threads or are they really out to get you?
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This is getting like big brother.
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So when's the live eviction?
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Ha bloody Ha ! think he meant "Big Brother" before "Big Brother" if you get my Saturday evening meaning. . . . . .
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