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For International travel they will not accept driving license, but as posted by frfly, any photo ID with your name is acceptable for Ryanair UK domestic.

The Small Print | T&Cs
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Ok thanks then!
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I agree that we've only heard one side of the sick child story and that's why FR should get their side of the story out fast. It may well have been the case that they arrived - on spec - far too late. But these reports will now be added to the 'legend' of FR and turn up in web searches.

A well written press notice, giving their side of the story and a 'We are sorry that we could not help on this occasion but are very glad to hear that the family were able to get a flight ... blah blah etc.' would help them in the future.
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The Russian crisis' influence on the European economy is more pronounced in the Eastern part of the EU, especially Finland suffers from that. To the same category belong some Finnish airports, like Lappeenranta
Budget airline Ryanair will continue its flights from Eastern Finland’s Lappeenranta to Milan Bergamo airport, while flights to Weeze in Germany end next week.

The Irish airline plans to up the number of its Finnish flights in the spring 2016, when it will be adding new aircraft to its fleet. Hopes are that by this stage Russian tourism will have picked up again, giving incentive to opening new routes from Lappeenranta.
Source: YLE News
Apart from LPP, the amount of FR flights to anywhere in Finland (Tampere) also dropped dramatically... probably even too much, as Ryanair is almost a monopolist of the low-cost sector in most of the country.
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Unixman - I am well aware of the issues over organ donation and preservation. However, I stand by the view that the story as reported is not the full story and is slanted in an anti-Ryanair way (and I have no skin in that game).

From what I have seen, the family arrived at the airport and tried to buy a ticket on the first departure. IF check-in time had passed, NO airline would have sold a ticket to ANYONE. The journalistic "20 minutes at the gate" is either a misnomer, or indicates that they were only there in time for the gate time - ie long after check in had closed.

IF that is the case, re-opening check in, getting these passengers on, and then rescheduling the departure may well have led to as much delay as the option then taken of the next available flight an hour or so later. The fact that calls to head office were mentioned suggests that ground staff did try to help, but were unable to do so. There are probably very good reasons why head office took the decision they did - we are not privy to their side.

I am old enough NEVER to take ANY press story at face value.
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Ryanair commenced DUB-CPH yesterday and were meet with up to 60 protestors who delayed the aircraft for 3 hours.

Court ruling due next week!
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Ryanair apologises after boy travelling for organ transplant was refused flight - Irish Mirror Online

Kind of different story here.
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Ryanair have issued a second statement about US flights and that the board have not considered and have no plans to consider US operations.


Just because FR said they were not aware means nothing, they could be saving thenselves a little from the bad PR.
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FR to the US?

Despite all the press interest this week, it seems totally unachievable as no one has offered any information about the aircraft type for these intended direct flights ... certainly outside the capacity of FR's current B737-800s.

I hardly think they'd be welcomed for refuelling in KEF ... or is there another FR airport between the UK and the US (under another name for the location perhaps) that they are intending to use?

Out of interest, what aircraft would be the most likely choice for FR to use for LH routes?
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Have the FR board overstepped their brief?

RTE News reporting that Ryanair have dropped plans to operate any Trans-atlantic services.

Have the board been slapped on the wrist?

Is this a ploy from Willie and MOL to gift EI more notoriety on existing and new routes given the impending IAG takeover?

Ryanair drops transatlantic flight plans - RTÉ News
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The A/C based in BTS will be an AIR EXPLORE A/C
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Is this Fact or some Corporate Bull ?

[URL=" rport___because_they_ve_got_no_planes
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Ryanair cut seven summer routes from Bournemouth Airport - because they've got no planes
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Right now press conference at BUCHAREST OTOPENI AIRPORT ! Ryanair is gonna make an important announcement

Conferinta de presa ‪#‎Ryanair‬! In curand,reprezentantii companiei vor face un anunt important
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Cameras on the winglets?
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Welcome to Ryanair!
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New base at Kassel Airport (Germany)?

Yeahhh: Kassel steht Kopf - Ryanairbasis mit 18 Routen ab Oktober!!

Article is quoting MOL.... and is naming Lleida and Ciudad Real, among 16 others, as destinations.
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I think the Kassel story is an april fools one.
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Possibly... weird sense of humor that would be though
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Ryanair Summer Schedule

Does anyone know if FR will increase the frequency on the LON-Zadar route this summer. Ideally I need to go out and back in a day, so an early out of STN would be great with the current late night return. Failing that a daily service would work.

Does anyone have a link to their summer schedule?
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