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Hi Gents/Ladies

Last Friday afternoon, 31st May,I thought I saw from a distance parked on the cargo ramp, a Russian?? aircraft. Looked similar in size to a 767, had winglets and looked predominantly white with blue cheatlines running up the tail. Looked to be twin engined.Was I seeing things? Also did a Lufthansa A330/340 arrive soon after 3pm. Only got a quick glimpse through the trees as I was driving. Thanks.

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The Russian was an American :-) SX-RFA, a 757, the Lufty was a A340 for Air Livery...HTH
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Terminal passengers numbers up 10.5% in May to 1.89 million with movements only up by 0.8%.

Moving annual total = 20.04 million or up 4.5%

They say they are 2 months ahead of schedule for hitting the 20 million mark; whilst these results are being achieved, it is hard to see how any amount of lobbying will result in APD being reduced/scrapped

Even the freight tonnage increased by 1.3%.
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You forgot to include tansit numbers which take May figures to 1.90 million.
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Didn't forget them, just chose to ignore them as the amount of transit traffic is, at the moment, inconsequential
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The APD 'holiday' proposal isn't specific to MAN. The transport select committee made a recommendation that the govt should consider a APD holiday of 12 months for new routes outside the South East. MAG as you would expect has started to lobby to get the recommendation implemented, but you can imagine the uproar in the neighbouring cities if something was implemented for MAN only !

30. There are complex issues and vested interests to be taken into account in any consideration of the merits of differential rates of Air Passenger Duty. We recommend that the Government carry out an objective analysis of the impacts such a policy might have. On the other hand, we see merit in the concept of an APD holiday and recommend that this be introduced for a 12-month trial period for new services operating out of airports outside the south east. After this time, the DfT should assess the extent to which it has led to the development of new routes. (Paragraph 106)
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Aer Lingus/Aer Lingus regional have increased MAN from 5 to 6 daily for the winter.

Table for EI/EIr at MAN now as follows (arr MAN/Dep MAN)

0735/0800 A320
1010/1035 ATR72
1225/1255 A320
1455/1525 A320 (does not op Saturdays)
1750/1815 ATR72
1930/2000 A320

Overall DUB-MAN is 41 weekly, up from 25 weekly last winter but only up 6 weekly on this summer.

0830/0910 ATR72
2045/2115 ATR72 (does not op on Saturdays)

Overall 13 weekly, no change.

0845/0915 ATR72
2030/2055 ATR72

Overall 14 weekly no change

In the same style as OP on the BHX forum, Ryanair is 24 weekly on MAN-DUB this winter, so overall there are now 65 weekly flights each way.

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Thanks M.O.M
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Longhaul S14:

Just a quick look at the schedules for next year sees the following:

Virgin Atlantic:
Back to 2xB744 for the summer. Should see a small increase of seats compared to this summer and the return of upper class on the morning Orlando.

Thomas Cook:
Orlando International up to 6 weekly (daily ex Mondays)
Las Vegas 3 weekly (Wed, Fri and Sun)

Punta Cana, Montego Bay, Cancun, Barbados, Antigua and St. Lucia are not loaded at this time.
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Not checked the others but Thomas Cook are selling holidays to Barbados for Summer 2014 from MAN using TCX
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Thanks airhumberside.

Cant see them in GDS at the moment, so, gone the 'old fashioned way' and looked on the holidays site:

Orlando: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun
Las Vegas: Wed, Fri and Sun
Barbados: Thu
Cancun: Tue, Wed, Fri and Sun
Punta Cana: Sat
Montego Bay: Mon
Cayo Coco: Wed
Varadero: Fri
Holguin: Mon

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I flew with Brussels Airlines MAN-BRU in April out of Terminal 3 but I've noticed when I looked on MAN's website yesterday they've now moved to Terminal 1.

When did this take place?
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They moved on May 13th to be amongst the other Star Alliance carriers.
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I agree Ringwayman. That said if they were savvy enough they could spin a yarn about a complete fall off in new long haul. As an aside if they are trying to generate support for China services could they not garner more general support for other services. We need more ambassadors who are known opinion makers. support expansion and up the profile.
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Shock as four planes land within minutes of each did this happen?

Police called to Manchester airport to calm furious travellers who were forced to wait TWO HOURS for their luggage | Mail Online

Considering how much these airlines can charge for bags, you would expect there to be adequate provision to deliver them.
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I fly from MAN around 20 times per year and have yet to be on a flight that departs on time.

The ground handling companies are either very understaffed or slow and lazy. No disrespect but something has to change, worst airport in the world for handling IMO.

What happened on Friday could happen anytime in MAN and for an airport that handles around 20 million passengers per year and they are unable to handle 4 flights in the summer season.

Then again with cheapish charges and all service levels do suffer.
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Why not try speaking to the airline??? Manchester airport is providing only the "hardware"!! The rest is down to the airline( handling agent).
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Push-back and taxying are awful at MAN, esp for T1 and sometimes T2 pilots. The logjams are awful, and as for crossing 23R/05L, well no blinking good at all.

Not ATC's fault, they try their best. But who in hell designed this airport?
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Update on the baggage incident

Baggage firm could face action over two-hour delay at Manchester Airport - Manchester Evening News

About time the handling companies got fined for c*ap performance. But where does that money go.....

Trouble is everyone thinks it is the airport's fault when it isn't.

But who in hell designed this airport?
Considering all the site and other planning and operational constraints, MAN has done a good job of expanding and trying to fit a quart into a pint pot. Far from ideal I agree. What's the problem with crossing 23R /05L?
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Menzies have accepted that it was their fault, and they are obviously going to take some flak, and will probably have take some sort of financial penalty.
The Airlines involved will say "It`s not our fault, blame the handler", as will the Airport operator,but the Airlines have been driving the handling fees downward for the last 15 years, wanting better service on very thin margins for the handler.

At some point the Airlines and the Airport operators are going to have to accept that unless they are willing to pay a fair price for their outsourced operations, this sort of problem will become more frequent.

I was subject to a similar delay at 12.30am last summer at LGW. Gatwick Airport were quick to squarely lay the blame at the feet of the handler on their public address announcements in the baggage hall. Let`s give the staff, who obviously worked hard with short numbers, some credit here, as well as Menzies senior Management who have at least accepted most of the blame.
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