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p.s does anyone know why my 'quote' button doesn't work?
You need to "switch editor mode" - top right corner icon. Have to do it every time you post using Internet Explorer.
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Does anybody know the reason why a Qatar B777 en route Doha to Montreal declared an emergency over Ireland and diverted into Manchester? Eerily enough, a BA A380 did the same thing into LHR one hour later.
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Medical emergency I believe, due out in abou 10 mins or so
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Eerily enough, a BA A380 did the same thing into LHR one hour later
The BA was actually over the North West at the time of its emergency squawk, just as the Qatar was landing at MAN.
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The CX plot thickens.

Apparently Manchester and Zurich were talked about at a recent banquet held by the CX CEO in Hong Kong, although participants were asked not to divulge information.

This combined with several news sources picking up on the news and numerous sources almost certain this could be announced as early as next week.

Flights will be a 3 class B77W, 4 times a week and direct to compete on 1 stop connections to mainland China and Australia (and apparently BA is well behind the venture to claw back some pax lost to the QF/EK alliance)

Time will tell, but these CX rumours are far, far stronger than ones that have circulated since 2005 and the failed launch of that year.
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Just spoke with my long standing associate in CX City and he seems to confirm what Spanners says....Manchester will not be getting a service in Jan 2015.
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Manchester will not be getting a service in Jan 2015
You are right in that it may not be exactly Jan 2015....

But it may not be far off, as the only piece of info I can glean regarding the CEO lunch was that he did state 'Zurich and Manchester will be announced this year'.

When it comes to sources, I don't think they get any better than the CEO himself?

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Absolutely. I think it's been too widely reported for it not to be true. I think those saying "CX will not launch MAN Jan 2015" are probably having a bit of tongue in cheek fun. I.e the info is correct apart from the date.
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Flybe says after going to 7 core bases form 13, MAN is the heart of the backbone for them. 20% connecting passengers for them.

We wait to see what that means as new routes are to be announced though other airports seem to have had a bit of a head start?
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CX295 HKG 0100 MAN 0700 M-W-F-S B777-300ER
CX294 MAN 1200 HKG 0655 M-W-F-S B777-300ER

Schedule effective 08-12-14

Appeared briefly in GDS but cant find it again now. Also friends in Hong Kong airport saying this appearing in systems there too. Zurich apparently appearing from January 10th. Make of that what you will

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An early December launch would be ideal to catch the Christmas / New Year demand. Fingers crossed for that rather than January 2015 or beyond.
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So Terminal 3 looks like it's going to be busy if CX end up with their Oneworld partners! A summer of AA's ORD/JFK/PHL/CLT with a CX B77W in the mix might be....busy? Back to T2 perhaps? Still reckon American would be better suited to T2 as well.
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CX will use T2
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Also worth noting Turkish have upgraded to an all A321 schedule this summer.
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re CX:

Is my memory playing tricks as usual or was it suggested (by Spanners?) that an a/c allocated for MAN not all that long ago was then switched for a 5th daily at LHR when slots became available? Is it not conceivable that if CX want a 6th daily there, slots may miraculously appear and MAN may lose out again?
However I take the point that BA/CX may be keen to capture some of the pax being lost from this region to EK/QF and carriers via other hubs.

On the flight details that appeared temporarily in GDS, I would have thought CX 294 would be the outbound flight from MAN and CX 295 the inbound. Aren't the odd numbers the arrivals into LHR or is it not consistent in Europe?

Some nice diversions this morning. 2 x VS, EY and QR.
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Interesting that Sunday morning will have a number of wide body a/c that don't operate on Saturday.

SV & flynas are both Sunday; QR has a Sunday morning flight, and if CX comes off with the schedule mentioned, that will be Sunday and not Saturday. And 3 of the 4 flights would be T2 by the looks of it.

That's assuming both Jeddah flights continue into next winter of course.
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Sunday is a big day for business travel so they can be ready for Monday morning.

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CX flts ex HKG are odd numbers return are even. If a flt leaves HKG 0035 on a Saturday it arrives in the UK on a Saturday not a Sunday.

If CX can get a 6th slot at LHR they will use it.

Ever heard of Chinese whispers? They tend to grow into something completely different to what was actually said!
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And likewise sometimes staff are not fully kept in the loop.......

When the CEO himself has said MAN and ZRH will be announced this year at a banquet, I dont see how that is a chinese whisper to be honest, nor explain why flights briefly appeared in GDs and HKG airport systems.

Or is someone, in fact, a lot of different people playing a long winded and elaborate prank that goes all the way to the top of CX?
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Sorry for the delayed reply, I'm travelling at present and missed your reply. I am well aware that Manchester has a lot of services which have been sustained over many years. I'm also well aware that a large number of services to key cities have been lost, for many reasons, over the years. Mumbai, Delhi, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Cape Town, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Boston and Los Angeles to name a few have all come and gone for all sorts of reasons. Management since the mid 1990s seems to have had a fixation with certain parts, though not all, of the infrastructure and with trying to establish links to a number of cities, few of which have been achieved or, if achieved, sustained, rather than taking a much broader brush approach.

The influence of the Gulf States airlines with their dominance in providing connections to a vast range of destinations is a curate's egg in terms of the development of services to the Far East, Australia and South Africa.

Manchester has, in the nearly sixty years I've been following its fortunes, suffered from many problems, not least the blocking of routes by the national airlines from the 1950s through the late 1980s, government disinterest in anything north of Watford and nimbyism in the immediate area from people opposed to development who deliberately moved close to an established airport, use it regularly, but complain about noise and pollution.

The last thing it needs on top is a laissez faire approach to marketing and the development of services.
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