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Old 29th Mar 2016, 17:40
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From a milkman who is shagging a Norwegian airlines cleaner!!!

Remember in 2014 people were ADAMANT spotty M were going bust.

Well we're still here you bunch of c**t*. Wishing ill times to all the hard working peeps. You didn't have to see pilots and cabin crew crying like I did. I know this is a rumour network, but try and back up your statements.
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Old 29th Mar 2016, 17:50
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well said guys
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Old 29th Mar 2016, 17:54
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I'm so glad somebody wrote those posts for me.

There's a lot of rumour and rumour can hurt people a lot.

Greybull have publically always stated they were interested in long term investments. That's their profile. Deutsch Bank have a role as their advisor for any opportunities to expand or indeed possibly be sold off.

With the airline having an expansion plan, it makes tremendous sense for Greybull to keep hold of the company for longer. Monarch is profitable now and it's a very different beast to the loss making one back in 2013/14.

Something may or may not happen. But for gods sake, enough of the doom mongering. A lot of us depend on the airline for our families and mortgages. Telling us we're all going to lose our jobs based purely on what you "think" and not know is incredibly immature.

What happens will happen. Until then, we'll try not to worry about it.
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Old 29th Mar 2016, 18:23
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Well Monarch certainly has a lot of support here.

I really don't see why discussion on a rumour network will change the future one bit - what will be will be. It won't make their employees either less or more secure.

The UK is a vibrant economy that will be served by airlines that serve their customers and employ people.

Eaxctly who that will be remains to be seen but I would think it is pretty clear who that is most likely to be and those for whom it is less likely.

It is however good that we are discussing sale not failure or closure. Passengers can book securely and that means that employees are more secure too.
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Old 29th Mar 2016, 18:34
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I think people making stuff up on here, being unable to back it up with proof can make a big difference.

Imagine your bank,
Rumour, "a new investment at such a rate" is of interest.
Rumour " bank had bad investors and is going bust, no funds in it accounts" this would have a major detrimental effect as people are liking to avoid it, based on zero facts!!
Its employees would be very effected.

It's the same with an airline.
Back it up or shut up if it is of major standing.
A new route is of interest.
International companies being brought/sold/merged/bust need some substantiation.
It will have major effects on finance, suppliers and staff.
Least not sleepless nights
Suggest you all think hard before the next quip.
If your Gung Ho on here being anonymous, but think you have a point, then let's meet face to face !!
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Old 29th Mar 2016, 19:03
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Could well be if monarch do merge or are taken over by a major player it could be a postive outcome for all

It cannot be a shock that greybull will sell if a suitable bider is found ,

There in the business of buying failing companies , Turning them around and selling them on at a profit , No one i know in monarch expected anything else from the outset.

I think a key issue is has monarchs amazing return to healthy profit in a very short time got more to do with having great fortune in the fact they could not hedge their fuel costs and reaped the rewards from the specactular crash in prices rather than anything else

Finaly lets not forget monarch have a very succesfull and reputable aircraft engineering division Which could be a big plus in going forward

I believe monarch are a boeing gold care maintenence provider and are already looking after norweigian at LGW and carrying out C checks on their 787 fleet at their new BHX hangar

Given their growth plans i guess looking at future maintenance requirments is a big issue

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Old 29th Mar 2016, 19:13
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Bridantee You still have NOT answered my question or is it just your thoughts without any true facts ,I would really like to know
CSman [old timer, DC3 ,Viscount, BAC1-11, B737, B747 100/200/400]
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Old 3rd Apr 2016, 16:33
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Monarch Bases 2016

Hi all,

How are monarch's aircraft allocated around their bases this summer? And which are their bases? LBA, MAN, BHX, LTN and LGW? I haven't missed any have I?

Cheers, any help is greatly appreciated 😊
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Old 3rd Apr 2016, 17:28
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Manchester - 1 x A320 + 7 x A321 as of last night.

Hope that helps.
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Old 3rd Apr 2016, 20:05
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Thank you Sholto, and that'll be all summer? LBA still 2 A320's?
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Old 3rd Apr 2016, 20:58
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BHX will be 9 based from 17 June with a split of 6 x A321 and 3 x A320.

Currently there are usually around 7 active of which 5 are A321's and 2 x A320 with often a spare A321 around although not sure over the Easter period. Tuesday still sees only around 3 or 4 flights in total.

May should see 8 based with 6 x A321 and 2 x A320 but not all 8 are active all week.

The 9th aircraft was quoted as an A320 which is backed up by the seat-maps. First Friday in July shows A321's in the morning to ALC, FAO, FNC, AGP, MAH and VCE with the A320's to BCN, LIS & FCO. In the afternoon A321's to HER, LCA, AGP, NCE, PMI & TFS with the 320's to DLM, GIB and MAD. There are night flights to Palma and Malaga as well with the PMI an A320 but did not check AGP.

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Old 3rd Apr 2016, 21:00
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BHX currently

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Old 3rd Apr 2016, 21:20
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I think MAN is 9 for main season

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Old 3rd Apr 2016, 23:59
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Thank you very much! That's great! Just London now!

Special thank you OltonPete, very in depth
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Old 4th Apr 2016, 00:35
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LGW seems like 10 a/c this summer same as last year
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Old 4th Apr 2016, 14:03
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LBA is currently 2 x A320 and will be until the end of October.
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Old 4th Apr 2016, 14:03
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Monarch at Manchester - Summer 2016 slots held.

ACL report for start of summer 2016 only shows 2 additional slots per peak week over those for last year - 228 versus 226. The full season ATM are 6,473 which us 100 up on 2015.
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Old 4th Apr 2016, 16:08
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Monarch Aircraft Current Base

A320 Fleet










A321s G-MARA / G-OZBG assume undergoing maintaince at BHX/ LTN[email protected]/albums

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Old 11th Apr 2016, 18:07
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It seems that tonights Hurghada flight was delayed due to security issues with baggage before departing.

Aircraft eventually left 90 mins late without passenger baggage - apparently 2 other UK bound flights had the same problem.
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Old 14th Apr 2016, 14:11
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A Chinese Monarch?

China's HNA Sets Sights On Britain's Monarch
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